Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Errand day, Courtney's birthday......

We are currently in Foley, Alabama but we were without internet connections for a couple of weeks. I'm posting the blog posts in order, I have a couple more to go before I'm caught up.

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

(Jan 22, 2017)

Today's pics are from the Air Force Armament Museum in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

It’s been a wild couple of days and night folks. More rain and hail today but not nearly as much as yesterday. Hot, sticky, humid temps with a mile breeze that kicked up to a stiff breeze to a wind, to a strong wind, then nothing, just died right down. Now it’s much cooler, by about 10 degrees at least but still humid. All the water laying around must be contributing to the humidity issue.

AC 130 Spectre

Breakfast finished, we debated about going out, staying home, or taking the cat with us while we went out as there was still some ugly weather ahead of us for this day. In the end we opted to leave the cat and just do a few errands around town. First errand was drop some books off at the clubhouse that we had read and wanted to exchange for some there that we think look interesting, we also had to make a trip to the dumpster. Inside to drop the books, we started chatting with Charlotte, Gary, and Nancy, and before we knew it the rain was coming down so hard we couldn’t make it to the truck just out side the door without getting soaked. As we chatted we heard the hail pitter pattering on the roof of the clubhouse, but it didn’t last long. Finally the rain let up and we made a mad dash to the Igloo, deciding that staying home was the best call.

Home for a bit and the sun came out, errands are back on, out to the Dogsled, climb in looking for damage from last nights hail,  didn’t see any damage to the roof or hood or anywhere else. We’re heading to Robertsdale to the camping world store to pick up a few things we need. The drive is pleasant and short, only about 15 miles. Skies are black, menacing looking clouds hanging above us now. We debate about doing this errand or going back home, the sky looks ominous  but we stay. Inside we hear the rain on the roof but it doesn’t last long. We find the two parts we’ve come to get, a pull handle for the grey water tank, and a short sewer extension hose to finish hooking up Riley’s bathroom. Those things in hand we wander around the store and see a number of things we’d like but think they are too expensive.

F16 Fighting Falcon

Outside the clouds have blown over but the wind has changed into a very strong constant wind, blows the truck around slightly. Heading back to Foley we see the dark clouds have now also started to form over Foley again. No rain though, just the clouds and the wind. The closer we get to Foley the darker it gets, but still no precipitation. As we arrive in town the skies start to clear and before we make it too far the sun has popped out. A stop at the Verizon store nets us a solution to our slow internet connections here at the park. Across the road to look for cases for the phones, no luck. Back across the road to Wally’s World for a rotisserie chicken for lunch. I can’t buy and cook a chicken for the price of this one already done, it’s only $5. It will last Riley for two meals. Of course we remember other things we need once we enter the door. ~laugh~ Always that way, isn’t it? A quick stop at the Dollar Tree for some bags and we’re finished our errands. 

Home  and it’s lunch time. I make myself a nice big salad while Riley enjoys the chicken. It smelled really good but I didn’t want any. I was more than happy with my salad. Since the temps had cooled a fair bit and the ground outside is still pretty saturated with water laying everywhere we thought a movie while we eat would be good. 2Fast & 2Furious was our choice today.

B-57 Canberrea

After that I was outside doing some things like hooking up the extension on the sewer hose, checking the solar panels for damage, which there was none. I was happy!! We put out the bamboo mat, the bbq, the bbq table, and chairs as the days ahead are looking sunny and while not as warm as we’d like, still warmer than back in Ontario. We’re good with that. ~laugh~

Inside to read and set up the new Mifi. I’m not a techy person so that took me a while. I’m hoping this works as advertised and we can use it in Canada as well. That would be most wonderful.

A look inside a bomb/missle

I worked on a couple of blog posts this afternoon as the connection is much faster with the Mifi and it was so much easier than waiting for a half hour just to upload some pictures.

A change for us having mashed potatoes.

Dinner tonight was excellent, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies and orange mustard glazed loin chops. All cooked inside of course, we still haven’t managed to get the small propane tank
filled. They no longer do that here in the park but we can exchange it at Wally World, or have it filled at TSC tomorrow on our travels. We shall see what is easiest.

Today is a oldest daughter Courtney’s birthday. She is 29 today. Courtney and her husband Mattew, who just celebrated a birthday a few days ago, live in Switzerland. Matt has been there since Dec 2015, while Courtney has been there since August 2016. They seem to truly be enjoying their time there and I’m very happy for them. It’s an adventure that not many of us will ever have a chance to experience. Happy Birthday Courtney, I hope this day has been special in every way possible.

So there you  have our day, nothing too exciting but we managed to spend the hours doing things we enjoyed. Until next time..be safe, take care….

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