Sunday, November 26, 2023

A night out….


Our Location:

Road Runner BLM, Quartzsite, Arizona 

A lazy start to my morning yesterday , I didn’t head out for my walk until after the sun was up. It was just too cold. 

We were off to the races!

Riley and I headed off for town to do a few errands, bumper stops for the kitchen island, fuel for the Dogsled, a quick stop at Park Place Rv to drop something at Bill and Patsy’s ( we even managed a quick hello with Bill), and the last stop was ice at one of the grocery stores. After that it was back home.

These were the little guys.
The track was very small but they had a great time.

Deb (Celebrating the Dance  )dropped by for a visit around noonish. Shortly after she left Riley and I headed over to see Lorne and Sue ( A place called away )for a few minutes. Riley and Archie were staying home alone and she wanted to know a few things. Satisfied that she knew what to do, it wasn’t long before she headed home and Lorne, Sue and I climbed into the Dogsled and headed off to the Yuma area. 

A little blurry but they were moving fast.

Drifting on the turn. The spin outs always happened
at this end and on this turn. 

We managed to do a little shopping for some things that could sit in the truck for a few hours. A stop a Cracker Barrel for some food, and it was off to the races. Thanks folks for your generosity in paying not only for my meal but my entry into the track.

The two at the bottom were soon lapped by the leaders.

The night air had a bit of a bite but overall the night wasn’t too bad. We had coats and blankets, hoods but no mittens. We are Canadian after all!

A later race, with a large number of cars.

The races were fun to watch, some pretty close ones, a few spin outs, one roll over, but no injuries of any kind. Ironically the roll over was in the kids race as he headed off the track, over the berm and toppled over. He was unhurt and waved to the crowd after crawling out. A few of the later adult races were jammed with cars and the action was fast, lots of drifting and even some lapping of the slower cars. It was a great evening.

I don’t recall on spin outs at this end but the drifting was higher
and higher as the night went on.

Lorne handled the Big Dog on the way home, night time driving for long distances is difficult for me and I was happy to pass the keys over. We were home before 11:30 pm! A very good time, thanks again for including me.

It was the last race night for this year at this track before they 
switch to the winter circuit.

Until next time….

Take care, stay safe,


Saturday, November 25, 2023

More fun days….


Our Location:

Road Runner BLM, Quartzsite, Arizona 

I must apologize, I have no photos to post today. 

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day, good friends , good times and good food. We ended up having 10 people around our circle for a meal with another one coming before dessert was served.  For an American Thanksgiving there were only 2, with the remaining 9 being Canadian.  Our wonderful host and hostess of course were Deb and Tom (Celebrating the Dance  ).  Thank you for including us in your day. Everything was wonderful.

Other attendees were of course Lorne and Sue ( A place called away ), Ken and Kim ( Journey with Ken and Kim), Bill (On our way) and Patsy ( Chillin’ with Patsy) with Ivan (Roadtrip) being our surprise visitor, as well as Riley and I. Lots of laughs, chatter and good times were had by all.

Friday of course was a very quiet day here at home dirt. Coolish temps for the most part all day. A relaxing day with all the ladies gathering at Sue’s front yard for coffee time and most of the gang at the Stinger Bee for happy hour. 

Some plans for the afternoon today so hopefully I remember to take some pictures. Thanks for stopping by. 

Until next time……

Take care, stay safe,


Thursday, November 23, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving America….


Our Location:

Road Runner BLM, Quartzsite, 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends. May this day bring you love and peace. 

It’s been a busy few days. An electrical issue that keeps growing, Lorne and Ken are helping me with it, even a call to nephew Jason didn’t get us any closer but we shall try RV Lifestyle as soon as possible.

Lorne drilling a hole for wires in Percy’s roof!

Most of us have been gathering for coffee time and happy hour most days. Sometimes we just can’t all make it, but it is always fun. It has cooled down significantly here over the past few days. We are pulling on heavier clothing now. 

A hint of pink in the morning sky, Nov 21.

Sunrise, Nov 21.

We had a movie night courtesy of Sue and Lorne (A place called awayWe all gathered in front of a big blow up screen and watched TheLong, Long Trailer with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez. Deb and Tom (Celebrating the Dance  ), Ken and Kim ( Journey with Ken and Kim ), along with Bill (  On our way)and Patsy ( Chillin’ with Patsy ), Riley and I.

Sunrise, Nov 22

The hunt back home is not bagging any prizes according to Jason. However they still have a few days left. 

The early start of sunrise this morning before 7 am.

Sunrise this morning while on my walk.

A mixture of pics over the last few days. I have successfully managed to move my feet a distance of 6000+ steps for 8 days. Most of these photos were taken then

Until next time…..

Take care, stay safe, 


Monday, November 20, 2023

A quiet Sunday….


Our Location:

Road Runner BLM, Quartzsite, Arizona 

Up and out the door around 7 am, my feet once again carrying me over the desert floor in search of some pics for this blog and to watch the sunrise from a different spot. I was successful in doing those things as well as managing to get my 6000 steps in again today.

Various rigs parked in the desert.

A few issues with battery power but our wonderful neighbours came to the rescue and I have no doubt we will figure out the issue. Thanks Ken and Lorne. It being Sunday Tom was off to church before we even knew we had a problem or I have no doubt he too would have been here.

These pics were taken before the sun came up.

A nice visit with Sue here in the Igloo today as well. We are enjoying getting to know her as she is a bubbly lady. Her smile lights up a room and the excitement for life shines in her eyes. 

