Sunday, December 26, 2021

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year



Our Location: Little Stone House, Tehkummah, Ontario


Merry Christmas (although I know I'm a day late, but better late than never) and Happy New Year to one and all. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and didn't find too many lumps of coal or whatever Santa is giving the naughty this year in your stockings or under the tree. 


A view of the Colorado River while on a jeep ride with friend Jerry!!!


Things are quiet here in the village of Tehkummah, the local little general store/beer/liquor outlet was busy right up until closing time on Dec 24 but other than that not much is happening. Coffee time with family is still the highlight of the days. Snow has been falling and melting, temps have been as low as 7F/ -14C and as warm as 39F/ 4 C. Of course sun and wind play a big factor in how warm those temps actually feel. 


The Badlands, a really nice view. 


I purchased a new iPad Air recently and while I love Apple, I hate trying to learn new things such as sharing photos, having all of my devices recognized by each other, etc. Both my old iPad and my computer (a very old MacBook Pro) still work but are too old to update and my iPad just will not recognize either of them.  So it's been a big challenge for me, and to be honest, I'm not winning the battle. I still may have to use my computer to do my blog instead of the new iPad, which is one of the reasons for the purchase. OH well, it is what it is.  Riley also got a new device but opted for a new Tablet instead of an iPad. We also both upgraded our phones a couple of months ago and while I wanted to go for an Apple, none were available so Samsung won out. Ever try to mate a Samsung and an iPad Air or even an old MacBook Pro? It would be funny if it weren't so darn frustrating. 

 Picacho Peak, also taken on the ride with friend Jerry. 

I am trying to work myself into posting more often but truly folks, it's very quiet here and there isn't much of anything going on that would interest anyone.  On a personal side I'm going to make a couple of  mentions for future reference. Nephew Jason is once again getting himself all ready to head to BC for a month of sledding with his buddies. Although I think he seems to be dragging his feet a bit and I think that may be due to the fact that he now has a son that will be turning one in February and I'm sure while he missed his beautiful bride Leah a great deal she wouldn't change much in the month he was gone! Hudson may actually be walking by his return.  So he's delayed leaving by almost a week. Nephew Jesse (Jason's younger brother) bought a new Chevy 1500 just a few weeks ago. Nice truck!!!
Sunrise in the back yard here at the little stone house. 
The first little snow fall we had in November, the Igloo looks cold and lonely there.


 This is our summer spot view but  not very summery looking is it?

 So on that note, I'm going to call it a post and sign off. Thanks for stopping by. 

Until next time, 

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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Moved into the little stone house......

Our Location: Little Stone House, Tehkummah, Ontario


As you can see from the title we've moved from the Igloo into the little stone house again. It was an easier move this time, we already knew where to put everything. We moved in Sunday, October 24 in the afternoon. Why wait until the afternoon you ask? Pretty much most of the North Shore (Manitoulin Island, Espanola, Spanish, Birch Island, parts of Killarney, and Whitefish Falls) were without power that day. It was a scheduled outage to replace some 'stuff' by Hydro One.  When that happens the small community of Sheguiandah (Shag -a -winda) puts it's generator to use at the Community Hall and cooks up breakfast. For the cost of $12.00 each we (Dad, Riley and I) enjoyed eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles, pancakes, toast, coffee/ juice and small fruit cups. I drove, Dad treated us.  Our seating time was 10:00 am. We were home just before noon. So that's why we were late getting started. 

Heavy frost at our summer location this morning.

Since we have been slowly packing things away the outside things for the past month, there really wasn't a lot left to do except hook up and store things for a usual travel day. We were backing into the driveway at the little stone house shortly after 1 pm. We worked all afternoon emptying the rig (except our big chairs) and all evening putting things away. Monday morning we carried in the last few things, chairs and mats, hooked back up and had the Igloo back down to the pit before noon. Winterizing was accomplished later in the week.


Ice pellets and frost at our summer location.

This year we brought more of our own stuff as most of Pat's things were sold over the summer.  A bathroom reno is just being finished, new tub/shower was finally hooked up Thursday night, washer as well, the dry wall mudding has been going on for a number of nights but all is well in the world of us. We spent most of Friday afternoon and evening doing laundry. Who knew we had so many clothes and linens! 

The Igloo is parked for the winter.

Halloween was quiet here, 10 kids came along and Riley handed out candy while I made some potato soup. Riley and Dad both like potato soup and so I made huge pot of it. I delivered some to Dad various family members, keeping enough for Riley and soon the pot was empty.

The local dairy farm spread some liquid manure this spring and I do believe it made this mushroom grow to a massive size. 


So as you can see, we've settled in for the winter and will be watching all of our friends on their adventures south of the border or borders as some may be the case. We shall soak up all the warmth we can from the photos and the musing of all of you fine folks. So don't be stingy, share lots ! 


