Friday, November 30, 2018

Last day here at Quail Ridge ........

Our Location:  Quail Ridge Rv Park, Hauchua City, Arizona

Rain fell most of the night and still a bit after sunrise but soon stopped and while the sun came out it wasn’t very warm all day. The wind was brisk and at times seemed to be picking up vigor but suddenly just stopped. Not sure how that happened but it did. 

Big leaves makes my hand look small.
Today is our last day here in Quail Ridge Rv Resort so we spent some time outside doing all those pre-travel things we all do before pulling out. We chatted with the fellow next door for a bit as well. After that we simply stayed in out of the wind. 

Even at the point it's very big.
We used our electric hook up wisely and made a pot of chili today for the travel tomorrow and  a few future meals this week. We were going to pre make a shepherd’s pie as well but just didn’t think we would use it quickly enough and yes we could freeze it but we prefer it freshly made. 
The big cacti have had all their leaves chopped off.
So our last day here as I said which prompted a call to dad to tell him for the next number of days we will be without cell service but we will have internet service. We are heading to Why, Az and learned last year we have no cell reception there. 
Piggy family.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. Some of my favourite pictures taken here in the park. Repeats of course but I still like them.

Until next time…. take care, be safe,


A quiet day......

Our Location:  Quail Ridge Rv Park, Hauchua City, Arizona

(Thursday, Nov 29, 2018 Post)

Another quiet night except for the engine brake around 4 AM  and sirens around 6 AM seemed to go on for a while but I was already awake. I enjoyed a hot drink and a bit of reading before I headed to the office to ask about the card machine in the laundry room. The woman at the desk wasn’t very helpful but did mention that quarters also worked. I hadn’t noticed nor remembered the coin slots. They aren’t the slide kind on the washers, just drop in like the dryers. 

My hand against the leaf of one of the big cactus here, and the wind is always blowing here.

Back home Riley and I decided to head out for a walk but stopped at the office for change for the laundry. We noticed a number of movies and asked about exchanging some of theirs for some of ours. Sure enough the lady agreed very rapidly. Riley and I came home and selected 9 movies we no longer wanted before heading back to the office for our exchange. We ended up with 6 movies and 2 books but we were more than happy with the exchange. With the wind picking up we decided to skip the stroll. The fine dust here isn’t pleasant to eat. 
Numerous other types of cacti in the park.
We grabbed the Big Dog, and the drinking water jugs heading into Huachuca City, only 3 miles away, to top off our drinking water and the Big Dog’s drinking bowl.  We filled our water jugs for $1.25 for 5 gallons, or 30 cents for 1 gallon. The Dogsled was a bit more expensive at $2.99 per gallon. I chatted with a fellow traveller driving a big diesel pusher which takes 90 gallons to fill, I mentioned to him this was about the cheapest spot I’d seen for fuel and mentioned the Chevron at the end of the street near the park had diesel at $3.57 per gallon. He told me they had just left the very same park we are currently sitting in and had also stopped at that exact Chevron station. He asked why the price was so high and according to the person inside manning the registers it’s because they have to buy their fuel from certain distributors and so their prices are higher due to the higher price the station has to pay. I still think diesel is outrageously over priced everywhere but it is what it is. 
This were at the Cheveron station with the expensive diesel. I guess we're paying for the art work.
Back home we sorted laundry and I stashed it in the truck for later. We enjoyed our lunch, a movie and a bit of down time. Couldn’t find any place in the sun out of the wind so sitting outside wasn’t really an option. Oh well, we have all winter. 
Sights around the park.
Around 8 pm I jumped in the Dogsled heading to the laundry room. No one was there and loaded all 4 machines. I can tell you folks it’s very cheap to do laundry here. Half of what we normally pay, which is $20 or more. Here I didn’t even break open the second roll of quarters and we had less than a dollar in the laundry purse to start. Both washers and dryers are $1.25 per load. The dryers run for 50 minutes. A nice lady named Deb and her brother Steve came in just as I was about finished with the washers. She bought a house here in the area somewhere in the past few days and brother Steve lives in Phoenix, a few hours away. She explained the card machine in very easy to understand directions. Next time I’ll know how to do that.
Some ornaments around the park. Frogs, snowmen, and flamigo's. One never knows what one might see.
Back home at 10:30 PM, I carried the laundry inside while Riley met me at the door to make it easier. Everything put away and off to bed. I wasn’t smart enough to take my laptop to do this post last night. Hmmm…..guess I’m out of the blogging mode but I’ll get back into it soon I’m certain. 
A sight on our short stroll to the back clubhouse.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Sure is pretty!!!!
Until next time…. take care, be safe,


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Sierra Vista, jets and chatting......

