Sunday, January 22, 2017

Speed, air, camo.........

We are currently in Foley, Alabama but we were without internet connection for a couple of weeks. I will post the blog posts in order over the next few days. Sorry for the long dry spell. 

Our Location: Gunter Hill Campground, Montgomery, Al

(Jan 15, 2017 Post)

(All pics taken with phone)

Another wonderful night for sleeping with no
heat. Today was also nice but not as warm as yesterday with some cloudy periods this afternoon which tempered the heat a fair bit. Still a truly nice day and we have NO complaints.

Camo coloured trucks parked along the driveway to the speedway. 

After breakfast we discussed our walk and where to go, headed out for a longer walk as we’ve only been doing some short ones lately. A nice gentleman out for his run mentioned seeing us walking on Booth Road yesterday, saying we walk a lot. Amazing what people notice when you think no one is paying attention. It was only the first time we would be told that we walk a lot to today.

There were a lot of them, desert brown, olive green and camouflage as well.

Beautiful walking weather, we were soon peeling off sweaters and going with just bare arms. Fooled ya, huh, you thought I was going to say something else was bared. ~laugh~ Walking to the guard shack we decided that we’d check out the raceway across the street and so that’s where we headed. I’ve never been to a race track for cars. Horse, dogs, motorcycles yes, but not cars. I live a sheltered life. ~laugh~ The gate on the driveway was closed for traffic but not locked and we just stepped thru the open area beside it and continued down the blacktop until it ended just outside the ticket booth at the entrance to the track. That fenced in part was locked and so we just turned around, but up on the berm there was a spot to at least look in and so I climbed the berm and stood outside the barrier wall and snapped the pics you see in tonight's post. From there we headed back across the road to the park and into the closed loop section of the park. I’ve walked there before but Riley hasn’t so it was interesting to hear her view of the other loop. From that loop we headed back toward the guard shack to go back home but while heading across the blacktop of the boat ramp area we seen a guy flying his quad copter drone. With his permission I took a couple of pics that you see here in the post tonight. As we were approaching the Igloo we noticed the folks in a motor home kitty corner to us were out and about, so I stopped into ask them about their outside chairs that we had noticed and commented on many times. It was the guy with the drone that lived there. ~laugh~ Allan, Robin and poodle Bailey were very warm and welcoming, telling us about their chairs and where they got them, etc. Mentioned about the drone, enjoyed several minutes of chatting with them during which time they commented that we walk a lot. ~laugh~ . They are from Wisconsin and sold their home in October of 2016 and are living full time on the road as well.  Always nice to meet such friendly people.

Some people just have a need for speed...

Last turn before the straight away.
Eating lunch outside while reading was enjoyable as the sun was out for a bit at that time. Later as the clouds
 moved in and it became less than hot outside we moved inside to read. The trailers have been leaving the park since around 9 am this morning and the last I noticed was just before dinner time. I’m guessing it went from about 2/3 full to less than a third by dinner time. By mid afternoon I finished my book and decided a movie might be in order. Man on Fire with Denzel Washington was our viewing pleasure today. Excellent movie, I enjoyed it.

First turn off the straight away.

Dark descended while we watched Denzel strut his stuff. ~laugh~ Time to BBQ dinner and Riley was the chef tonight. She did an excellent job. Potatoes and onions, with rosemary veggies, and  chicken breast with southern peach bbq sauce. Mmmmm….good stuff. Finger licking good, even though it wasn’t the colonel's secret  recipe. ~laugh~ Sorry no dinner pics tonight but trust me, we did eat. ~laugh~

Clean up inside and out, discussed the agenda for tomorrow as it’s pre moving day. A few things to do before we start packing up shop. ~laugh~ 

Can you see the drone up high on the right side of the picture?

So not an exciting day but a nice one.  Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed your visit. Until next time…be safe…take care….

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