Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Moved into the little stone house......

Our Location: Little Stone House, Tehkummah, Ontario


As you can see from the title we've moved from the Igloo into the little stone house again. It was an easier move this time, we already knew where to put everything. We moved in Sunday, October 24 in the afternoon. Why wait until the afternoon you ask? Pretty much most of the North Shore (Manitoulin Island, Espanola, Spanish, Birch Island, parts of Killarney, and Whitefish Falls) were without power that day. It was a scheduled outage to replace some 'stuff' by Hydro One.  When that happens the small community of Sheguiandah (Shag -a -winda) puts it's generator to use at the Community Hall and cooks up breakfast. For the cost of $12.00 each we (Dad, Riley and I) enjoyed eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles, pancakes, toast, coffee/ juice and small fruit cups. I drove, Dad treated us.  Our seating time was 10:00 am. We were home just before noon. So that's why we were late getting started. 

Heavy frost at our summer location this morning.

Since we have been slowly packing things away the outside things for the past month, there really wasn't a lot left to do except hook up and store things for a usual travel day. We were backing into the driveway at the little stone house shortly after 1 pm. We worked all afternoon emptying the rig (except our big chairs) and all evening putting things away. Monday morning we carried in the last few things, chairs and mats, hooked back up and had the Igloo back down to the pit before noon. Winterizing was accomplished later in the week.


Ice pellets and frost at our summer location.

This year we brought more of our own stuff as most of Pat's things were sold over the summer.  A bathroom reno is just being finished, new tub/shower was finally hooked up Thursday night, washer as well, the dry wall mudding has been going on for a number of nights but all is well in the world of us. We spent most of Friday afternoon and evening doing laundry. Who knew we had so many clothes and linens! 

The Igloo is parked for the winter.

Halloween was quiet here, 10 kids came along and Riley handed out candy while I made some potato soup. Riley and Dad both like potato soup and so I made huge pot of it. I delivered some to Dad various family members, keeping enough for Riley and soon the pot was empty.

The local dairy farm spread some liquid manure this spring and I do believe it made this mushroom grow to a massive size. 


So as you can see, we've settled in for the winter and will be watching all of our friends on their adventures south of the border or borders as some may be the case. We shall soak up all the warmth we can from the photos and the musing of all of you fine folks. So don't be stingy, share lots ! 


I wear a size 5 ladies shoe just for reference. 


 Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit.


Local dairy farmer close to the little stone house.

Until next time, take care, be safe, stay healthy,