Monday, January 27, 2020

Lots of photos today...

Our Location: AZ 95 BLM, near Quartzsite, AZ
The mornings are cooler here than in California but still very nice. We both slept well last night and enjoyed the calm, peaceful evening with the door open until just after dark. 
The dry spines of a dead saguaro cactus. 

I have an idea how they got back there but I haven't checked it out yet. 

This is our new site. We are quite literally parked from where I stood to take this photo. 
This morning we took a walk to check out an entrance way to a much nicer spot not far from us, and we wanted to check it out for a couple of reasons. I can tell you now that it checked out well, except for cell service which seems spotty in the high winds. 
 I have photographed numerous saguaros in the past few years but I've never witnessed anything like this.

 It is all one. It appears that one of the 'arms' fell down and another set of trunks grew from it. 

I think it's the most fascinating growth I've seen.
To keep you from being in suspense any longer, yes we moved. As the crow flies, probably a half mile or close. Driving of course would be longer as we one cannot drive as straight as the crow flies.
 The sun is directly behind this middle 'arms' of the above saguaro. I love the spines in the sunlight. They are so easy to see and glistening as they are, makes them look transparent, which they aren't.

 This little figure 8 of sunlight shows just how closely these arms are all growing to each other but yet they don't fuse, they remain individual with very little space in between.
 Can you see the bird's nest up there between these three arms?
We parked easily and we both think this spot is the one we will use when in this area. It's a prefect spot for us. Of course we noticed that the cell service is a bit up and down and even climbed into the Dogsled to check it out. It's spotty everywhere here, even in our old spot, so I think the high winds may contribute to this. Of course I could be wrong but it's my belief and so we'll see how it works after the winds calm down. As long as we can internet, we will make due. Although the internet comes over the phone and so it doesn't make sense that we get internet but no phone.  I did call my dad and left a message telling him about the spotty service, just in case. My other two daughters never worry about us and so I'm not worried about letting them know but if we remain here for a while I will do so.

This is the top of the above saguaro, as you can see it's hard to believe that these arms come from the same root.

 We are now parked back there, although not when this photo was taken.

If it's true that saguaros only grown an inch a year, this one is a couple of years older than I am.
High winds this afternoon have us with the door open but the big slide pulled in. How funny is that? The wind is forecast to lessen steadily as the day goes on and hopefully by bedtime there will be only gentle breezes. Wouldn't that be nice? I have a number of photos of the sunset last night (Sun Jan 26) and I can't decide which are best, so I'll include them. I warn you there are lots of them. 


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From this moment the darkness came quickly, the pinks faded to black and very quickly the night sky was bathed in blackness. 
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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Visitors, liking this spot....

Our Location: AZ 95 BLM, near Quartzsite, AZ
A nice quiet night last night, the road traffic died down quickly as the sun sank in the sky. Although I didn't take any photos of sunrise, it was a nice view. Cooler mornings here in the Quartzsite area than in Truckhaven. However the day time temps heat up nicely and before long we're taking layers off.  This afternoon's high was in the mid 70's/23ish in Celsius degrees.
If  you look really closely you can see our neighbour that pulled in just after we did. He's in the trees there. 

 From this distance Kofa Mountains look a bit more interesting but I'm still not feeling any pull to visit. 

 Now that section looks a tad more intriguing to me.
A walk this morning had me enjoying the flat areas of the desert, and the Saguaros of course. Some very interesting plant life in the desert. I'll share those photos tomorrow.
 The sun is starting to set now on the Kofa Mountains. 

Can you see our neighbour now? This is a zoom lens so he isn't nearly as close as he looks. 

 The pink over the mountains is reflecting on it. 

We were expecting company this afternoon and sure enough a nice little dusty black Jeep pulled in, weaving and dodging until they arrived right in our little yard. Friends Deb & Tom (Celebrating the Dance) were smiling as they stepped out of the jeep. Hugs and how are ya's of course followed. We moved around so some were in the shade and some not. The afternoon was gone before we realized it and all too soon we were hugging and saying our see ya's, and I didn't take a single photo. It was hard to believe the entire afternoon was gone so quickly. We had a great visit and enjoy spending time with this wonderful couple. We feel fortunate to have met them last year and hope to spend more time with them in the future. Truly an awesome couple. Some laughs, some chatter and just easy visiting. Who knows maybe we'll see them again before all of us leave this area. 
 Last nights sunset, Jan 25 here just a little south Quartzsite, AZ. 

 Other than add  my logo, I have not enhanced these photos. All of the sunset photos are as they came from the camera. 

A call to dad to see how things are going and inquire about Jason & Leah and their where abouts. They are currently in Great Falls, Montana and will head north to Lake Louise, Alberta. Leah wants to skate on the lake, as she did swim in it a few years ago on their honeymoon.  Then it's a short jaunt to their final destination in BC. They have travelled approximately 1600 MILES/2600 KILOMETERS in two days. They left yesterday at very dark thirty in the morning. 

 The light is reflecting off of the Igloo and the Dogsled. You can just see them there in the darkness.

Today's photos were taken yesterday and the sunset photos are LAST NIGHT (January 25), our first night here in this new location. 

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 Our neighbour and Kofa Mountain.

An amazing desert sunset! 



Saturday, January 25, 2020

We've moved....

Our Location: Mile Marker 91, AZ 95, Arizona
As you can see we've moved. Not far, but far enough to not be bothered by loud voices, constant dogs barking and music. The party carried on until midnight with music, singing, loud talking and dogs barking. 
 The view out the dining room window.
We were up and out the door by 9 AM this morning, a quick trip for a few things we needed, propane, water and diesel and a look around at some where else to park. We checked out a few places including Le Paz Valley and would have ended up there except this location we've been told is also BLM and is not marked no camping.  Closer to Q there are many 'no camping' signs.
A large propane tank, totally empty, filled at Pit Stop for $17 USD, I think we in Ontario are getting so ripped off. To get a tank this full I have to exchange it, and the price runs anywhere from $35 - $45 plus tax. I'm sure you can do the math well enough to know it's dirt cheap here. The Dogsled had a big drink this morning with about 20 gallons being slurped up at $3.17 per gallon. I can't complain. He's not completely full but he's close to the full mark. 
 Looking out and to the left a bit.
Back at Palm Canyon Road we closed up the Igloo, hooked up and headed out the road. We stopped numerous times to let others go by, around or past us. We have both agreed it's not the type of place we want to park again, nor the type of road we want to travel again. Sorry to all you folks that enjoy it there but it's just not for us. Dad the road into Palm Canyon is worse than the road you take to Whiskey Lake.
We pulled out and headed north a few miles to between Mile Markers 90-91. We pulled off and headed as far back as this little 'parking lot' allows us to go. We are closer to the road than our normal liking but we are finding it just fine here. We watched carefully on our way back home from Q for 'no camping signs' and found none in this stretch. The host at Le Paz Valley told us this entire side is BLM and there is no parking where the signs say 'no overnight parking' but he said he didn't know about the rest. So we shall see how it works out.
 We didn't go all the way to the end due to some evidence of horses being in the area for a while. Horse Apples if you know what I mean.
We were pulled in and set up by noon. Interestingly enough before long we witnessed a neighbour coming in. He isn't anywhere near us and we have no complaints. I just wonder if he would have parked here if we hadn't already been here. I think we have a herd mentality and will follow the leader in doing these types of things. How many times have you parked 'far' from everyone only to have someone pull right next to you almost immediately? Happens to us a lot. 
So the photos today are out the windows and the door of the Igloo. Nothing amazing but still pretty nice. 
We can still see the Kofa Mountains out the door. 
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