Saturday, January 28, 2017

Cold day here.....

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

Little wind but still cold today, overcast, a blah kind of day. We didn't see the sun today at all and a few times I thought it was going to rain but it seemed to pass without a drop falling. A short post today.

Breakfast was pancakes this morning, we spent some time cleaning up, doing dishes and just kind of figuring out what to do with ourselves today. 

About 10:30 am or so we headed out in the Dogsled to do a bit of a shop and just to get out. We crossed over US59 South into the Old Time Pottery parking lot and once again toured inside the big store. A few purchases today included some yarn for Miss Riley, as she's enjoying knitting a scarf for herself with this fancy yarn. 
I'm not sure why the crock pot needs to be camouflage but here it is....

From there we headed north to the Big Lots store where we just kind of wandered around looking at all the things they had but didn't buy anything. We couldn't really find anything we needed. Across the parking lot to Lowe's and once again toured but found nothing we needed. From there we headed to Wally's World for some groceries. Riley's choice of a rotisserie chicken was of course important on the list, we added a few other things as well. 

Home from Walmart, we unpacked the groceries, turned to some lunch. Riley ripped into the chicken while I had a large garden salad. We watched two movies today, the first was Elite Killers with Jason Stathom and Robert DeNiro. It was okay, but a British movie which I think just leaves something out of the big picture. From that movie we watched Fast & Furious 4, great car chases, driving, and some pretty cute eye candy as well. ~laugh~ 

I like this, it comes with netting as well. No room or I might be tempted. ~laugh~

After that I read my book, but wasn't really hungry for dinner, so Riley was happy to have more chicken, and some Rice Pilaf for her dinner. We topped it off with a bowl of ice cream. ~laugh~ 

I cleaned up after dinner while Riley enjoyed her knitting. A call from my dad also brightened up her evening. Today is Riley's birthday. She's 25 today. She received birthday wishes off and on all day on her face book page, a phone call, a text or two, completed her greetings. She's having a great time and seems to be doing amazingly well in just this short period. I'm glad she's travelling with me, it's good for both of us. Happy Birthday to amazing young woman!!

So as you can see, nothing exciting but we got thru the day . ~laugh~ Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Until next safe...take care...

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