Monday, March 25, 2024

We’ve started our long drive towards Ontario…


Our Location:

BLM Road Runner, Quartzsite, Arizona 

Yes, we have moved but first a catch up of the last couple of weeks. Of course Doug came for a bit, but you already know that from his blog, so I won’t retell the same stuff. Yep, he got stuck, we got him out and life moved on.  He left us a few days ago and is near by at Palm Canyon Rd. 

Lots of things fly over us on Ogilby Road.

If you look  closely, there are 7, that is a big number all at one time.

Riley and I visited Mexico one last time for dental cleaning on Monday 18th. It was a very quick trip as everything was backed up due to a late border opening that day and a full parking lot. We didn’t take any extra time there, we didn’t want to wait in the line any longer than necessary.

We are in Indio, California 

We are travelling near the Salton Sea.

Forgive the dirty windshield. I think the white is a salt residue as we are near the Salton Sea.

We also managed to visit Yuma a few times for some errands, groceries, laundry, etc.  Otherwise it was peaceful but pretty warm. On Saturday 23rd Riley and I climbed into the Dogsled for a round trip of about 300 miles to visit SIL/Aunt Janet and her hubby Dennis. Both are doing well , Dennis escorted the three ladies to a local restaurant for lunch. Thanks Dennis. We had a nice visit and will hopefully see them again in the summer on the Island. We had our first ride in a very shiny black Maserati. They traded in the Bentley earlier this year, we didn’t get a ride in that one! We were home around 5:30 pm. We hunkered down due to wind on Sunday.

Exiting their gated community.

High winds, blowing sand all around the Glamis area.

The Cargo Muchacho Mountains off in the distance 

Our morning started around 7 am and found us in the Dogsled by 8am. We stopped at the Chevron Station to empty the tanks, took Exit 3 to 32nd, turned left and at 8:45 am pulled into East Bay tires. Friendly, clean, and knowledgeable, we were on the road again shortly after 10:30am with new rubber all around the Igloo. We are pulled into RR BLM, parked and as set up as we plan to get here before 1 pm. 

Dusty at home too, not just in Glamis.

The dust makes the mountains hazy and unfocused.

Dust makes an interesting sunset.

We’ve been talking to dad and folks back home. Good weather, snow, cold, more good weather, etc, etc. So pretty typical weather. Everyone is doing well there and are looking forward to spring.

The empty spot that was our home for most of the winter.

And we start homeward, Monday, March 25, 8am PDT.

We have a purpose for being here, we want Lifestyles to add an indoor quick connect for our heater and after that  we are heading slowly home. It is time, we have the urge and the itch!

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Friday, March 15, 2024

Friend arrives, sad news, desert blooms…..


Our Location:

BLM Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California 

Our days are quiet and peaceful. We have been just relaxing and enjoying the last few weeks here in the desert before we start our journey homeward. 

A few pictures of the desert in bloom. I hope you enjoy the pics.

The weather here has been very nice, but that cold north wind visits often. As I type this post it is raining slightly and has been since I woke around 3:30 am. 

That’s us way off in the distance.

Flowering Sage Brush in the wash.

The weather back on the Island is very unseasonal, the sap is running well now, the flowers are starting to push up and the birds are returning. I do think it will be a very early spring.

I wonder if this a javalina track?

Other news from back home, Justeen Anstice fell, breaking her hip. She is a wonderful lady, a youngster at 93. Her husband Ron passed last summer and she has been living alone since. Riley and I do some light house keeping for them once a week while on the Island. Get well soon Justeen. 

Doug and Yuma joined us on home dirt a few days ago. You can catch his story at Miss Adventure Travels.  He needed glasses and so we headed off to Mexico yesterday, March 14. It was a good day.

Doug and Yuma arriving.

Yuma was excited to get out.

We had breakfast here 

Yes, it’s a rubber chicken. Only in America. Lol.

We received the news that John Brown passed away a few days ago. I didn’t know John well, having just met him this year for the first time in Q, when Riley and I dropped into chat with Lorne and Sue. He and his bride Brenda were visiting as well. We later spent a few happy hours and New Year’s Eve together getting to know them better. They pulled out of Ogilby Road a few weeks ago. His quiet, unassuming manner, soft voice and stories are how I will remember him. A very nice man. Our deepest sympathies to Brenda and all of John’s family. Rest in Peace John.

John and Brenda, Dec 14, 2023
Los Algodones, Mexico.

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