Saturday, December 26, 2020

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year



Location: Hamlet of Tehkummah, Ontario

It’s been a while since my last update but I haven’t had much to say. I’ve had the best intentions to keep reading blogs but well, we know what happens with best intentions. Enough said.


Downtown Tehkummah

Looking down the main street out of town.


 First things first, belated Happy Thanksgiving to our American Friends. We were with you in spirit and even celebrated here in our little corner of Ontario with a nice big ham. Belated Merry Christmas to one and all. We hope this holiday season has brought you peace, love and joy. Along with good health, good cheer and almost all that you wished for. I do mean almost ALL, because if you received everything you wished for, what would you have left to wish for in the future? We would also like to wish you all a very wonderful New Year as I doubt I'll be doing another update so quickly.

Ward's General Store, across the street from our little winter house.


Our little stone winter home.

Snow, cold, milder temps, rain, more snow, more cold, etc. You get the idea. The weather here is a constantly changing thing. Although we’ve had a few very cold nights we haven’t had any long stretches of such weather and so we will not complain. The Big Dog muscles onward but can be seen shivering late at night when he thinks we aren’t watching, the Igloo is safely tucked away near our summer spot and I’m sure is shivering much more frequently. Hopefully next year we will all be back to a much more normal way of life and we can be in a much warmer place with a lot less snow and enjoying spectacular sunrises and sunsets.


The back yard of our little stone house.


A few days of work here and there but otherwise very quiet here in our little neighbourhood. We did have daughter Courntey visit for a few days before Christmas. It was so wonderful to see her and spend some time getting caught up. The days whipped by quickly but a few days is better than no days. She had a friend heading westward for a couple of weeks and so we managed to meet them only an hour and half drive away which made her visit much easier for us. A less than easy ride taking her home to Toronto, a quick overnight for me with a much easier ride home to the little stone house here in Tehkummah the following day. 

A bit different view of the back yard.

Other than that, nothing is new here, everyone is well, healthy and getting through the winter one day at time. All of the photos today were taken with my phone this morning, Boxing Day 2020. They show the small hamlet of Tehkummah and our little stone house for the winter.

View of the back our little stone house.

 Nephew Jason left this morning for a month of sledding near Revelstoke, BC. We wish him safe travels and good health. A very long drive for a single traveller. Wife Leah didn’t make the trip this year as she is due to deliver their first baby in mid February.

Can you see the General Store across the street?

Belated birthday wishes to great niece Isabel, who celebrated #7 on Christmas Eve, to cousin Barry who celebrated a much bigger number on Christmas Day. Future wishes to nephew Jason (Jan 2), cousin Sheila (Jan 7), niece Amber (Jan 9), sister in law Janet (Jan 14), daughter Courtney (Jan 22), cousin Craig (Jan 23), daughter Riley (Jan 28) and cousins Bob and Ruth (Jan 29). Lots of folks celebrating those candle days!!!


We are too protected here at the house to know the real weather and so we watch it through the trees in that open field of the dairy farm behind us. We can see blowing and drifting snow, fog, snow and when the trees start bending we know about the force of the wind.

So there you have it folks, a quick update. We do hope everyone out there is safe, healthy and happy. Stay warm or cool, whichever one might apply to you. Thanks for stopping by.

Multiple wind chimes grace the yard, these are just a few.

Until next time…. take care, be safe, stay healthy,