Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sun, sandy,.....

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

Last night was a bit nippy but the heater kept us warm and toasty. Like most places in the deep south when the sun comes up the temps warm up quickly and Foley is no different. The temps climbed steadily starting around 8:15 am this morning. They climbed all the way to about 77F / 25C by mid afternoon. Lots of sunshine this morning gave way to intermittent clouds this afternoon. 

The way to the water..

After breakfast we headed out toward the lovely sand beaches of Gulf Shores, Perdido Beach, Orange Beach, etc, all of these places along the shore have a name and yet all seem to be one endless town.  However on the way we stopped at a few RV parks looking around for the future. We managed to find about 3 or 4 some we didn't like at all, some were okay and one I was sure we'd get lost in. ~laugh~  After that one we headed off to the beach.
The waters of  the Gulf of Mexico at Gulf Shores, Alabama
We found a parking spot near the beach and walked across the street into the wonderfully soft cool sand of the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. Down near the water's edge the beach sloped in places making it difficult to walk close to the water. Eventually we just took off our shoes and socks and walked in the edge of the surf. Big rollers crashing up against the sand with a strong current trying to pull you back into the water with a playful tug but a stern feeling of don't wander out too far. The beach was fairly busy considering the season but the warm temps were beckoning people to the hypnotic call of the surf. A few fishermen along the shores, one or two people daring to stand at the water's edge and allow their toes to be caressed by the cool rushing water. Terns, seagulls, Sand Pipers and other birds running along the soft sand  mixed among sun bathers, walkers, metal detecting guys, fishermen, and a few kids. The brilliant blue skies were the perfect drawing card, the suns rays were almost hot but the soft breeze kept things moderated. We walked for a long way on the beach before turning around and heading back the way we'd come. Finally we found a spot to get off the sand, wash our feet and put on our socks and shoes. Walking along a back road across from the beach we enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells of the coastal tourist trap. Hotels line the beach with more building going on all the time. Little shops of souvenirs, small little shacks offering seafood, hot dogs, burgers, surf style shops with bathing suits, sweaters, etc, plus many others dot the endless miles of sand.  
Almost looks like blowing snow, doesn't it?
A fisherman on the beach
Back in the Dogsled we turned toward home feeling refreshed and alert from our walk, which we both truly enjoyed today. Clipping along Hwy 59 we were on the outskirts of Foley when we jammed on the brakes and whipped into the parking lot Old Tyme Pottery. It's a massive store with a bit of almost everything in it, not just pottery. Riley and I walked around for about a half hour just looking at all the things they offer for sale. Some we really liked, some we couldn't imagine anyone liking. ~laugh~ She bought a couple of balls of yarn that caught her fancy. Once again we headed for home, arriving about noon thirty. ~laugh~ Lunch outside in the sun was nice but the clouds started floating in obscuring the sun from time to time until finally about 2: 45 pm I headed inside. Not sure which made me tired, the walk or the sun but I had myself a little nappy this afternoon and woke up feeling much better. 
Rolling breakers....
Riley walking barefoot.

Sweet Ride....
I spent a little time on the phone today with a couple of my friends. Boots, (Linda) my best friend and I chatted for a while just getting caught up on things. My condolences to Linda's family on the loss of her mothers second husband Calvin. 

I also chatted with my friend Ron catching up on the local gossip from Long Beach, Ms which is our next and final stop before we head back north in early April. Looking forward to seeing Ron and his lovely wife Sharon, along with a whole crew of folks at Magic River Campground in about a month's time.
Closed all the windows, vents, etc as it was starting to cool off. Prepped dinner, realizing we have no potatoes so we had to improvise with Spanish Rice instead. Dark now between 5:45 and 6 pm, the days are getting longer again. 
Love our BBQ.
Dinner tonight was Spanish Rice, Oregano Veggies, Chicken Breasts with friend Roger's excellent bbq sauce. 
Love these things, wonder if they would grown in Canada?
Quick clean up inside, and outside, walked the garbage to the dumpster, chatted with a fella on the way back to the Igloo and finally home by 8:00 pm. Off to do our thing in different directions after that. 
Typical beach town street down here.
Thanks for stopping by, nothing exciting but it was a really nice day. Not sure what's going on tomorrow but I'm sure it will be fun, and relaxing too. Until next safe, take care....

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