Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A most excellent day......

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama
All pics today were taken with my phone. 

A warm overnight last night left us with a warm start to the day today. It just kept getting better from there as temps soared into the 70's today. Brilliant blue skies and warm sunshine, a light breeze added to make it just about as perfect as we could wish a day to be. 

Clock Tower and Fountain at Visitor's Center

Usually I read or browse the net when I wake up around 6 am, but this morning I dressed and made myself presentable, ambled my way up to the clubhouse to have a chat with a few folks there. Roy, Ed, Neil, and Vern. It was a mix of Roy, Ed and I for a bit, then Vern came along, Roy left, and Neil showed up, Vern left, then I left. So Ed was the only constant. ~laugh~ I straggled home a little after 7:30 am to find Miss Riley up and about. 

This Camellia is called Margaret Davis

We decided to head out and pick up a few groceries that we needed. So off to Wally's World in downtown Foley to get the above mentioned things, from there we went looking for a haircut, noticing a Super Cuts almost directly across the road we had to go past and turn around. We managed a quick unexpected stop before the hair cut, the stop was right next door to the Super Cuts,  but more on that at another time. I had a trim, Riley had a cut, she seems pretty happy with it, but I think she should have gotten a bit more taken off the front, she'll be complaining it's in her eyes before long, which was the reason to have it cut as it's in her eyes. ~laugh~  

This Camellia is called Spring Mist

From there we headed back to the Junction of US 59 and US 98, which is close to home here at the park. We stopped at the Visitor's center for a quick peek and found a map of some walking routes but in the town which can be quite busy at times. We'd like something with less exhaust fumes and noise if we can find it. 

Not quite ready to open but getting close, the whole bush was loaded with these buds.

We did however check out a few of the side streets which were somewhat quieter and had less fumes as well. It was only about a half hour walk but it was better than not walking. The flower pics in the post are all from our downtown walk, they are ALL camellia's, just different varieties. They also bloom in the wild here along the roadways, mostly in the light pink colour but there are others as well. 

I think might be my favourite one.

Our walk started at the Clock Tower, we toured a couple of blocks before crossing on the Pedestrian Walkway above US 59, and heading off into some backstreets on the opposite side of the road. 

This bush was almost finished blooming.

From there is was back to the Igloo. Riley put away the groceries while I cleaned out the inside of the Dogsled, it was getting a bit ugly. ~laugh~ It was just a quick clean but we'll once again be able to put our feet on the floor and see out the windows. ~laugh~ 

There were many bushes like this in yards along our walk. This one was right next to the sidewalk.

After such a taxing task it was time for lunch. Of course I grabbed my garden salad, book, cap and headed outside to sit in the sun. Riley even came out and sat in the sun. We were very lazy, and sat in the sun reading all afternoon. I tipped my chair back against the Igloo and just soaked up the rays. It was truly a marvelous day!!!

This is the Pedestrian Walkway that crosses over top of US 59.

About 4:30 pm I finally came inside as it was getting cool outside but I think perhaps I was just cold from having had so much sun. I put on some long pants, and a shirt to help keep my warm. Prepped dinner, did some internet research, checked facebook and read a bit more. 

This was taken facing north. US 59 below us heading out of town toward I-10 a ways up the road.

Shortly after 6: 15 pm I headed out to start dinner on the BBQ. I have it all worked out, I open up the side cubbie, turn on the light, that along with the outside lights on the Igloo gives me enough light to cook with. I place my chair right beside the cubbie to get light on my book to read between turning things on the grill. Miss Pat (from Roy and Pat) made fun of me reading by a night light she called it. ~laugh~ I explained I was actually cooking dinner, not just sitting outside in the dark reading. ~laugh~ 

Tonight's dinner was good!!!

Around 7:30 pm I brought dinner inside and we enjoyed a nice meal of Dill Potatoes with onions, Italian Garlic Veggies and chicken breast smothered with a new smokey bourbon flavour BBQ sauce. It was pretty good!!

Clean up inside and out, walk to the dumpster and played a game of Yahtzee. I won, I won....

Now it's time to head off to do our own thing, Riley to her room, me to mine. 

There you have it, that was our day. We enjoyed it a great deal!!! Tomorrow we have plans to head back into Pensacola. I think we'll be heading into Pensacola a few days this week to do some sight seeing. 

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the visit. Feel free to leave a comment. Until next time...be safe...take care....

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