Saturday, April 13, 2024

Back in EDT Zone…


Our Location:

Walmart, Perrysburg, Ohio 

After a good nights sleep we had the wheels rolling at 7:45 am. Our original destination was changed almost as soon as the wheels were moving and as we clipped along we also changed our second destination, this was our third choice. 

Sorry, dirty windshield, Crescent City, Water Tower. We can’t keep it clean.

The roads overall were good, a few rough patches but not bad. We started by going back 15 miles to I-57 N rather than take state or county roads. We hooked up with US-24 East, which is only 2 lanes in Illinois. We crossed into Indiana and a little later at 9:43 CDT we moved into EDT meaning we are now back with our home province timewise. US-24 becomes a divided highway at some point in Indiana but due to a flooding detour, I can’t tell you where. We were routed probably 45-60 minutes from our original route. Eventually we managed to get back to US-24 East and continue along. Due to a ramp closer our journey to this Walmart was very adventurous and colourful. ‘Nough said. We arrived here around 3pm EDT. 

We travelled approximately 317 miles/510 km, we travelled approximately 8 hours, we used about 27 gallons/102 litres, and I filled up for $3.99  pg. I think that works out to around 12mpg. I’m happy with that. 

Good weather but a bit windy, side, tail and head. Wind is pretty cool, we need a sweater and we have been wearing long pants for about 4 or 5 days now. Spring is hinting but not quite here yet, a few more days. I think the high temp was 62F/17C, not bad for April 13. 

Until next time…..

Take care, stay safe,


Friday, April 12, 2024

A very windy day here….


Our Location:

Countryside Campground, Gibson City, Illinois

Rain, wind, then much more wind, and it is still blowing strong. Hopefully tomorrow is a calmer day as we are pulling out for the next leg of our journey homeward.

Green Acres RV Repair Shop, Clinton, Illinois.

Yesterday we hooked up and hauled the Igloo to Clinton, Illinois to Green Acres RV Repair. We had a propane leak that we needed to have fixed. Many calls to the Bloomington area rv repair shops netted me 10 days to look at it, and I would need to drop it there until they got around to fixing it. The nice gents at Green Acres took us right away and we were back on the road in about an hour. 

To add more excitement to the adventure the Dogsled decided to REGEN about 4 miles before we arrived at the repair shop, so we did an extra long loop until it stopped its new found trick. The Dogsled has only ever did this twice, once yesterday and once in March 2020 on our way homeward during Covid. At that time we were in a rest area just inside the Ohio state line, the old Igloo had a broken spring and the truck started to regen, but ended up on a flat bed back into Indiana and was fixed under warranty, they shut and locked the garage after the repair. We were on our way the next day. So as you can imagine I had a few butterflies while the Big Dog was playing tricks. However everything went well, we were back in place in the park by 1 pm.

Some interesting flavours.

Today we toured around the town a bit. We stopped for fuel, toured the local market and checked out the little town park, full hookups for only $10 a night. However the spots are tight, there are about 5 or 6 spots, paved, and a cute little area. If you are able to back into tight space easily, you may want to write this one in your “possible” book. 

We have enjoyed our time in this area and are thinking of perhaps coming this way in the fall. However, it is a long time until then. So far we like the convenience of this route, we avoid a number of cities, there is plenty of places to park over night, the rest areas are plentiful, the fuel stops are also plentiful and good access. So we will consider it for a good route in the fall.

The photos are just a few things on my phone.

Until next time…..

Take care, stay safe,


Thursday, April 11, 2024

No blog, still at Countryside….


Our Location:

Countryside Campground, Gibson City, Illinois

No words tonight.

Until next time….

Take care, stay safe,


Wednesday, April 10, 2024

We met someone today that we almost already knew….


Our Location:

Countryside Campground, Hibson City, Illinois 

A fantastic night’s sleep, the window open just a crack, the fresh breeze adding a nip to the air. We spent a quiet morning at home just relaxing. Around 11:15 we climbed into the Dogsled and headed into Bloomington to meet a very nice young man that we have heard about many times. I’m sure you have guessed it would some connection to Doug and you would be correct. Today we met hi son Jim. It was like meeting fellow RV’ers that you’ve been hearing or reading about for a long time. It was comfortable.

Many wind turbines.

IL-9 was a bit rough, a bit windy, but the views were nice.

Jim and I agreed to meet at noon at his place of work. It truly wasn’t like meeting a stranger. We chatted for a while, conversation flowing easily. Jim has a hobby that involves solar projects and set ups. You can find Jim here to find out about his many tests and summaries on various items. Jim gifted us a 200 ah low temp lithium battery. We appreciate it very much and will get it in use over the summer. A very generous gift. Thanks again Jim. Soon we were heading off, waving goodbye as he went back to work and we headed home. I can’t believe we didn’t get a picture with Jim, it completely slipped my mind!