Our Location:  Quail Ridge Rv Park, Hauchua City, Arizona

A quiet night, a good night’s sleep. I slipped out the door just before 7 AM to go for a walk.  A  couple of laps around the back area of the park. Lots of rabbits in the neighbourhood, every where you look. I enjoyed the sights and quiet. 
 Sights and signs around Huachuca City, Arizona.
First time I've ever seen a plate from Hawaii. Other signs we noticed.
Around 7:30 AM I managed to slip back into the Igloo to enjoy a hot drink and some reading. Riley and I chatted about the day and decided we’ll just take it easy for the remainder of our time here. I spent most of the morning reading outside in the sun but just before noon we took a short trip to Sierra Vista for some groceries. We stopped at the Historical Marker in Huachuca City for a few photo’s.


A stop at Wells Fargo Bank to use an international ATM but their machine wouldn’t work with my debit card. We made our way to the Bank of America and it worked well. We will be remembering that for the future. A stop at Fry’s and then on to Walmart for a few other items. After that it was back home for some lunch and a bit of tv. We enjoyed the quiet of the afternoon.

The stationary blimp and a mountain view.
Dark found me chatting with Courtney, Bradey and my sister Jan. Catching up on the gossip from the three ladies. So you can see we didn’t have a very exciting day nor a very busy one but we enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 

Seen from my chair while I was reading this morning.
Until next time… take care, be safe,

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Oil leak fixed, warranty issue resolved.......

Our Location:  Quail Ridge Rv Park, Hauchua City, Arizona

A quiet night, nice for sleeping and I had a good night’s sleep. I was awake around 5:30 AM but didn’t get out of bed until around 7 AM. A morning appointment at Lawley Chevy Dealership for 8:30 AM in Sierra Vista had me out the door a few minutes before 8 AM.

I arrived at the dealership a little before my appointment and checked in telling the gentlem en behind the service desk if it wasn’t covered under warranty then they were to do nothing. I knew it would qualify but didn’t want any surprises. I settled down to wait until they had a clear picture of the issue. I was there about an hour before the service guy comes to me saying there is a problem with the warranty. Hmmmm…..okay I’m listening.

Do you recall when I took the Dogsled to Spenser Chevy in Cobourg, Ontario? The power train warranty is good for 5 years (which I found out today ends on Dec 5, 2018) or 100,000 MILES. In Cobourg the Dogsled read 88 thousand and some odd MILES (as it’s an American truck), that was on the first line of the paper in hand and the second line read something like: change US MILES to Canadian  MILES with a number of 135 thousand and some change MILES not KILOMETERS. According to the fellows at Lawley that voided the warranty. I explained that it was a typo, obviously because Canada does not use miles but kilometers. If they did the math they would know the mileage was in Kilometers as the numbers were right on for the conversion. I also pointed out that current odometer reading on the Dogsled was 91 thousand and change MILES. The evidence would be pretty over whelming that the warranty would still be valid. However with the printed word MILES and the number being 135 thousand these fellas felt it voided the warranty. They told me to take it back to Spenser in Cobourg and have them do it as it was their mistake. I explained that it was 2000 MILES away and I wasn’t returning to Canada until April at which times the warranty would be void.  The fellow at Lawley shook his head and said, but the warranty is void due to this printout. So I asked him if I was supposed to be penalized for a typo at a dealership thousands of miles away? Was I supposed to pay from my own pocket the price of this warranty repair due to an error by someone else when Lawley has proof of the mileage by looking at the odometer in the truck? He said he’s be back.

I can tell you I wasn’t too happy. A lady sitting beside me was shocked at what she’d over heard. I think she was more upset than I was at that point. At this point I wasn’t overly concerned but was getting myself ready for an argument with management and/or perhaps Chevrolet warranty department itself. The service guy returned with some interesting news. They would do the work as  warranty work but would send the bill to Spenser Chevrolet in Cobourg as it was their mistake. Spenser Chevrolet can then work it out with someone else. That worked for me just fine. I paid less than $25 US for a new oil filter as they had to replace the oil anyway and so an oil change was accomplished at the same time.

