Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Prehistoric kinda day....

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

(Jan 24, 2017)

A coldish night with the temps going down to about the 50F/10 C. We didn't have the heat on so it was a bit nippy when we got up. ~laugh~ The day warmed up nicely though but temps are plunging again tonight into the mid 40F/6-7 C range. We left the heater on tonight.

Riley and T Rex

This morning after breakfast we decided we needed to get the propane issue fixed so we could BBQ dinner. We packed the tank into the Dogsled, headed out to Robertsdale, Alabama by 8:30 am. Nice leisurely drive along Hwy 59. Since we had to go back to Robertsdale for propane, we made another run to the Camping World store to pick up a light bulb for my bathroom. However I can't get it to work for some reason. I'll try again tomorrow in the daylight, see if I can get it. While there we managed to get a couple extra things. Riley bought herself a new camping chair. A puffy type of chair. She was excited about it. 

Riley's lucky he didn't take a bite!!!Look at that big tooth!!!

From Camping World we  crossed to Walmart, exchanged the BBQ tank, wandered around the store, picked up a couple of tops for myself and Riley got a couple more pairs of sleep pajamas, but no groceries. After that we headed home to the Igloo. We wanted to drop off the tank as we had plans for a bit of sight seeing. 

Riley causally leaning on a prehistoric creature....

Once again we pointed the Dogsled east toward Elberta, Alabama, a very quaint little splash of town just a hop skip and a jump from Foley. We were on the hunt for some prehistoric creatures. Heading for Barber Marina we enjoyed some back roads that eventually led us to the beach and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. However we still hadn't seen any creatures. Turning around we headed back the way we'd come until we came to a road that looked so familiar, I whipped us around the corner onto that road climbing up on two wheels to get around the tight turn. ~laugh~ Just kidding, I kept all the wheels on the road, honest. Motoring along the road and suddenly we seen a huge head glaring out at us from the edge of the forest. Slam on the brakes, skid to a stop and witness a truly amazing moment. We're face to fang with a DINOSAUR. Standing on his hind feet, teeth bared, eyes glazed, but staring, not blinking at all. Snapping a couple of pics we hurried along to get out of his way, we came across another one. This one was more like a well armoured Rhino. Huge tusks, squat body, big mouth......needless to say we hurried out of there. Not wanting to be anyone's lunch!!!!!!

Neptune Fountain

Further along we met up with the God of the Sea, Neptune and some of his friends, horses, mermaid men, and other sea creatures, all looking at us, with hard unforgiving stares.   As we hurried around the loop to get away from them we found ourselves being watched over by some Norsemen standing sentry duty in the woods near the parking lot of the marina. Their swords straight, their heads covered in fine mesh mail, their steel gaze penetrating thru the woods keeping watch on all that goes on. 

A very few of the many boats in the marina

Boats of all kinds docked at the marina. Sailboats, motor boats, cruising boats, tug boats, small, medium, large .....All floating so peacefully on the calm still waters of Barber Marina. A pelican or two near by to keep things interesting. The bright blue skies meeting with the calm waters giving a feeling of pure peace and tranquility. We enjoyed a walk around the Neptune fountain, the forested garden, and the large marina docks. The air was warm, the sun was brilliant, and the views soothing. We had a great time. 

My date, the strong silent type....

Headed back home to find some lunch and enjoy our books in the sunshine. I had another large garden salad for lunch, and as I sat down outside with my book to eat, Roy next door came over in his motorize wheelchair for another chat. Roy is a character to say the least. He's a wonderful old gent that is a happy fella and always has a funny line or smirk to brighten the day. After he left I sat in the wonderful sunshine reading my book. Riley tried out her new chair, seems to like it. We'll give it a few days. ~laugh~  Linda the park owner dropped by for a quick visit as well.

I think she could take him in a fight. ~laugh~

Inside for a bit, had some book keeping kind of stuff to do this afternoon. I've been putting it off for too long. I'm a procrastinator when it comes to some things. ~laugh~  After that I read some more, prepped dinner and just enjoyed the rest.

Way too much food for me, but I ate it every morsel. ~laugh~

Dinner tonight was on the BBQ. Yummy. Mild Italian sausage, Italian Veggies, and Dill Potatoes with onions. It was all good. We enjoyed it very much. Been a while since we've bbq'd. 

Quick clean up and  a game of Yahtzee. ~Dancing around~ Can you guess who won? Can you guess who rolled a Yahtzee? ~laugh~  No, it wasn't Riley. ~laugh~ She thinks I cheated.

Just one tiny bud in the garden at the marina today

I texted with my buddy Steve from Devencrest today. They had a tornado go thru on Sunday night while we were getting hail, rain and a heavy storm. It missed the park but caught Radium Springs Garden. He said the damage was severe. Only a few downed limbs in the park which is less than 5 miles away. Steve was at home in Arlington, GA that night which is about 40 minutes away but they were also looking for a place to hide from the weather.  I was so happy to hear they were all fine! 

After that it was time to work on getting this blog caught up. With tonight's post I am caught up. Yeah me. 

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Until next safe...take care....

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