I think this one is starting to leak and it’s visible pre for a long distance.

Overcast skies and cooler temperatures are the order of the day today with rain I the evening, overnight and tomorrow. At least we will be parked and not on the road.

Until next time…..

Take care, stay safe,


Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Feet down for a few days…..


Our Location:

Countryside Campground, Gibson City, Illinois

We left later this morning as we didn’t have far to go, we even stopped to put in a little time so we wouldn’t arrive too early. The Walmart at Salem, IL was an okay stop but if we stayed again I would park against the back curb not in the lines. 

Effingham water tower and some very pretty blossoms.

We rolled out at 8:30 am heading back to I-57N. We stopped three times, 2 rest areas, which are nice and we would definitely consider them as an overnight stop in the future and we stopped once for fuel near Champaign. Diesel was $3.99 per gallon. That was the lowest price we’ve seen today. It is interesting how gasoline prices haven’t varied too much from deep in Texas to here but diesel is up at least $0.50 to almost $.100 per gallon.

Our first rest area stop.

Wide spots here.

Today’s travel was easy, the roads were very good, lots of places to stop and only 1 slowdown that lasted 15 minutes but we kept the tires rolling. We travelled 162 miles/261 km, we used about 11 gallons/42 litres of diesel, we travelled for approximately 4 hours, keeping our speed about 57 mph/92 km.  That puts us about 15 mpg. We like that.

Rest area #2

Time to cut the grass.

You can see with the door open, these spots aren’t as big as the 
other rest area


We travelled I-57N most of the way, with less than 20 miles on IL-9 and S. Sangamon before arriving at our current feet down location. We have discovered that not all of the inside plugs work. I have tested all GFI plugs, thrown all of the breakers, checked all of the fuses and have decided to wait until we get home and ask nephew Jason to look at it. Having an electrician in the family is a good thing.

This purple is everywhere in the fields.

IL-9 is a nice drive.

Until next time……

Take care, stay safe,


Monday, April 8, 2024

Still moving along…..


Our Location:

Walmart, Salem, Illinois

A pretty quiet night but I was still up at 4 am. This is not a new thing for me but it does make for a long day. Riley rolled out at 7 am and even though it was foggy we were on our way by 7:30 am. It was  pretty foggy until we reached the Interstate, a mile or so away and then it started to clear quicker, I guess between the sun and the heat being produced by the road top, it helped the process along.

Fog this morning.

Missouri welcome centre.

This is a very small section of the parking.

Lots of pathways to stretch your legs.

Some interesting things along the pathways.

We stopped 3 times overall, two rest areas and one fuel. Diesel prices are rising the farther north we go. We are regularly seeing above $4.00, but if you watch it is also available for the $3.80-3.95 range.

The dandelions look used up.

As you can see, very wide spaces.

We are enjoying the drive.

We are entering the state of Illinois.

The roads were rough for a while.

We had an easy day today, travelling only 232 miles/373 km, we used about 15 gallons/56 litres of fuel, we travelled for 4 1/2 hours. By my thinking we averaged about 15 1/2 mpg. Our average speed was 57miles/91 km. Again I have no complaints.

We crossed the Mighty Mississippi River to leave Missouri for Illinois.

Spring is working hard…

Blossoms are visible.

The roads were decent overall, Arkansas roads were good, a few patches here and there but good overall. Missouri roads were a bit rough in places but again, after a while they smoothed out. Illinois roads started off pretty rough and were rough overall in most places until just a while before we stopped. The Missouri welcome centre was fabulous, 20 miles inside the state line but it is huge, tons of parking places with spaces wide enough to put slides out. The first rest area in Illinois was closed, it looks like for quite a long time, but the second was open. Lots of folks parked for the solar eclipse event in the rest areas and currently at the Walmart as well. The parking areas are ringed with cars and people.

We touched three states today, Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois, we travelled on I-55 and I-57. Tomorrow we will arrive at a campground for a stay of 4 days. It is sunny, a bit on the coolish side at about 70 F/21C. The eclipse has been underway for approximately an hour and while it is getting darker outside, it is not a night time dark as I write this post up.

The eclipse has ended, it was an eerie twilight, that lasted a minute at most. No we didn’t look up but I did snap pics. Almost all of the watchers have left, within 5 minutes they were gone. Enjoy. 

Until next time……

Take care, stay safe,