Out the door around 12:30 PM and headed home with the oil leak issue resolved and an oil change. I can tell you I was happy to be out of there and on my way home. The rest of the day was spent puttering around and watching a bit of tv. It was a good wind down from the morning.  Tomorrow will be a day of being out and doing something touristy.

Calls to brother Rick and his lovely wife Barb tonight filled me in on the medical issue. The smaller of two bones in Rick’s leg is broken just above the ankle. The specialist today semi casted it and wrapped it with a tensor bandage so it can be adjusted due to the amount of swelling. They will see him in 3 weeks when the swelling goes down before they decide what to do with it. So we will have to wait to see how it goes. A chat with Dad tonight as well, things are going pretty well for him. He’s staying out of trouble and keeping himself busy. Always a plus, don’t you think? Talked to daughter Bradey’s answering machine tonight.

Sorry no pictures tonight, didn’t take the camera with me. Thanks for stopping by, I hope your day was spectacular where ever you may be.

Until next time… take care, be safe,


Monday, November 26, 2018

Outings, shopping and a lazy afternoon......

Our Location:  Quail Ridge Rv Park, Hauchua City, Arizona

A nice night, a bit cool but still nice. The sun shine warmed everything up quickly. I was out the door before 8:30 AM heading into Sierra Vista to the Chevy Dealership. A quick visit snagged me an appointment tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM. No loaners, only rentals or a shuttle.  So tomorrow I’ll see what their inspection finds before I make any decisions. I then wandered along the road to the Fry’s grocery store to pick up a few things.  From there I was homeward bound. 
Lawn ornaments here in the park.
At home I realized I’d forgotten to stop at the ATM machine but Riley and I were heading off to an RV dealer to look for a tire cover so after our stop there we headed back to Sierra Vista. We revisited Fry’s, stopped at Target and then of course a quick drop into the Walmart.   From there we headed home again. Did you realize we forgot about the ATM again? I’ll have to do it tomorrow. 
Some lawn ornaments, and the two bottom corner pictures are real cacti, the other two are metal.
I was going to sit outside and read but I could hardly keep my eyes open and I didn’t want to fall asleep outside in the sun. I’ve been exhausted all day and so I basically stayed tucked in my chair dozing and waking up for the afternoon. Around 5 PM I headed out for a walk around the park stopping at the dumpster which was one of the reasons I managed to get my butt out of the door. A nice walk, not long but enough for today. 
A fairly strong wind today.
So there you have it, a bit of an outing but nothing exciting. I hope you all had a fantastic day.  Thanks for stopping by.

The second clubhouse.
Until next time…. take care, be safe,


Sunday, November 25, 2018

Busy morning.......

Our Location:  Quail Ridge Rv Park, Hauchua City, Arizona

A very quiet night here in Quail Ridge RV Park.  A fantastic night’s sleep with comfortable temperatures for sleeping. We didn’t really have any plans for today but it turned out to be a productive morning. It started with me going to give the oven a quick scrub as our Shepherd’s Pie spilled a bit the other night. Well of course you know that there is nothing quick in cleaning an oven and so I spent some time giving it a good scrubbing down.

Historic Marker at Lordsburg, NM rest area.
Ocotillo growing at the Lordsburg, NM rest area.

From the oven I moved on to the Dogsled and pulled out the vacuum to give it a good clean. Wiping down everything and tidying up all the nooks and crannies. Riley cleaned the windows to finish off the Dogsled’s clean up, while I vacuumed some of the accumulated debris from one of the cubbies in the Igloo. After that I cleaned up the cubbies, set up the BBQ, and even managed a bit of a walk to the dumpster. 

