Friday, January 20, 2017

Leaving Hinesville, Ga heading for Gunter Hill Campground, Montgomery, Alabama

(We are currently in Foley, Alabama but have been without internet for the past few weeks. I will continue posting my blog posts in order, posting a few a day until I get caught up. Sorry for the long dry spell. ~laugh~

Location: Gunter Hill Campground, Montgomery, Al

(Post from Jan 6, 2017)

After a noise start to the day around 4:30 a.m. when a big rig pulled in beside us and started unloading with lots of shouting, beeping, diesel clanging, and things slamming, so we were packing up at 7 a.m. We had a light breakfast of yogurt and granola before we finished packing up the inside of the Igloo. A quick little 5 minutes outside and we were ready to roll by 7:30 am.

The day started off trying to be sunny but failed. We were stop and go for a while getting out of the small city but soon we were rolling along. I need to do some work with Phoebe (RV GPS) as she takes us off of great roads to route us to narrow, back roads with just one lane each way only to put us back on the original road a few miles down the road. I would prefer to stay on one road and maybe go a few extra miles than to do all this left turn, right, left turn stuff.

Green leaves in January, just doesn't seem right some how.

We progressed at a steady pace for most of the morning, although the small towns and slow downs were time consuming and after a while they got to be tough on the nerves. Speed limit of 50 mph/80 km and all of a sudden there is a light at the top of the hill or at the bottom of the hill. They don’t give you a lot of time on a yellow light either. So it’s pretty intense trying to get this rig stopped with only a short runway, if you know what I mean. Rain, drizzle, heavy rain, drizzle…stop…. drizzle, rain, heavy rain, drizzle…. stop, repeat. All day long it continued. At times we thought we were driving out of it as the rain would stop, the sky would look brighter but around the next corner it was back again.

Holly Berries/Bush growing just about everywhere down here. 

No rest stops in the state of Georgia except ONE and it was closed. From 7:45 am to 10:15 am there was no where to stop unless you actually got off the road and into a town/service station. As we approached the ONLY rest stop we noticed that it was closed with no indication of the distance to the  next one. Crossing the state line didn’t provide a welcome center either, so we ended up stopping at large truck stop. We put the cat in the Igloo so she could use the litter box while we took a walk into the store/restaurant to check things out. Back at the Igloo we grabbed the cat, some snacks and made our way to the pumps to fill up. After the fill up we were back on the road again. Lots of rolling hills today, plus the rain,the spray from other vehicles, stop lights, speed changes and small towns. All in all it was not one of the more pleasant drives I’ve had. ~laugh~

We arrived at Gunter Hill,  Corps of Engineers Campground at 3:12 pm this afternoon. Which was actually 4:12 pm (Georgia time) but crossing the state line we gained an hour as the clocks slid back. A quick stop at the guard shack to sign in and we were on our way into the park within 2 minutes of stopping. Spot 55, is a pull thru that I  had reserved.

This guy had trouble standing upright, not sure if the weights are too heavy, he had too much to drink or the wind was too strong but something seemed to keep him on his backside.

Still raining, we finally wind our way down the long park road and find our spot, I had to pull in twice (made a second loop around the place) as I didn't get over far enough on the first try.  We managed to get the feet down, the chocks in and slides out in short order. Riley took the cat inside after the slides were out. While she sorted out the inside I was outside in the rain hooking up the power and the water so we could at least have a shower and get the heater going. We immediately realized we had no internet connection and a trip to the guard shack revealed there is NO internet here, so we’ll have to go to Verizon to fix that issue. After such a long drive we just kind of sat down to rest a bit and take our minds off the drive. We watched a movie and enjoyed a quick dinner while watching the movie. (no dinner pics tonight) Turkey burgers on toasted English muffins, Spanish rice and a couple of cookies to finish off dinner. Movie over we decided to wash the dishes, after all it’s been a couple of hours and the water heater should have heated water by now right? Turn on the tap, NO water, not hot or cold, just none at all. Outside in the rain to ensure I turned it on, it’s on. Nothing. It’s the ‘pull up the handle - pump kind of thing’, I’m certain the handles up, nothing, handle down, nothing. I disconnect the hose and try again, both positions. NOTHING. Hmmmm….I wonder if they shut it off due to the forecasting of cold weather? Called the office. No it isn't turned off. We have no water. We can move to another site of our choosing. I don’t want to move in the dark and the rain. She suggests that maybe someone has turned off the ‘spigot’ at the bottom of the pipe. I didn’t see one but I go out to look again. NO spigot and still no water. She told us we can move to one of the open pull thru sites across the road from us in the morning and just let her know which one we move into.

This fella greeted us upon our arrival at Hinesville, Ga. Seemed pretty happy to see us. ~laugh~

Heated water to do the dishes, not a big deal but it means no showers tonight unless we go to the bathhouse. Bummer. Still raining though, I could take my soap and shampoo outside and shower but it’s pretty cold. Just above the freezing mark at 34F/1 C.

We played a game of Yahtzee. I won, but didn’t roll a Yahtzee!!

After that Riley was off to bed, she’s pretty tired from the drive and I’m heading off to bed myself after I finish this post. I can’t post it but I’ll write it and post it when I have a wifi connection.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. Until next time…be safe, take care…..

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