Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Rain, tornado watch, thunder, lightning, and more rain......

Our Location: Devencrest Rv Park, Albany, GA
( This is Monday night's post, no power, couldn't post it)

An extremely warm humid night, day and again tonight. Rain was a constant most of the night last night, part of the day today and is still raining. A tornado watch is in effect for the cities in this area although our specific county doesn't seem to fall under the watch, though the counties to the north are included. The line of thunderstorms is very long, very red looking, and moving in a direction that assures us we won't miss the rain, thunder and perhaps the lightning as well. 

No new pics today as the day just didn't produce any opportunities to take some. So I think I'll include a few from our time on the island this summer and from when we picked up the new Igloo in Hawkestone, Ontario this past Sept 27, 2016. 

This is the first full day with the trailer. That box held Riley's new memory foam mattress when we brought it to the trailer but now it was full of  purged items and garbage. 

Trying to close the cubbie door.
This morning we by-passed the cleaning day in favour of doing our laundry. This will be the last laundry day before we leave here. It's a good thing to leave with all clean clothes and not have a need to find a laundromat when we first arrive. We do laundry every 2 weeks as  the cost of the washer/dryer price is the same with one weeks clothes as it is with 2 weeks worth of clothes. We have found this to be a good pace for us. Four loads every 2 weeks, whites, colours, darks, sheets/towels. 

Ready to pull out of Heidi's Rv, Hawkestone, Ontario, Canada

The laundromat had a funny smell today, it made me nauseous and gave me a headache, so we sat out in the Dogsled reading our books until we had to go in and fold the clothes. I forgot to take hangers today so we had more work when we got back home. We use a place called the Soap Box on Oakridge Drive, very clean, friendly, next to the pawn shop, (they own the laundry too).

Set up at the tailing pile instead of up the hill on the Island.
 Home around 11 am, I headed off to the office to pay up our bill, but Steve wasn't around (park owner) just Kayla (girl Friday), and she looked kind of worried when I told her about my Passport America discount card. So I offered to come back when Steve is around. ~laugh~ Which I did later in the afternoon. He instead figured out our stay as weekly and saved me about $50 by NOT taking my PA card. ~laugh~ PA is great for a couple of nights but always check the weekly rate!!!

Our propane heater using the bigger bbq tank.
Home for some lunch, watched the movie Contraband again, sometimes I have to watch them twice to pick up things that I seem to miss. It was pretty good. After that I made some turkey meat balls with mushrooms, eggs, bread crumbs, onions and garlic. We cooked them in the oven and put 6 per bag into the freezer for future use. We love ground  turkey and chicken, we use it all the time instead of beef. We like the taste much better. We're going to get a number of packages and make up meatballs and burgers to use when we get back to Ontario this spring/summer.  It's a good way to pass a not so nice day here and to be helpful in the months ahead.                        

Dinner tonight, looks pretty good huh? It tasted pretty good. 
After that I talked with my niece Brittany on Facebook about her up coming wedding this fall. We need to book a campground so we're not left in a lurch at the last minute. I'll take some more time and book it before we head home for the spring/summer. Always love chatting with nieces and nephews hearing about their interesting days and plans. Love talking to my girls as well, they always bring a smile to my face. Of course I enjoy talking to family and friends too. Hell I just enjoy talking. ~laugh~ 

I spent a bit of time looking at campgrounds, the area around Ottawa/Ashton where she will be getting married. So I have a pretty good idea about where I'd like to stay, now I just need to find a place that will be open that late in the year. 

Think we will spend a couple weeks in the area, then head toward Colborne to spend some time with my sister in law and her hubby. After that it'll be back to Hamilton for appointments before we head south for the winter again. I think that's a pretty good plan, don't you?

Dinner tonight was garlic mashed potato, steamed veggies and mild Italian sausage. Cooked inside of course because of the weather. Chicken broth instead of milk and butter in the potatoes, makes them light and fluffy and way less calories. 

After dinner we cleaned up, seemed to take forever, I think we dirtied every dish and pot in the house today. ~laugh~ I spent some time watching a bit of Netflix and now I'm finishing the day writing here. So not a really exciting day but a busy one just the same. It's raining again with a bit of thunder a few flashes of lightning. We have the fan running as we can't really keep the vents open, the rain is coming in, the little bit of wind is blowing right into the open end of the covers on the vents. A couple of windows are open as well but again with the wind direction we need to keep an eye on those too. Even the tilt windows will allow rain when the wind is at a certain angle. 

Tomorrow we will pack away the things outside in preparation for leaving on Wednesday morning. I want to be hooked on and all set to go after breakfast and a quick packing of the inside of the igloo. We have 200 miles to go reach Hinesville, GA on Wednesday. I'd rather get there earlier than later. 

Hm.....the power is off. Glad we have batteries, although I had to go outside and turn them on, I turned off the connection when we first parked as I knew the batteries were already topped up. Wet feet as there are puddles of water laying everywhere. 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. Feel free to leave a comment. Until next time....be safe, take care.....

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