One of the many plants at the rest area.
A call to dad around noon Mountain Time to shoot the breeze had the information that brother Rick has broken a bone in his leg but I’m not sure which bone as I haven’t talked to Rick or Barb yet. He will be seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon on Tuesday.  Dad also told me all of the snow has melted except under the trees but they are once again calling for more snow and so their respite was short lived.
Numerous of these plants growing here at Quail Ridge.
Lunch was a pasta dish today as it is our usual standard Sunday fair. We watched some tv and just enjoyed the afternoon. By 4 pm the sun started going down and so of course the air started cooling down. The daytime highs of 78F/  25.5 C started dropping quickly.
Dark settled in before long and we spent the evening entertaining ourselves with a movie called the Dirty Dancing. We always enjoy watching it. 
A much bigger version but this one is located at Quail Ridge RV, Arizona.
So there you have it, our first full day here. Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed your visit. Today’s pictures were all taken with my phone. I forgot that I had snapped a few while we were walking at the rest area in Lordsburg but I’ve included them tonight as well.

One of these huge plants trimmed up here in the park.
Until next time….. take care, be safe, 

One of the clubhouses here, the laundry room is also in this building.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

We have arrived in Arizona to some nice warm weather ......

Our Location:  Quail Ridge Rv Park, Hauchua City, Arizona

Lordsburg was too noisy for me, and I didn’t sleep well at all. It’s not a place I would stay again unless pressed to do so. I would however next time try the Rest Area at Gage, NM as it would be easier to get away from the big rigs that run all night. The rest area filled up with at least 3 big rigs, and 4 or 5 RV/Campers. 
Some of the mountains we viewed today.
A cool night that hovered around the freezing mark but the sun warmed everything up quickly. We were up and ready to go after a bit of a leg stretch before 8:30 AM. We didn’t want to rush as we didn’t have far to go today. Only a couple of hours drive. A stop at a rest area on I-10 on the Arizona side of the state line was our only stop today. We motored right along with no issues once again.

Trees turning colour, a helicopter in the sky and the western scene on the over pass near Willcox, AZ.
We reached Quail Ridge RV Resort on North Yucca Drive in Hauchua City just before noon. Upon checking in we were happy to find they had a spot for us as they are pretty much full now. We were sent to spot #137 which ironically was exactly the same spot we had last year. However the folks in the spot were not planning on leaving any time soon and so another trip to the office had us finding a different spot. Some discussions back and forth with the office lady and we settled on spot #28 on the front east side. Big spot, easily backed into but we were later told we could have just pulled through from the back. The lady in the office told us it was a back in and so we did. Anyway, not  a big deal we met our neighbour to the west of us, he's a  retired Marine from Texas. Interesting fellow for sure.

Some of the many road signs we noted on our drive.
Called dad, left a message and then just spent the rest of the day doing not much. I’m finding the lack of sleep last night and the couple hours drive today kind of wore me out and I think I’ll sleep much better tonight.

Very scenic rest area in Arizona on I-10 West.
Warm enough to have the windows open and the big door as well for a while. I’m looking forward to sitting outside reading over the next number of days. Riley even had on short pants today. A sign that we have arrived in the land of warmth!!!!!

A few more views of the drive today.
So there you have it, nothing exciting but a positive day all the day same. Some great views on our drive today. Some plans for a day or two of day trips while we’re here but nothing too much. I do hope you enjoyed your stop here at A long and lonesome highway and that no matter where you are that you too had a good day!!! 

It took me a while to figure out what is odd about the truck. It's a big hipped truck with the outside wheels missing so they could get it on the trailer.
Until next time….take care, be safe,


Friday, November 23, 2018

Windy, but scenic drive today....

Our Location: Rest Area, Lordsburg, NM

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday I was lazy and just couldn’t make myself do it. We spent a quiet day at the White’s City BLM, the sun was out, the warmth in the air allowed me some reading time outside as well. We roasted a chicken, had mashed potatoes, stuffing and acorn squash for our feast. We had no complaints of any kind. 
Some sights along the way. Stop at a Texas picnic area.

