Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Busy, yet relaxing kind of day.....

We are currently in Foley, Alabama but we were without internet connection for a couple of weeks. I will post the blog posts in order over the next few days. 

Our Location: Blackwater River State Park, Holt, Florida

(Jan 18, 2017 Post)

Almost too humid over night but we managed. No complaints, this is the first really ‘sticky’ night we’ve encountered on our travels so far. Florida is much more moist than Alabama or Georgia. Temps over night were in the 60’s and we slept with all the windows and vents open. Today was also a fantastic day with some clouds, fog, and sun all in the course of a few hours. 

B-52 Stratofortress

After breakfast we took our trash and headed for the dumpsters off in the day use area of the park. They actually pick up garbage here in the park every morning but we opted to take it on our walk. We headed off to the river walking on first a paved pathway then on to the boardwalks. A nice short walk to the Blackwater River. It is aptly named as the water appears to be black, but not dirty, or muddy. In fact there is a great deal of whitish sand everywhere but in the pictures the water truly does look black. We wandered around at the river for a few minutes checking out the pavilions and beach area. Don’t think we’ll be swimming here though. 

Stealth Bomber

Home, laundry in the truck, headed out to Milton to find the 6 Flags laundromat. We found it but we still have dirty laundry. ~laugh~ I think the clothes would have come out dirtier than when they went in. ~shudder~ So we looked for the next one on the list which took us to into a subdivision that perhaps runs a cleaning service out of the house but no signs or indications of any kind or of course perhaps Phoebe was just messin’ with us. ~laugh~ We made an executive decision to hold off on the laundry until Friday when we will be in Foley, Alabama and I know an excellent laundromat there. 

Pave Low 1V Helicopter

As we are only in the area for a couple of days I thought we’d do a bit sight seeing since we were out and about anyway. We found the Air Force Armament Museum attached to Elgin Air Force Base right where it was the last time I was here about 4 or 5 years ago. An amazing place to visit, admission is free but donations welcome. The planes on display are amazing to see. Massive in size and amazing in agility and flexibility. The stats for each plane is usually on a plaque near the plane and the information is mind numbing. We viewed planes and helicopters ranging from B-52 bombers known as B-52 Stratofortress, with 4 engines per wing, 160 ft 11 in long, 40 ft 8 in high, 185 ft wing span, weighs just under 169,000 lbs empty, and 489,000 at max capacity, cruise speed of 523 mph to an 02 Skywalker Cessna airplane with 2 small engines, 29 ft 9 inches long, 9 ft 4 in high, a wingspan of 32 ft 8 inches, weighing just over 2800 lbs empty and  at 5400 lbs max, cruising the skies at 144 mph. Numerous bombs, missiles, and guns were also available for viewing. Most of the planes are outside with smaller detailed things inside the big hanger. Truly an enjoyable museum for all to see. As we were climbing into the Dogsled we heard a jet breaking the sound barrier on take off, and soon saw him overhead doing barrel rolls across the blue skies above us.

Quite the gun, don't ya think?

Heading home took us a bit longer than expected as we went out of our way simply because well, we went out of our way. ~laugh~ We weren’t lost, we just missed a turn. ~laugh~ Good thing we have some GPS aid or we might still be on the white sand beaches near Fort Walton. ~laugh~ 

Blackwater River.
Home with our still dirty laundry in the Dogsled, we settled into have some lunch and read for a bit. I took a walk around the campground to the other loop to see if I could chat with a fella with about 8 or 9 solar panels on his roof. He has an elaborate system that he is still hooking up but will be able to run his A/C for about an hour which means he’s making a lot of power up there. ~laugh~ We chatted about his system and his set up and I have a few ideas of what I want to add to  my own system and a couple of things I’d like to do to tweak it. That’s for another time though. 

Back home I sat outside in the sun to read my book and enjoy the warmth. Headed inside about 4:30 pm as the cool evening air drove me inside around that time but not cool enough to shut the big door. Nope, just to go inside. ~laugh~ 

Around 5:30 pm I started prepping dinner, headed outside to start cooking shortly after 6 pm. BBQ lit for about 15 seconds and went out. Tried it again a couple of times, out of fuel. ~laugh~ Can you believe that? We just had one of the big ones filled before we left Gunter Hill and now the little one is out. I knew it was getting close but thought we’d be good for another couple of days. So I took the big one out of the Igloo and attached it to the BBQ to cook dinner. During my outside clean up after dinner I put it back and left the small one disconnected, we will have to get it filled or exchanged tomorrow. 

Dinner tonight was Long Grain Wild Rice with garlic veggies, and chicken breast with a homemade BBQ sauce courtesy of our good friend Roger. It was excellent. 

Outside clean up and then inside to clean up as well. Have a little project with the silverware drawer tomorrow. 

As another day draws to a close we are once again happily snug in our Igloo enjoying our time in the warmth. Thanks for following along, I hope you enjoyed your visit. Until next time…be safe, take care…….

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