Monday, December 30, 2019


Our Location: Near American Girl Mine Road, BLM, CA
Cool over night, I pulled my duvet up to keep me warm. We even used the heater off and on today. 
 Sunset, Sunday Dec 29, 2019

 Pretty spectacular, don't you think?

 I'm always amazed at the light show in the skies out here in the desert.
We headed off this morning to do some laundry and get a second propane tank filled. We accomplished half of our errand. Nope, we aren't running around nekkid, so as you can tell, it's the propane fill that didn't happen. 
Sunday, Dec 29th sunset. Fire in the sky. 

Starting to fade now. 

 And from here it faded quickly. 
Laundry was a quick painless couple of hours and for $20 our laundry was completed, washed and dried. We even managed to find a post office for another little side errand. 
While grocery shopping on Sunday we noticed this rig in the parking lot. 
We have been using U-Haul in this area to fill our propane tank and today they refused to fill it due to the 'rattling' in the tank, which the attendant seemed to think is sand and the 'layers' of paint. Considering this is an exchanged tank that has passed inspections before it was filled I'm not sure how those things could be a factor but oh well, we've figured out that we don't really need that tank right now anyway. We'll take it elsewhere and see if they have the same issues. 
 Sunset tonight, Monday, Dec 30, 2019.

 A chat with my dad tonight to see how things are going. Some rain, ice pellets, freezing rain and a bit warmer weather in his neighbourhood today. It seems they are hovering close to both sides of the freezing mark. Side roads and town roads are icy, highways are good.

 I changed lenses to take this photo and the remaining photos as well. A much closer view.

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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Restored phone service....

Our Location: Near American Girl Mine Road, BLM, CA
An interesting couple of days but no photos. Sorry didn't snap more than a photo or two and haven't uploaded them yet. So we'll do this without any pics. 
We took a short ride yesterday to dump some garbage and fill some water jugs. The number of rigs along Sidewinder at Ogilby in the pay section is staggering, many more than Thanksgiving. More even than down by the rest area on I-8. Truly an amazing number. 
Our little stretch has gotten a bit busier as well, still lots of open space and fire rings but probably 10 rigs more than before Christmas. 
Yesterday afternoon both of our phones lost service. They would connect to the towers and then drop the connection, this of course means no internet either. I was preparing to head into the library to use their wifi to contact Bell this morning but upon getting up the phones were working fine again. A call to Bell netted me a useless explanation of the issue but something I'll be keeping an eye on in the future. 
A shopping trip for groceries and propane filled our day today. A fully flat large propane (30 lb) tank filled at U-Haul for less than $23 US dollars. In fact there was 7 gallons at $3.02 per gallon. One can't complain about the price, even with exchange it's less than I pay for exchange during the summer months. I am certain there are better prices but I'm happy, it's quick, convenient and I don't have to drive any further than when I go for groceries. I like that.
So there you have it, a quiet but interesting couple of days. Tomorrow we are going into town again for laundry and another propane tank fill. 
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Friday, December 27, 2019

Photo blog...

Our Location: Near American Girl Mine Road, BLM, CA
A photo blog tonight. These photos have been accumulating for the past few days. I'll share them with you. 

 The next few photos were Christmas Eve sunset here in our little part of the world.

No enhancement of any kind  was used on these sunset photos. This is how they came off of the camera.

Riley and I took a ride over to American Girl Mine Road on Christmas Day, we noticed this camper. Yes it is an old ambulance, now someones home on wheels. 
 Also on Christmas Day we ventured out to Indian Pass Road for a look around. 

Yes those are campers down there. Peter I thought of you when I was editing these photos. There are three separate rigs in this area, it is past the two bigger washes,(which are very close together) and I was curious as to how difficult it would be to get the Igloo in and out of there. It's much larger and heavier than any of the rigs we seen. 
 I just love the vastness of the sky.

 This is sunset Christmas night. 

It topped off a very nice day for us here off Ogilby Road.  Again no enhancements.
 The next few photos were taken out our door on Boxing Day (Dec 26) before the rain came. 

 No enhancements of any kind in these three photos. It's how they came out of the camera. We've heard rumours that those are fellow Canadians over there but we haven't yet met them. 

 Sunset on Dec 26/Boxing Day here on Ogilby Road.

As they came out of the camera. Pretty impressive don't you think?

 All the remaining photos were taken today on Indian Pass Road. 

 I believe this is a Teddy Bear Cactus or Cholla (choy- a). You can see all the many babies it has dropped and they too are starting to grow. We don't have any of this kind of Cactus on our section of Ogilby Road.

 We have been walking now for a while and decide to check out that arroyo/wash over there. We drove the Dogsled well down Indian Pass Road but parked it so we could do some walking as well.

 Left overs from the rain on Dec 26/Boxing Day.

 You can tell where the arroyo/wash runs by all the green. 

We followed the sandy bottom for about 15 minutes. A few tracks since the rain, and what I assume are burro tracks as there is lots of burro droppings on the sand.

 The desert is turning green in places. 

 Those are burro tracks or at least I assume they are. In the sand there is no definition to be seen but they certainly aren't people tracks and with the burro droppings often in the tracks, I think it's a safe guess.

The Cargo Muchacho Mountains with a very large dark cloud hanging overhead. The Igloo is parked on the other side of those mountains, we are driving along Indian Pass Road. 
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