Sunday, January 29, 2017

Blustery wind this morning....

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

A cool night outside last night but nice in the Igloo, we leave the heater on and it keeps it from getting too frosty inside. Blue skies today but a cold blustery wind kept the temps down. As the day progressed the wind died down and this evening it's a pretty nice night out there. 

A baby cone compared to those we've been seeing in our travels.

After breakfast we truly didn't have any plans but decided we should find somewhere to actually get a good walk in. We headed out to Gulf Shores to find the Gulf Oak Ridge Trail, which we eventually found after a good deal of looking. Nice trail, hardtop all the way similar to what we had when we walked the Riverwalk in Albany, Ga. The cold wind was in our faces as we returned and I was wishing I'd have brought my gloves, my hands were aching by the time we got back to the Dogsled. 

This thing is longer than Riley's hand!

On the way to find this walking path we toured a few back roads and stopped to take a few pics along the way. Some interesting sights if you keep your eyes open. Some monster type trucks down here and a few of them are pretty big with tires bigger than me. ~laugh~ 

I think the little car underneath might not be worth fixing. ~laugh~

We have been looking for a specific store called the House of Jerky and today we found it, it was closed. ~laugh~ No hours posted so we have no idea when it's open but perhaps we'll try again some times this week, if we happen back this way to walk again. 

Part of the Gulf Oak Ridge Trail.

We stopped at Books A Million to see about an Ereader, but they don't have any, they suggested Target. Now honestly how could a book store suggest we go somewhere else to get a 'book'? We've tried a number of places here and none seem to be available. We'll be heading back into Pensacola this week, we'll hit the Best Buy there. A quick stop at the Dollar Tree, and another at Target, but as you've surmised from the above line, they didn't have any either. The Dollar Store wasn't for an Ereader. ~laugh~ It was to get some window wipes as I'm all out of them and they are great for mirrors, windows and chrome. From there we headed home and managed to be back just before 1 pm. 

The Canal that runs between Foley and Gulf Shores.

Too cold to eat lunch outside today but we had the big door for a bit, until the wind started picking up again, then time to shut it. Riley laid down about 2:30 pm and had herself an hour's nap, and I conked out around 3 for a half hour nap. I awoke to a knocking on the door, Miss Charlotte of Vern and Charlotte along with Miss Norma was here to tell us they would be at CiCi's pizza place at 4:30 pm this afternoon for dinner if we would like to join them. I thanked them but declined. It's too early for us for dinner and too late for lunch. ~laugh~ 

One of the tug boats we seen today on the Canal, just sitting on it's day of rest.

Read for a bit, then around 4:30 we started prepping dinner. Read some more until about 6:15 pm, time to start cooking dinner outside on the BBQ. Dill Potatoes with Onions, Sweet Basil-Thyme Garlic Veggies, and Turkey burgers. I had an English muffin with mine, Riley had regular burger buns. It was pretty good, not as cold outside cooking as I thought, it's seems to be warming up now that the wind died down. 

Palm trees line the driveway leaving The Wharf.

As I was outside cooking dinner, Sue next door stopped by to thank me for telling them about the outdoor speakers being on. I assured her I wasn't complaining but thought for certain they didn't know which she of course explained was due to some grandkids playing music at some point before and they hadn't realized they were still on. ~laugh~ 

Turkey burgers tonight....

Clean up after dinner, and a walk up to the dumpster, then a stop at the clubhouse to thank Vern & Charlotte again for the dinner invitation. Home by 8:15 pm and off to do our own thing after that. 

A Happy Birthday goes out to two of my cousins, Bob Kay and his sister Ruth Kay who both celebrate a birthday today. Happy Birthday to both of them!!!

All in all, a good day, no complaints. Hope tomorrow is nicer temperature wise and we can get another walk in. We've been missing those. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Until next safe...take care....

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