A small sampling of what people live in while here in the desert.

Lorne came by and ask for some help pulling wires, I was happy to help, getting to know him better as well. He is a happy fella, and tries hard to hide the fact that he knows much more than he pretends. Thanks Lorne, I enjoyed learning a number of things and using my brain. I am happy to help you anytime.

The sun will soon pop over the horizon.

It is shining on the mountains behind me already.

Eventually, except for Riley, we all joined up for happy hour. Lots of laughs and chatter could be heard across the desert I’m sure. Once again darkness and the nightly chill drove us all home.  It was another good day here in the desert. Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time….

Take care, stay safe,


Sunday, November 19, 2023

Another quiet day….


Our Location:

Road Runner BLM, Quartzsite, Arizona 

A sleep pattern of sleeping a few hours, awake for a few hours and another hour or so of sleep seems to be the new norm for me. It’s not one I like but it seems to be the one I’m adjusting too. This is the third night in a row. 

Water hanging from the branches

A hint of colour off in the distance…

A little pinky over there…

Awake, dressed and out the door before 7 this morning I watched the sun come up as my feet carried me across the desert floor and I managed all of my steps again today. Back home before 8 am, a bit of breakfast before we headed off to town to do a few more errands that we some how managed to forget yesterday.

Water puddles from last night’s rain.

The sky is getting a little more colour…

Happy hour found us all sitting at Ken and Kim’s ( Journey with Ken and Kim ). We managed once again to have some chuckles, tell some tales and enjoy the company. We headed home at various times toward nightfall.  We of course being Deb and Tom (Celebrating the Dance  ), Lorne and Sue ( A place called away  ), Riley and I.

The sun lighting just the very tops of the clouds.

You can see where it will top the clouds very soon.

I chatted with dad, the retirement party for brother Rick was a success with a lot of people in attendance. The weather is warmish there, the start of the annual deer season is Monday, otherwise all is quiet on The Rock in Lake Huron.

It is easier to see now….

It has already kissed the mountains behind me.

Until next time…..

Take care, be safe,


Saturday, November 18, 2023

A chore day..


Our Location:

Road Runner BLM, Quartzsite, Arizona 

I watched a cute sunrise this morning as my feet took me out for a stroll. I stopped here and there to take pics but was home within the hour getting my 6000 steps in two days in a row. 

The first ray breaking over the Kofa Mountains.

This morning was taken up with chores. After changing the linens, we piled the backseat of the Dogsled full with dirty laundry and headed into Q. I think we used a whole row of machines to wash everything. It was two and a half hours later before everything was washed, dried, folded and back in the truck. We managed a drop in at a few stores for a couple of quick purchases before heading back home. Little did we realize but we forgot the drinking water jugs and a propane tank until we noticed the water filling station. I can see another trip to town tomorrow.

The dried out pulp of a saguaro.

There are many dead and dying saguaros here.

Back home we emptied the truck, put away the laundry and managed a light snack before happy hour. We gathered in the shade beside the Igloo, Deb and Tom ( Celebrating the Dance ), Ken and Kim (journey with Ken & Kim) and Lorne and Sue (A place called away)and myself. Riley opted out of happy hour. We chatted and laughed the afternoon away, darkness and the desert chill finally drove us all home. 

Our neighbourhood this morning.

The Ocotillos are not showing any green yet.

Back in the desert washes again.

A view during my stroll.

Thanks for stopping by and checking our day here in the desert.

Until next time….

Take care, be safe,


Friday, November 17, 2023

A day spent at home…..


Our Location:

Road Runner BLM, Quartzsite, Arizona 

A morning walk for me had me completing my 6000 steps, a first for me in quite some time. I stayed on the flat going and my hip didn’t give me much grief the entire day. 

So many places to park.

The far away view of Tyson Wash LTVA.

Someone dug this rock out of the ground.

Morning coffee at The Stinger Bee, Deb and Tom’s place ( Celebrating the Dance  ), with Lorne and Sue (A place called away  ) coming by as well. Eventually we all headed off to do a few things at our rigs for a number of hours.

The desert’s version of Spanish Moss.

A very deformed saguaro.

So many future arms.

A different view bot many more arms ringing the entire saguaro.

The sun popped out off and on all day keeping the temps a bit on the cooler side but still a really good day. About 2 pm we could see a motor home heading our way and eventually hitting the brakes somewhere near the Dogsled and coming to a halt with a couple of smiling faces looking out the front windshield, Ken and Kim (Journey with Ken and Kim ) have arrived. Greetings all around and soon Ken was parking their rig between the Stinger Bee and the Igloo. 

Tom, Deb, Elva, Sue, Patsy, my chair, Kim…

Lorne excited about another package…

Patsy, Kim, Ken,Bill, Gerry, Riley, Tom, Deb…

Happy hour brought more folks out, Gerry and Elva in the beautifully shiny silver Jeep of course had to be waved over from a wash away, with Bill (On our way), Patsy ( Chillin with Patsy )and Gibbs coming straight at us with Black Beauty rolling along easily.Lorne, Sue and Archie strolled over and Riley joined the festivities as well. It was a great happy hour.Slowly folks started trickling away, darkness settled in and eventually we all went home. 

Earlier in the day, Percy was realigned.

During sunset, a squeeze in between The Bee and The Igloo.

Sunset and Kim!

The Sleeping Indian and the horse/deer as the sun is fading.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you had a wonderful day as well.

Until next time……

Take care, stay safe,