Sunday, August 5, 2018

Home but busy.....

Our Location: Lakeshore Road North, Tehkummah

I know I’ve been silent for a long time but things have been busy.  We left the East Coast behind about a month ago. With rain continuously in the forecast we all agreed to head out and leave any further sight seeing attempts through the rain splattered windows behind. We were all very tired of the dreary, rainy days and the forecast wasn’t looking any better than we’d been having. We therefore didn’t tarry too long in New Brunswick, opting for only a few quick side trips before heading homeward. We left New Brunswick travelling back into Ontario on July 1 driving straight through the province of Quebec stopping only for fuel. We arrived in Cornwall, Ontario around 6:00 pm where we spent a quick over night before heading on to Buttercup Ridge in Roseneath. 

Janet and Dennis were of course wonderful hosts, allowing us to park once again in one of our favourite spots. Our 4 day visit passed quickly and Friday, July 6 had us heading northward again  hoping to escape the extreme heat of the area but our overnight in Sudbury at the Walmart  didn’t seem to break the heat wave. We headed toward the island Saturday morning with a quick stop in Espanola to visit cousin Karen for an hour on our way through and found the temps to be a bit more moderate. 

The muddy shores and waters of the Bay of Fundy.

We arrived back in on the Island Saturday July 7, 39 days after leaving for the east coast. It was an interesting journey with lots of sights and experiences. I personally enjoyed the Miramichi area of New Brunswick and would visit that area again. It was truly scenic and very much what I expected to see on the trip. The other areas, not so much, however that is just my own personal opinion. Perhaps it was weather related, but perhaps it was just not what I was expecting. Either way, it will not be on my bucket list again any time soon. 


 Since arriving back at the summer location I’ve been busy doing a number of things. Including the continued waxing of the nose cone on the Igloo, along with the rest of the Igloo as well. However the front has been getting most of the attention. With just one small portion left to do I can say the Igloo has been washed and waxed in it’s entirety. Although I am thinking of one more coat before we head out in the fall. However we shall see how that works out.  

Riley and I have also changed family doctors from Hamilton to the local area. We met with our new physician recently and have been doing the regular ‘test’ things with the new doctor, which included a trip to Sudbury for a screening. Our Doctor Maryna is  a young doctor, very blunt and up front, I like that. She’s extremely well versed in family medicine and I think we’ll be happy with her services. 

Getting caught up with family again, getting some exercise including walking and swimming, and doing a few chores around the Igloo has kept me pretty busy since our return. Construction on the Island roads make travel a pain in the butt and we haven’t been doing much of it since arriving back home. It’s hard to believe that August is upon us already and our time here is rapidly winding down with just a couple more months before we pull up stakes and head out again.


No rain, or at least not enough rain has multiple fire bans in place across the entire island. The smoke and haze from the Key River/French River fire has been an issue some days here in our little neighbourhood. A few days it was strong enough to cause eye irritation and coughing seemed the norm. It’s been an extremely odd weather pattern here of late with much fog rolling in and out at various times multiple times in a day instead of the usual morning only fog.

A number of chores and projects will be keeping my occupied for the next while and I doubt I’ll be updating my blog much while we remain here in our summer location. We will be attending to a number of things and I truly don’t believe they would be of interest to anyone.  I hope all are well and enjoying the summer!!! 

We have been having issues once again with the internet connections and have since changed our situation just in the last few days. Upon cancelling our service with Verizon it was explained that a new condition was added to the 'international' part of the contract which includes services to Mexico and Canada while travelling. All local carriers will allow only 512 mb of use before slowing the speeds of the data connection. Which means that after about an hour's use the speed is less than crawling speed. They however didn't tell us that until during the phone call to cancel our service. Interesting isn't it? 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit.


Until next time….. take care, be safe,