Friday, January 27, 2017

A totally lazy day here....

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

A very cool over night with a cold blustery day today. The wind, along with a lack of sunshine kept the temps in the mid 50F/12.7 C range all day. A few more days of this kind of weather before we hit a spell of nice warm days. Can't wait. ~laugh~ A few hardy souls braved the temps with short sleeves but they were few and far between. Out of the wind of course it wasn't too bad but still needed a heavier sweater. 
Not many pics tonight as we didn't do much of anything. 

Road between Row A (on the left) and Row B (on the right) heading toward the front of the park. The yellow truck is at the trailer that is getting the new roof.

We debated about a few things today but in the end just decided to stay home and do things around here, and perhaps I could scratch a couple of things off my to do list. A leisurely breakfast and a bit of reading started my morning off. I had to give breakfast a second try as the first one was aborted with milk that tasted just a bit off. ~laugh~ You know we shopped yesterday right? I didn't get milk. ~laugh~ 
I decided I needed to defrost the fridge and freezer as the ice build up in the fridge was starting to spread to most of the fins, instead of just one or two. Two pots of boiling water on the stove, then into the compartments meant the defrost went pretty fast. In about 45 minutes I was finished both top and bottom. We decided on turkey burgers for dinner, so took those out while I was at it.
This is the driveway across the street from Bluegrass in a mobile trailer park. We walked it's one road today to get out of the wind but still found it cold.
After about an hour I was looking for something to do, I started testing out the new shelf blockers we bought to use in our pantry now that we have sliding shelves. This will stop them from sliding out while we travel. Of course as I tested them I noticed a few things that could stand a tidying up, one shelf lead to another to another. You get the idea. I tidied up the whole pantry. ~laugh~ After that I decided I needed to take a look at the silverware drawer as it wasn't closing properly. Tightened up some screws, added an extra one, voila, it's fixed. Next I had to go outside and get my drill to work on the pan drawer again. Miss Charlotte of Vern and Charlotte was walking by, stopped to chat and ended up coming in for a bit to chatter with both of us. I felt awful about the state of the Igloo, pans all over the countertop, drawer out on the floor, screwdrivers everywhere. ~laugh~ Isn't that always the way, someone stops by when the house is at it's worst. ~laugh~ She filled us in on the local pizza place, and Lambert's the home of the throwed rolls. Yes, throwed and rolls. They throw rolls at you, dinner rolls, if you don't catch 'em it's okay, they'll keep throwing until you do. ~laugh~ 

Working on the pan drawer after Miss Charlotte left I think I may have found the problem, we shall see if my fix continues to hold or if it was just a wishful momentary fix. ~laugh~ I think the slide it's self wasn't straight, that whoever put it in didn't ensure it was level. It is also a bit too small, didn't fit as well as it should, so I added cardboard shim for now to see if that works, but only to the front, when I added one to the back also it seemed to make the drawer bind when moving. If you recall I used a thin piece of wood last time but it was too thick, so I thought the cardboard would at least let me know if it will fix the actual sliding problem. If the cardboard shim continues to work I'll head to the lumber store to get a proper shim, but I don't want to do so until I know it'll work. 

My new sploggers, shiny aren't they?

After that it was time for lunch while we watched a movie called Deep Impact with Morgan Freeman and Robert Duvall, it was pretty good. Oh and the guy that played Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings was also in it. Much younger than he was in LOTR. We both enjoyed the movie but it wasn't one of Morgan Freeman's better ones. 
Time to take a quick walk around the park, but it was too cold for us to go far. I know it's not really cold but it is when yesterday was 25 degrees warmer. ~laugh~ We only made about 3 rounds, it was enough. We chatted with Linda, Charlotte, (not Miss Charlotte of Vern and Charlotte), and Brian for a bit then headed inside to get warm. 
Riley's new half rubbers. Funky huh?
Reading some more, had to lay down for a bit as my hip seems to be having fits today for some reason. Seems better now but earlier it was throbbing like crazy. I'm still trying to get the results of my blood work or at least have them sent to my doctor. Do you recall it was late December I had the blood work done in Albany, Ga. It shouldn't be this difficult to get my own results. Had they told me it would be this much trouble I would have just had them faxed to the dr, but now I'm not sure if they've even done that. I'm trying to find that out.  Anyway, I'm off topic again. My train of thought just wanders around like a drunk in a bad wind storm. ~laugh~ 
"Sgetti and meatballs with tomatoes and green chilies. Bit spicy but good.

About the time I was thinking I should be doing something about prepping dinner, I realized I just couldn't be outside to BBQ tonight, since my hip was feeling better there was no way I was going outside to stand in the cold while cooking. So we changed our dinner plans and had spaghetti, meatballs and tomatoes with chilies. It was pretty good. We'll do the burgers when it warms up. 

We played one game of Yahtzee, no I didn't win, I lost by 6 points. ~laugh~  We BOTH rolled Yahtzees. ~laugh~ I still think she cheats. 

We've been hearing someones tv for a few hours now, it seems really loud and we've never heard it this loud before. We mostly just ignored it, as it wasn't too bad while we were up and moving about but once things quieted down and we started off in our own directions it seemed to get louder, maybe because the Igloo was quieter. At first I thought it was coming from Roy and Pat's as Roy is very hard of hearing. I donned my shoes, and a hoodie, stepped outside to listen, nope, not coming from Roy and Pat's trailer. Stepped around to the other side where Ed and Sue are living, sure enough, it's coming from there. I stepped closer and realized their outside speakers were on. ~laugh~ We've done that as well without realizing it, we however were lucky we were in the Pit when it happened and no one was around to hear it except maybe Bambi. So I knocked on the door and asked them if they knew the outside speakers were on, of course they didn't and now they've shut them, quiet is all around us once again. ~laugh~ 

So as you can see or have read, it's been a pretty lazy kind of day here but a productive one all the same. We have plans to pick up some milk, cheese and a rotisserie chicken tomorrow. Other than that we shall see. 
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Please feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care.....

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