Saturday, January 21, 2017

A nicer day today........

(We are currently in Foley, Alabama but have been without internet for the past few weeks. I will continue posting my blog posts in order, posting a few a day until I get caught up. Sorry for the long dry spell. ~laugh~)

Blogger will not let me arrange this how I would like, but at least its here.

Our Location: Gunter Hill Campground, Montgomery, Al

(Post Jan 8, 2017)

Even colder last night than the night before. We were down to 22F/-5C this morning. With the furnace turned down to 64F/17C and the electric heater running all night we stayed pretty toasty. However we will be very happy when it warms up.

Temps were warming up today, we reached a high of 38F/3.3C this afternoon. Felt down right balmy. ~laugh~ Tomorrow should be warmer still. We’re crossing our fingers. 

Sunday mornings are like any other morning for us, we have breakfast, decide about dinner, decide what we are doing for the day and then proceed to follow those decisions. This morning we started off having fried ham and eggs, sunny side up. It was pretty good. You’ll have to take my word for it.

The water in the ditch was frozen this morning.....

Since we are here to see some sights we discussed what we’d like to see and how many things to take in each day, etc. We determined since cleaning day is usually Monday but we have plans for the day that today would be cleaning day, so without further discussion we cleaned the house.

We headed out to the dumpster to deposit our garbage, and continued on for a walk around the park. Out to the guard shack, on to the entry road, and back around the park to the Igloo. Well Riley headed right back I took another tour around the loop checking things out. Bright blue skies, sunny, warming up, but a cold NW wind kept me shivering in some places.

 After that we knew we needed groceries and so off we went to Prattville to find a few things, diesel, groceries and a spot Barry told me about to get my propane tank filled. Since I am an orderly person I ticked off all the things in the order of importance. First we needed to find some diesel, we were below a 1/4 tank and I don’t let it get that far very often but with the rain and the nearness of our destination on Friday I knew we would be perfectly fine without filling up before reaching the park. 
Deer standing on the roadway, long distance for my phone camera.

We found diesel for $2.35 per gallon on our way to Prattville. Nice little station, gasoline on one of the side of the building and gasoline/diesel on the other side. Clean, quick in and out, no need to enter a zip code into the pump, therefore no need to enter the building. Fill up was $48.00 USD. Not bad at all.

From there we proceed to annoy Phoebe, our RV Garmin as she says ‘veer’ sometimes instead of ‘turn’ and since veer to me that the road splits and I need to take one of the splits I was confused by her telling me to veer when it should have a been turn or exit. I think because there was a ramp leading to the road in question she considered it a veer. Twice I didn’t ‘veer’ and realized only after that it’s a turn. Oh well…we still made it. ~laugh~

I will admit we didn’t tour the town of Prattville, we head to the local Wally’s World for groceries after a quick stop at the Big Lots store on the opposite side of the parking lot. The groceries were most important after the fuel as we were out of just about every vegetable we eat. We needed a few other things as well and believe it or not walked out with $144.00 in about a dozen bags. A few things not in bags as well though. More pipe wrap to keep the water line from freezing.

On the way home we figured we’d look for the ‘propane guy’ Barry mentioned. Of course me doing the driving I had two roads to choose from, guess what Rick Ferroni, I picked the wrong one. ~laugh~ Murphy!!!!!!! (inside joke with Mr. Ferroni)

Closer shot of the deer, bit fuzzy but not bad for phone camera.

We toured a bit of the country side, it was quite interesting and very back woods Alabama type thing. We were using Phoebe, our RV GPS, which of course thinks we’re hauling our home and therefore won’t take us down some roads. Bella, our US gal, couldn’t find the park because we didn’t know the address then and Phoebe wouldn’t give it up. ~laugh~ I know, I know…anyway… So at one point Phoebe was telling us to go right but I knew we had to go left, I turned left. Phoebe was not impressed. ~laugh~ I kept waiting for the word ‘stupid’ to sound, but it didn’t, she’s a classy lady our Phoebe.  Eventually we saw a sign for Gunter Hill Campground but had to do a quick turn around as we’d missed it. She wasn’t sending us that way but we were going. Guess what, we found the propane guy about 5 miles/8 km from the campground. ~laugh~ Only took us about 15 miles/25 km to find him. Aw well, we had a nice drive.

Home again I tended to the water line encasing it in pipe wraps, while Riley put away some of the groceries. After I finished I headed in to help. I bagged all the chicken breasts and sausages while Riley continued to put things away. Finally we had everything away, so we pulled things out to make some lunch. ~laugh~  We watched a movie while we enjoyed lunch, something called The Rainmaker, based on a John Grisham book. Matt Damon did an excellent job of portraying Rudy Baylor.

From there we moved forward to doing our own thing, mine was making certain all of the addresses for touring was loaded into Bella for easy travels this week. I also loaded our next two routes into Phoebe so we can head out with no issues when it’s time.

Talked to both my sister Jan, and my dad, Doug as they were both concerned about us, seems they heard about some wild weather down here in the south, snow, wind, accidents, pile ups, etc. I assured them I wouldn’t be driving in that kind of weather as we would just pull off and stay put. Having our home with us allows us to do that and no one will make you leave a parking lot in that kind of weather. I’m a fair weather driver and only drove in the rain because it wasn’t torrential, we could see fine and there was no wind. I felt perfectly safe driving on Friday or we wouldn’t have continued. 
Cold out here, we bundled up for our walk.

I’m still full from lunch and opted to miss dinner, but Riley is having Hamburger Soup again, adding a little pasta to it tonight.

So on that note, I’m going to sign off. Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed yourself. Feel free to leave a comment. Until next time…be safe, take care…

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