Monday, January 23, 2017

Our last day at Gunter Hill Campground.....

We are currently in Foley, Alabama but we were without internet connection for a couple of weeks. I'll post the blog posts in order over the next few days. 

Our Location: Gunter Hill Campground, Montgomery, Al

(Jan 16, 2017 Post)

(Some photo’s supplied courtesy of Allan and his drone)

You must be getting tired of hearing the weather details but it truly is amazing to me that I can sleep with no heater running, windows and/or vents open all night. The days are lazy and warm, thoroughly enjoyable in short pants and sleeveless t’s. Considering it’s mid January, and there is no snow, no wind chill, no frostbite, or winter storm watches, warnings, or effects I can tell you it’s almost as if its magical. ~laugh~ 

Taken from Allan's side yard.

As today is Monday it was of course cleaning day and we managed to get that accomplished before breakfast. It doesn’t take long and with two of us working at it, it’s quickly finished. Out the door after breakfast by 9:15 for our walk. Today was a bit shorter than yesterday, to the guard shack, to the road and across the way to the race track where we once again walked the length of entrance drive to the ticket booth at the edge of the track and then back to the Igloo. No pictures from our walk today though, but I’ll include some from yesterday I think.

Beside the track is an army yard of some kind, but it looks to be in a private area and not run by the military. The vehicles are numerous, in great running order, clean, neat and lined up in perfect order. No one is really sure what they are doing over there or why the military vehicles are there (asked at the guard shack) but they’ve been there for a while now. One of life’s little mysteries I guess. ~laugh~ 

From high above us, I'm sitting outside reading.

Home around 10 am, climbed into the Dogsled with an empty propane tank, headed out for two errands. We needed to fill one of the main tanks for the Igloo, and we wanted some more pecans. First off we went left down Old Selma Road (I’ve heard Bella (auto GPS) say that so many times I’m hearing it in my sleep.) to the little road side stand to buy some more pecans. Last time we bought partially shelled ones for $7 per gallon bag, this time we bought shelled ones for $5 for the same size bag. We just have to crack ‘em now. I’m debating about using a hammer. ~laugh~ Next we were off to the propane guy. This yard is not the nicest looking spot, rusty tanks, old vehicles, etc but we’ve been told that it’s the best place to go, so we drove down the hill into the yard, up to the biggest tank I’ve ever seen in my life and shut it down looking  for someone to help us. A nice fella came strolling out of the back somewhere and filled our tank in short order. He even bled it while he filled it, so it’s truly full. All of that for $25.56 USD. That my friends is an excellent price for propane. I pay close to $40 CD back in Ontario for the same thing or an exchange that I’m not convinced is as full as this one. He even gave me a new calendar to boot. ~laugh~

Home again, installed the filled tank, and started cleaning up outside. The big bamboo mat, the outdoor solar lights, the string lights, extension cord, BBQ, bbq tank, dumped the tanks, cleaned the inside of the Dogsled, leaving only the electric, water and sewer to disconnect in the morning and of course the chairs for afternoon use. Tonight’s dinner was inside. 

Nice spot, huh?

Lunch outside while reading my book, love it, soaking up those rays. ~laugh~ Allan dropped by this afternoon to ask about taking some pictures with his drone and brought them over. Great pics, don’t ya think? Thanks Allan, appreciate it very much. Downloaded the pics onto my computer and returned his memory stick, chatted for a few minutes with him and wife Robin, whom we met just yesterday. Bailey their big poodle is so laid back, doesn’t need to be tied or anything, just lays down and sleeps where she can see them. ~laugh~

Back home, reading some more, getting cool outside so time to put away the chairs and go inside for the night. Tomorrow we will be heading south about 150 miles to Holt, Florida and the Blackwater River State Park.

I finished my book while Riley watched the movie Shaft with Samuel L. Jackson. He’s a bit too vulgar for me in this movie. I don’t think I need to so many F-bombs in one sentence never mind sentence after sentence after sentence. I’d be curious to know how many times they use a derivative of that word in the movie. Easily into the triple digits I’d bet. ~laugh~ 

Going to make this again, it's good.

Dinner tonight was excellent, pasta with sausage and tomatoes. Riley was head chef this evening. She did an excellent job.

Clean up inside and head off to bed for a bit. So there you have our day, nothing exciting but enjoyable all the same.

A birthday wish to my friend Ian!!!! Ian is pilot and works in the one of the western provinces, although originally from England he now calls Canada home. A super nice fella, so Happy Birthday Ian!!

On that note I’m going to sign off, thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. Until next time…be safe, take care….

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