I wear a size 5 ladies shoe just for reference. 


 Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit.


Local dairy farmer close to the little stone house.

Until next time, take care, be safe, stay healthy, 


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Fall photos

 Our Location: Summer Spot, near South Baymouth, Ontario

Some fall photos taken today on my walk. (All photos taken with my phone)

This photo is taken on Lakeshore Road, the leaves are falling rapidly these days.

A small piece of maple forest on the farm shows off a carpet of fallen leaves.

Once this was a mighty birch tree that could not be circled by any less three or four people linking arms. Now sadly it is a very small piece of history on the farm. 



 My grandfather (on the right) and a neighbour standing in front of the birch tree many, many years ago.  When I refer to the 'farm' it is property that once belonged to my grandfather's father and this tree stood very close to the sight of one of the houses on the farm. It was sold (out of the family) but my father bought it back a number of years ago. Except for the first photo of Lakeshore Road ( the farm is on the left of Lakeshore Road), the remainder of the photos were all taken on the farm property.



The Sugar Shack where Rick and Dad make maple syrup every spring.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope all is well with you fine folks out there. 


Take care, be safe, stay healthy, 



Thursday, October 7, 2021

Fall has arrived....

Our Location: Summer Spot near South Baymouth, Ontario 



There is a crispness in the early morning air on my way to coffee these days. The night's darkness fades quickly as I carefully watch the path ahead of me for critters of all kinds. A few black and white long tailed critters (or perhaps it's the same one each time) have crossed my path a few times over the summer, a porcupine or two as well. A few deer and rabbits have also been noticed moving away as I wind way along.  (written a couple of weeks ago) Now it's totally dark when I'm strolling along the path for morning coffee. 

With winter closing in and no definite opening of the US land crossing Riley and I have had to make a decision regarding our winter digs and so we have once again agreed to rent the little stone house for the winter. Yes I know the border can open at any time but since we are in Northern Ontario our decisions must come a bit quicker than others.  So as of this writing we will once again be staying in the north for winter. Happy to be able to get the same house again, but not happy to be in the cold all winter. Enough said. 


I thought I'd just post a few photos to update the blog. Please enjoy. 


Take care, be safe, stay healthy, 


Monday, August 23, 2021

A quick catch up....

                                                                                   Our Location: Summer Spot                                                                                 Near South Baymouth, Ontario 
We haven't forgotten about you fine folks but we really haven't had a lot to post about either. I did however think it wise to post a few pics of our last 6 months or so. Just to keep a record for future reference. 
Yes the stop sign is regulation height. 

I walk this path from our summer spot every morning for morning coffee. Although I did not walk it much over the winter, only to check on the Igloo under it's blanket of snow. 
We survived the winter winds and snows snuggled into our little rented stone house. I can honestly tell you that I do not miss Canadian winters and look forward to continuing our travels when the border opens up to allow us frozen folks to head to warmer climes during those long, cold months of winter. 
The rushing waters of a spring time water falls.

Ice forms on the trees near the base of the falls.

 Riley had an MRI on her knee about a month ago, it's been causing her pain off and on all winter since she wrenched it last fall. The report says nothing is amiss and she is fine to continue strengthening it even though it causes some discomfort. Always afraid we could be doing more harm than good with such injuries and so we are both relieved to hear the good news. 
Ice will soon be gone from the rivers and creeks.

 We moved backed into the Igloo before the long weekend in May and have enjoyed our summer spot once again. The summer has been odd, at times reminding me of the desert with cool mornings and hot afternoons. A dry start to the summer season had us living with a fire ban for many weeks but it started raining around July 1 and until about 2 weeks ago we had rain, rain, rain, with very little sun. Now we have sun, sun, sun with no sign of rain with the dog days of summer arriving about two weeks late this year. However there is a bit of colour here and there in the trees, leaves are starting to drift downward in a few spots, the sun no longer peeks through my bedroom window at the same angle and the winds are of course ever present but they carry a hint of something cooler to come. I wonder what kind of fall we will have this year? 
Sunrise June 9 just before 6 AM.

Produce from our gardens this year.

Congrats to nephew Jason and wife Leah welcomed a baby boy this winter, Hudson is now about 6 months old and a happy little fella. Jason recently took a spill breaking a few ribs, puncturing a lung and suffering various bruises and contusions. He's on the mend and doing well. 
Congrats also to nephew Jesse (Jason's brother) and Claudia on their upcoming wedding in about a month's time. Also congrats to daughter Bradey and David on their upcoming wedding just a week after Jesse & Claudia.
Also a few birthdays to mention sister Jan (June), daughter Bradey (July), and my dad (Aug) all celebrated since I last posted anything. 
So now you are totally caught up with our goings on here on the big rock in the middle of the Bay. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 
Until next time... take care, stay safe and healthy!!