High winds last night through the night had us rocking and rolling until around 4 AM, but then they quieted as quickly as they arrived. This morning we woke to pretty warm temperatures and needed only a zip up hoodie to be outside. We quickly packed up and we were pulling out of the area before 8 AM. It was a bit of a white knuckle drive through the Guadeloupe Mountain Range as the winds are rough in the area, cross winds, head winds, side and tail winds, some all at the same time, or so it felt anyway. We moved along steadily and crossed into Texas pretty quickly after leaving the BLM land. Uneventful drive took us through El Paso, Texas and westward through Las Cruces,  Deming and finally Lordsburg, all of course in New Mexico. We pulled off at Exit 20 at the Lordsburg Rest area where I had read that one could pull up to a little picnic area and spend the night. Ummmm..not quite. It’s at Gage, NM that one can do that, NOT the Lordsburg rest area. So for future reference, I-10 GAGE, NEW MEXICO both directions have nice little rest areas which have picnic areas that include a road way to the little covered area. Areas look big enough to turn a rig around and one can stay for 24 hours at either of these stops. The Lordsburg Rest Area is just long slots like most truck parking at rest areas. FYI, a train track runs past both areas and trains can be heard, both are located right beside I -10 was well.
Sorry for the fuzzy pic but it was an action shot, we were driving. Roadrunner at Las Cruces, NM.
We did stop in Deming to check out the Walmart parking lot as we have plans for only one night stopping tonight. The lot was full and the empty lot beside where we stayed last time has a ‘Code of Conduct’ sign which says No overnight parking, but a few people looked to be parked there anyway. We however opted to continue after a fill up of Diesel for $3.07 per gallon.
Some mountains we seen today on our drive.
We pulled into our Lordsburg Rest Area around 2:30 MT, dropped the feet so we aren’t as prone to Rock ’n Roll, and had some lunch. I called Dad, chatted for 20 minutes or so catching up on the deer hunt. Two deer, Rick and his son  Jason were the lucky shots. After that Riley and I took a few loops around the rest area to get some leg stretch in before coming inside and closing the curtains for the night.

Signs along the roadway today.
Some sad news from sister in law Janet yesterday. Their friend Peter passed away yesterday. Peter and his wife Vicki are wonderful people and I am certain Peter will be missed. Peter has been battling a very aggressive type of cancer for a while, his passing is still a shock of sorts. Vicki and family are in our thoughts. Janet and Dennis flew back to Toronto today but will return to Indian Wells in the near future. 
A few sights including El Paso from the downward side of the mountain, top right picture.
There you have it, our last couple of days. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Some more views of our scenic drive today.
Until next time…. take care, be safe,


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A truly wonderful day, sunny and fairly warm.....

Our Location: BLM Land, White’s City, NM

A cold night left us with frost on the window of the Dogsled and a bit of a nip in the air until the sun finally stopped playing peek a boo with the clouds this morning. The predicted rain didn’t happen and we ended up with a wonderful day. Lots of sunshine and warmth as well. 

We are parked just in front of the sign on the right.
This morning started off slowly as it took me a while to get going for some reason. About 10 AM I headed out for a walk back to our spot from last year. Not as far as I thought it would be but I was surprised to see 2 vehicles with multiple tents back there. A third car left earlier this morning. In fact one of the vehicles is parked right across from our spot from last year. 

Our last year spot on the left and the car/tent across from our old spot. Well beyond the sign.

I walked around for a while, snapping a few pictures and just enjoying the sights of the area. A nice spot and it’s too bad they have put an end to the camping further from the road, it’s much nicer back there. However I’m not complaining. I did see some burnt Yucca type stalks that may have been part of the reasons for closing down the camping. They’ve used some kind of blade, like a grader blade or a bulldozer blade to make a swath in front of most of the deeper campsites to discourage, but not stop one from getting in to them. So many tracks leading off across the flat spaces, when it tells you stay on the road ways. So many people make it bad for the rest of us. 

Flowers and blooms in the desert.

Back home we decided to head into Carlsbad and to the Chevy dealership. I’ve been watching the oil level closely since leaving Cobourg and decided I would have them check it as it well. It was down. Not drastically but enough for me to plan on taking it to a dealership in Arizona to have them look at the oil pan leak again. Still under warranty and I want it fixed. We stopped in a few other locations to check out the camping on our way home but truly I don’t see anywhere that one can camp except a park. So it’s something to keep in mind if you are travelling in this area and planning on staying near White’s City on the BLM. 

Various cacti on my walk today.

