Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A trip back in time......

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

Overnight lows were warm enough to allow us to shut the heater off and still feel comfortable in the morning getting out of bed. Today's temps were excellent and we slathered on the sunscreen just ensure we wouldn't get burnt on our outing. 

Breakfast was the usual quick, painless effort. After that we read for about an hour before loading up the Dogsled and heading off to Florida. Sounds like a long trip huh? Well it wasn't, within about 15 minutes we were crossing the river from Alabama to Florida. A short drive away is Pensacola with numerous things to entertain a person. We took in Historic Pensacola Village today. 

Sewing Machine in on of the houses in Historic Pensacola Village

I've been there before but it was a first time for Riley (first time that it was open so we could actually go INTO the buildings not just walk around them like the Monday we visited when everything was closed), and she seemed to enjoy it. The tour guide left a few things to be desired but she managed to get us through it without too much trouble. She dwelt on things that weren't of interest to us such as length explanations about wall coverings, and window drapes, gossipy things and didn't spend enough time on the bones of the buildings such as windows, door taxes, incomes, etc. Riley and I both found her accent a bit difficult as she talked too fast. ~laugh~ Overall though we enjoyed the tour and will return again probably Friday to see if we can get a different tour guide for the tour. Our ticket purchased for $8 each today is good for a week! 

Some kind of old clock at the TT Wentworth Museum

Also part of the Village experience is the time lines depicted in various buildings that show the progression of Pensacola as a settlement/town/city. It's various ownership by different countries such as Spain, France, England etc. There is an interesting time line from the business angle in which it gives actual statistics for import/export from the cities earliest days until recent times. Cotton and lumber being among some of the top exports over the years. It allows one to see the growth of industry or the lack of growth or change in industry over the years. It's major industry being shipping for a long time, as a port it was highly profitable even in times of trouble, and played a key role in the early years of a young growing nation. 

A FLINT mantle around the fireplace helped to keep and distribute the heat, and were used in the 'public' parts of the house.

Also depicted in their time lines is the issue of slavery, and the civil war. A number of exhibits depicted the early struggles of blacks, free blacks, women and early life in the new city. The time lines moved along into the 1900's and showed the coming of new modern appliances, and conveniences such as washing machines, toasters, electric stoves, refrigerators, as well as the telephone, tv, and radio. There was a number of wagons, buggies, bicycles, tricycles, and even a train engine. 

Old Coca-cola vending machine. I think the price was a nickel or maybe a dime.

It was an interesting morning that both entertained and educated us. We enjoyed the TT Wentworth Museum as well. It had numerous small displays including one dedicated to Coca-cola. That display held a number of old Coca-cola ice boxes, vending machines, dispensers, as well as items that displayed the Coca-cola logo. It also held various bottles, cans, and posters that I remember as a kid. Some of the displays were very crowded and hard to see all the items in the display cabinet but it was still interesting. 

Dueling pistols on display at TT Wentworth Museum.

After we left the Historic Pensacola Village area we walked down to the little harbour. Not much to see but they have made a nice little sitting area that allows one to sit and watch out over the water. I'm certain it would be a great place to sit when the ships are moving about. 

This orange tree was growing outside one of the historic homes we visited today.

From there we headed homeward. A few stops along the way but nothing exciting. We arrived home about 1:30 pm and had a quick chat with Ed of Ed & Sue (our next door neighbours) and Neil (Ed & Sue's REAL neighbour back home in Missouri). I dropped Riley at the Igloo and went out to do a couple of things on my own. More on that at another time. Home by 4 pm I was tired and hungry, since I'd missed lunch. I came home to find Miss Riley sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and warmth. I'm glad she had some time to herself. She commented that she feels very safe here in the park which is a good thing. I of course being a smart ass said," Well of course you feel safe here you can out run all of these old geezers. " ~laugh~ 

The roots of a Crepe Myrtle tree on a side street in Historic Pensacola Village

Chatted with Ed & Sue for a bit after I got home and then inside to grab a quick snack and just sit down to unwind. About 5:30 pm we prepped dinner and I sat down to read for a bit. Around 6:30 pm I headed outside to BBQ dinner. It was nice outside, not too cold at all. I still bundled up but I didn't come inside chilled like I have a few times. 

Dinner was Dill Potatoes with onions, Parsley-Oregano Veggies, and Pork Loin Chops with Georgia Peach BBQ sauce. We followed that up with a bit of Cookies and Cream Ice Cream.  MMmmmmmmmm...good stuff!!

Dinner was excellent and not just because I was hungry. ~laugh~

Quick clean up inside and out, walk to the dumpster and that was it for the day. I came upstairs to edit the pictures we took today and to write this post. Riley went off to do whatever it is she does back there in her space. I think I can hear her snoring so that takes some of the guess work out of it. ~laugh~ 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great day as well. Until next safe, take care....

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