Monday, September 26, 2022

Soon wrapping up at our summer location....

 Our Location: Summer Spot, Manitoulin Island, Ontario

We've had a good fall so far and while a few cold, damp and sometimes rainy days have wrapped us in their icy fingers for the most part, we've had good weather. Leaves are changing colours, dropping and are just more vocal in the fall winds now. The waters in Georgian Bay are slowly turning to a deeper shade of blue/grey which means the icy slate grey of winter won't be far behind. Various birds are flocking up and making their voices heard while calling to others of their kind, the hummers seem to have left and of course the Canadian geese are circling as they build their flocks for their southward journey. The early morning darkness makes my walk to coffee time a little longer as I stumble along in the blanket of near darkness or black and white contrast depending on cloud cover.

Early morning sunrise. 

A rainbow off in the distance. 

We are getting close to our departure day, which we've moved a little due to a forgotten dentist appointment. We have decided to leave the Island on or about the 13th or 14th. Spend a few days in southern Ontario before heading for warmer climes by the 16th or 17th. Of course we all know how those things go, but that is the approximate plan for now. 


The photo above is of the fireplace I mentioned in my last post. Clifford used this to cook most of his meals, keeps a pail of water hot and always has the 'kettle' hot. It has been repaired too many times to figure out, snakes currently live in there and come out when the stones get too hot or to laze around in the warmth of the sun on the stones. My grandfather helped to repair this thing many times as has my father over many years. It has served our family well over the years with many fires  of a marsh mellow and wienie event type of thing. 


I was leaving the fireplace picture and heading home (which is across the road that you see, we swing open those gates to pull the Igloo in and out) when this photo kind of said 'take me'. The sky is so dark over there but it is so sunny in the foreground. We had a few days just like this. In fact the above rainbow photo was taken the same day. 


Daughter Bradey and Hubby David celebrated a wedding Anniversary just recently and  Nicole (niece) and Hayden (great nephew)  celebrate birthdays in a few days. Family and friends in Newfoundland/New Brunswick are all safe and sound after Fiona blasted the east coast. 



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Sunday, September 18, 2022

It's been a while.....


Our Location:

Summer Location near South Baymouth, Ontario

Well, hello there. I thought I'd do a quick catch up as it's been a few months since my last post. I had good intentions of posting more often but we know how those go, don't we? 

Ice from freezing rain at the little stone cottage.

Lots of ice.

Spring is coming along the road to our summer location.

The Igloo way down there, waiting for spring to come.

We are back in the Igloo in our summer location near my dad's house and have been here since early May when the weather started turning nicer. There is nothing quite like being back home again after spending the winter months in a little stone cottage. 


Deer in the field near the little stone cottage. Early April.

We truly didn't do a whole lot over the summer that would be of great interest to anyone and so I wasn't too excited about blogging and I was busy.  We worked three or four mornings a week and I also worked two afternoons a week, just to keep us busy and for a little spending money for winter travels. The weather was coolish here for the summer, a few hotter days but nothing like the dog days of summer that I remember as a kid growing up here. Of course there is almost always a breeze here on the big rock in the middle of Lake Huron so that does help a bit. 


Baby Lincoln, May 12, 2022.

Big brother Austin, turned 3, Sept 12, 2022.

Some reference notes for the future for me but things to share as well. Daughter Bradey and husband David welcomed a second son Lincoln on May 12th, 2022. A little brother for Austin, who just turned 3 on Sept 12, 2022. Niece Brittany and husband Kevin welcome a daughter as well (name and date escapes me at this time). A little sister for Hayden. Family losses include my grandfather's half brother Glen, (April 24, 2022 at age 89) and my dad's brother Bev,( June 29, 2022). HRH Miss Kitty has left us as well, Sept 14, 2022 at the age of 14 years. My sister ex husband Ed, (father of her three children, Amber, Alan and Brittany) passed away Sept 6 at the age of 68. Multiple test of a health nature over the past number of months have had excellent results, and my cataract surgery is now 11 days behind me, all is going well. Many birthdays and anniversaries as well have been celebrated and enjoyed. Today in fact is nephew Jesse and bride Claudia's first wedding anniversary. Various family members were sick with Covid-19 over the last number of months, all recovered very well and all agreed that a couple of very rough days from sore throats to exhaustion were the worst symptoms. 


HRH Miss Kitty (Jennie)

HRH Miss Kitty has been with us for about 12 years. She was a rescue when we first moved into our last stix 'n brix house in Hamilton's east end. She was approximately 2 years old when we brought her home. She was not the friendliest nor most affectionate cat but she was always aware of where Riley was and when she was coming home. She has been fantastic company Riley over the years, demanding a little but not needy. She was a great traveller and was always excited to be near the window when we opened it, giving great long sniffs to the new outside air and it's wonderful new scents. She never wanted to be out of the carrier but wanted the top unzipped and made her displeasure known when it wasn't unzipped quickly enough. She has been slowly getting sicker and sicker. On Sept 14 we decided it was time, she didn't put up any kind of fuss, seeming knowing that peace was coming. She passed peacefully with us there at her side and is buried here on the farm not far from out spot. RIP Miss Kitty.  


Morning fog.

Morning sun.

 Our good friend, Clifford Buckley has decided he can no longer come here to do his 'thing' which includes getting back to nature with no power or indoor plumbing while staying in very small rustic cabins, usually for the month of September every year for over 60 years. Cooking accomplished most days on an old outdoor fireplace, bathing in the cooling waters of Georgian Bay and fishing from his old canoe. He truly has enjoyed his time here on our little rock, driving all the way from Fayetteville, NY each year, mostly by himself.  Our various family members(grandfather, mother, father, brother), have for all of those years been caretakers of the property for the other 11 months of year. He has graciously allowed us to use it for our own enjoyment which includes camping, swimming, picnics and quiet times. So on Thursday Sept 15, Jason (my nephew) and Leah (his beautiful wife)  became the new owners of said lake front property which you have seen many times in my photos and will see more today. I believe at one point the sale was referred to as 'keeping it in the family'. Clifford left for the last time on Friday, Sept 16, a very sad but exciting time. 


It is just so calm here this morning.

A great view for sitting and thinking, sipping coffee.

We built ourselves a little bunkie late this summer, we've named The Cabin and are currently waiting for the steel for the roof that will be installed before we leave. The steel for the walls will be purchased and installed in the spring when we return. Sorry, no photos at this time. 


Rougher waters today.

The sun ready to peek out from behind that cloud. 


Plans are afoot for our winter travels this year, we are excited of course and looking forward to seeing everyone again, travelling to the amazing desert in the southwest USA and soaking up all that it has to offer. All plans are subject to the jello effect but we are hoping to leave the Island on or about Oct 10 or 11. We have decided to bypass our usual 7-10 days at Buttercup Ridge in Roseneath this fall and will see Janet and Dennis in California during the winter. So with that in mind, we think we will be crossing on or about the 14 or 15th of October. We shall see how that works out.  


Jason & Leah with Clifford.

Brother Rick, Clifford and my Dad (Doug)

So now I think I am up to date with the happenings of our little part of the world.  The photos of the water, sun rise and fog are of course taken at the lake front property, hard place to give up but a wonderful place to own. Bittersweet in it's own way.

The birches turn first.

The dewy evidence of cobwebs is a fall thing.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you have enjoyed your time here. Until next time...


Take care, stay healthy, be safe.