We just finished adding ANOTHER jug of Blue Def (added one in Mississippi) before heading out, hood shut and just pulling out of our spot when I spotted a silver truck coming toward us. We stopped at a wide spot in the road and an officer of some sort, asked me about us parking us. Who’s land is it, are you living here, etc. My answers: it was BLM land when I stayed here last year, has it changed hands? We arrived yesterday and plan to spend a couple days in the area. Is that a problem? Would you like us to move? His answer was no and that he was just curious. I asked him about a Chevy dealership in Carlsbad, he answered in the affirmative and we were off. Thought it a bit strange that he didn’t know the land was BLM, he had  something with STATE on his sleeve. I couldn’t see the whole patch though. No markings on the vehicle either. He had just pulled over a big rig as we were adding the Blue Def as it caught my eye to see the truck pulling over. 

Back home we enjoyed some sun, leaving the big door open until it started cooling down around 4 PM. Lunch was a nice loin roast with carrots, potatoes, onions and a few spices. We added a salad and for dessert some grape jello. A tasty little feast it was. 

As I write this post there is a new vehicle not far from us, going to spend the night as well. A number of vehicles have come and gone today and they all seem to be like us, surprised that they can’t park here any longer. Except like I said close to the road. Not a lot of room for bigger vehicles except in the spot we are in. More like car camping, tent camping and van camping. Small motor homes maybe but it might be rough getting to a spot. Watch for downed fence posts with barbed wire attached, it seems some one has torn down a lot of it and just left it laying around. Some left strung up across some of the trails should be flagged as it’s very difficult to see and someone could get badly hurt.  Our high temperature reached 60 F/ 15.5 C today with little wind. A very nice day indeed. I also managed to fill the Dogsled’s bowl for $3.09 per gallon today, much better than the $3.15 - $3. 59 we noticed in some places.

So there you have it, our day here at White’s City BLM in NM. We’ll be staying put for the American Thanksgiving tomorrow but will move on Friday morning. Further west is calling us and we are going to answer it. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Until next time…. take care, be safe,


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Arrived near White's City, NM......

Our Location: BLM,  White's City, NM
A chilly start to the  morning in Crosbyton, TX but the sun came out and warmed everything quickly. Not a hot day but not a cold one either. We finished our chores, garbage, money in the drop box, hooking up, etc all before 8 am this morning. We were driving through the small town of Crosbyton, TX by 8:03 am. We headed west on US 82, which joined with US 62 near Lubbock. We took this the entire way to our destination.
Still in Texas.
We drove steadily for the morning, stopping only once. The fuel economy on the Big Dog has increased back to it's normal rate due to the fact we had no head winds today. We had steady side wind that continued to pick up as the day went along. Once we turned at Carlsbad, NM heading more southerly I noticed once again the headwind playing havoc with us but only a few miles as our destination was close. We crossed into NM at 10:45 AM Central Time, which became 9:45 AM Mountain Time. 
Some of the signs we took in today.
We stopped at the Walmart in Carlsbad, NM to pick a few little items before heading on. Of course I took the wrong turn, going left instead of right but it was a nice little tour of the town before we once again got ourselves heading off in the proper direction. 
Christmas decorations in the small towns we went through today.
We located our desired destination near White's City, the BLM land at MM 10. Hmmm....only camping by the road, I think. It says no camping beyond this point and so we parked just in front of the sign. A fellow Ontarian pulled in just as we were getting set up and he too is parked between the road and the signs. Closer to the road than I would like but oh well, it is what it is. We parked here last year but much further back and why they do not allow camping I have no idea. I'll have to ask around to find out. Tomorrow we'll go back toward the Caverns and find another place to park or at least to check things out in a couple other spots we noticed. 
More decorations.
A call to my dad after we set up the Igloo for the night. Hunting season is upon them up there. Brother Rick managed to get himself a deer. No idea what kind, how big, etc but he got one. Nephew Jason says he could see one through the trees and dad didn't see anything. So I guess Rick was the lucky one, he seen more than the one he got. A call also to daughter Courtney to chat. Snow in Ontario, the Toronto area at least. Cold she says and more snow on the way. I do believe winter has come early this year in Ontario. I'm going to call daughter Bradey when I finish this post. 
The New Mexico country side.
So there you have it, our travel day. Not much exciting, but we like it that way. We travelled about 230 miles/ 370 KM today. The high temperature was 56 F/ 13.6 C this afternoon. A bit of wind if you step out around the Igloo but other wise it's nice. 
Tonight's sunset.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your day. 
Until next time... take care, be safe,