Saturday, September 23, 2023

Some fantastic weather....


Our Location: 

Summer Spot, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada


I've been intending to write a post for a few days now but just can't seem to find the time. I'm not a person that can do things in increments, I want to finish a reasonable task before moving on to another and so I can't write the post or edit pictures in preparation for the post and leave it to be finished later, it's a continuous process for me. Kind of all or nothing. You see how that works some days right?


Taken at my favourite picture spot.

Morning fog on the water!

Heavy dew on a Mullan Leaf.

My dad's motorcycle that he rides probably 5 or 6 days a week all summer.


Our weather has been awesome, coolish nights but wonderful days. It reminds us of the desert as it cools off to long sleeve/pants temperatures in the early mornings and late evening but the daytime temps are shorts and short sleeves. We are loving it!!!  Fall is definitely here, the colours are showing and they are amazing!



Mullan leaves look very fuzzy and delicate.

They are plentiful in displaced soil, such as the lake property owned by nephew Jason.

A few even manage to produce flowers!

I never tire of this view. Can you see the fog over there?


We are counting the days left here in our summer location and I can tell you they are getting small. It is one month today until we start the wheels rolling. We, of course, won't be leaving Ontario just then, but probably a week in southern Ontario and the wheels will be rolling southwestward again.  So a short 37 - 40 days and we will be starting our 8th year of travel.   



Cobwebs are everywhere on the ground!

Fall is definitely coming.

Taken out the window of the Dogsled.

Our summer jobs are winding down but are still keeping us busy and we are slowly starting to pack things away in preparation for leaving. A few ongoing repairs to the Igloo which will be finished in the next week or so, the Dogsled goes into the Dr's office for a check up on Tuesday and then we putz around finishing things.


I walk past this tree at least twice a day on my way to coffee.

It is just gorgeous.

Along a creek bed in the far field on the farm.

The stand of maples near the corral.


Nephew Jason is still not healed from dental surgery, a month ago. It seems things on one side healed up nicely but the other has been a constant source of infection, hopefully they get that cleared up quickly. Nephew Jesse and his beautiful bride celebrated an anniversary recently, congrats!!! A big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (#40) to Keith and Brenda. Wonderful folks, warm, welcoming, friendly and just good people. We wish them both a speedy recovery (seems they caught a bug), and many wonderful years ahead. Condolences to the Anstice Family in the passing of Ron, just last week. Riley and I have been going once a week to clean for Ron and his bride of 70 years Justeen for a couple of summers now. Ron was always ready with a story to tell, an opinion to share and a smile to flash. A handsome, hardworking fella, Ron will be missed. He was 96. 



A dew heavy cobweb on a morning walk.

Extremely foggy but a very warm, humid breeze coming in from the lake.

If you can reach 'em you can have 'em.  One of the many apple trees on the farm.


I read your blogs even though I don't comment often but I do mostly keep up with all of the excitement in your lives. You all make my days brighter, I laugh, I chuckle, and I even shake my head a few times but always I smile. You make me appreciate many things in my life and I feel blessed to count you all as my friends. I look forward to chatting with all of you over the months ahead!!! 
Fog hanging in the air early in the morning.

Yep, it's old fencing.

Until next time....
Take care, stay safe, 

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

A mushroom kind of day.....



Our Location: 

Summer Spot, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada


With the coolness of fall, the daily heavy dew, some rain and a bit of sunshine has made the various mushrooms pop up everywhere I walked. I hope you enjoy the views.


Acorns, ferns and squishy moss.


Happy Birthday to grandson Auston, who celebrates his fourth birthday today!! He is a shy little fellow, who enjoys Paw Patrol, trucks and all big equipment!! Happy Birthday Auston. 


The views of South Baymouth's little harbour!  Top right is where the Chi-Cheemaun rounds the corner.

The top left picture is my favourite picture taken on the farm this summer. The old wagon needs some air in the tires but is still operational. The bottom left picture is squishy moss on some of  rocks. The right two pictures were taken in Manitowaning after a morning at work at the motel My Friends Inn. The top right is a picture of the harbour and the bottom is a pic along the main street. The red brick building is the local grocery store, Freshmart. 

A cloudy day at one of my favourite spots for taking photos. 

Turning around, this is the view.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the pictures. 


Until next time....


Take care, stay safe, 





Thursday, September 7, 2023

A walk around part of the farm.....



Our Location: 

Summer Spot, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada


I took a walk around part of farm the other morning and found some interesting things to photograph.  I hope you enjoy them. 


I found the warbles in the trunk of this young birch tree to be interesting.

These leaves are now starting to turn just a day or two after I snapped this photo.


The top to pics show how the spruce trees are dying and the skeletons they leave behind. The bottom left picture was taken on my way to morning coffee at Dad's around 6:30 am, you can see the webs in the grass and the heavy dew makes them show up easily. The bottom left is a picture of the dew dropping from the branch of a cedar tree, also on my walk to or from coffee.

As you can see there is colour popping in many places.

Colour is showing everywhere!!


A few old cars hidden in the bushes here and there. The farm belonged to my great grandfather at one time and so the cars were definitely driven by the family. A great deal of the chrome is still shiny and amazingly fabulous. I'm sure with a little spit and polish it would shine like it was new!!

Some of the many paths in a small portion of the farm. Many of them were once the main road that twisted and turned across a corner of the farm. Some are paths from the dirt bike era of my nephew riding as a kid, and the cattle that pasture here have been following them as a means to get around. 

The paths are becoming overgrown and yet we can still see them and use them with quads and our feet! 
Looking up and down the fence line, and a few more over grown paths.
Evidence of death on the farm.
 Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of the farm. 
Until next time....
Take care, stay safe, 

Sunday, September 3, 2023

A touch of summer returns......


Our Location: 

Summer Spot, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada



A few pics to share with you. Enjoy.


Early morning patch of fog as I stand in one of my favourite spots. 


Lots of mushrooms around the area.

Our weather has taken a nice turn and we are back in the summer time temperatures with a bit of humidity. Thunderstorms roll along the line of the lake's shore and lightning is evident out over the bay. Rain drops pelt down, fine mist hovers in the air, and all the activity in between the two extremes. It's very much like the desert, coolish to cold in the mornings and a warm up during the day, with quick cool downs as the sun starts sinking. Hopefully it lasts for many weeks, it will make our stay here so much nicer. 


An abundance of apples, the view from above the Igloo, The Cabin, and a colour mushroom.

A small hint of colour, seeds ready to drop, and the view of the old orchard.


A few views around the farm.

A hint of the colours that will be coming soon!!

Until next time....


Take care, stay safe....