Saturday, October 28, 2017

Our Location: Tanbark Campground, Dickson Tennessee

Hello there. I know you thought I was lost forever but I’ve been found. ~laugh~ Actually over the summer our internet jet pack failed and Verizon wouldn’t send a new one to Canada so we have been without our own internet since about the end of June, I think. We’ve borrowed others but I didn’t have the energy to haul my computer every time I wanted to post something, so I just opted to take the summer off. It’s not exciting during the summer anyway. So consider yourselves saved from boredom!!!!!!! Your welcome!

Once I get our jet pack replaced and working I’ll post a few posts to catch you all up on our happenings, comings and goings for the past number of months. We are currently on a temporary site in a small campground which is actually full and we managed to get a ‘park on the grass, no hookups’ site but we can dump when we leave, they have internet and showers are available to us. We’re happy with that for less than $20 CAD.

So as you can see this is a short post, I won’t be answering any comments as I will have no internet connection until Verizon replaces the jet pack. I’ll keep you informed. I can tell you’re hanging on the edge of your seats. ~laugh~

Until next time….be safe, take care…...