Sunday, June 24, 2018

Fun Saturday at Adventures East Campground....

Our Location: Adventure East Campground, Baddeck, NS
Woke to the sounds of rain again this morning but it's hasn't rained since we traveled here on Thursday. However it looks as if rain is the weather for the next couple of days. We're debating what we should do as we've all had enough of the wet stuff. 
Water fall at the side of the road.

Very green, don't you think?

 Yesterday (Saturday) Jan and I toured the Alexander Graham Bell Museum in the small town of Baddeck. Riley opted to stay home. The small town of Baddeck is very picturesque sitting on the edge of Baddeck Bay. Rolling hillside, lush greens of new foliage in various hues, quaint small town feel, it feels like new found awareness after a long sleep. The air feels as if it's gearing up for some busy times but they haven't quite arrived yet. Anticipation I suppose is the tinge in the air. 

Very curvy road, scenic as well.

Sis had a difficult time getting out but here she's happy to have just gotten in.
We toured the museum which was educational, informative and busy. Mr. Bell was indeed a very curious man, smart, intuitive, and busy. His interests ranged over a wide variety of areas, from water, air and land, as well as helping the deaf. Truly an amazing man. 

The view from one of the whale watching pull offs.

I believe this is the MacKenzie River area as seen from the same spot as above.

Back home we all enjoyed the park for the remainder of the day. We watched children and adults alike participate in the Western Weekend. Sack races, three legged races, water transport, ring toss, etc. Clearly a good time was had by all. Around 5:30 there was a chili cook off in the big tent where 14 different pots of chili were in the running. Number 14 was the winner by overall ballot but none us picked that particular batch. Rolls were included and folks were encouraged to go back and taste again their favourites. A donation box was available. Such wonderful events planned for the special weekend courtesy of Katie, the sister of the park owner, Shane. Shane is only a year into this park ownership but doing amazingly well. We wish him luck!! The evening ended off with a movie for the three of us and then off to bed. 

Some great views.

We just followed this ribbon on and on.

We are debating about moving on today, what we should do and where we should go. Various weather forecasts have us thinking it may be time to head  toward PEI or back toward the inner reaches of New Brunswick. None of us have an desire to tour Halifax in the rain, it's just not fun. So we will decide that when we are all up and moving. 

Some pretty interesting shore lines along the Cabot Trail.

Yep, we went that way.

This  may have been my favourite view.

We passed through here.

The Atlantic Ocean.

I hope you've enjoyed the views.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy more pictures from the Cabot Trail. 

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Friday, June 22, 2018

We toured the upper Cabot Trail today.....

Our Location: Adventures East Campground, Baddeck, NS
Today we toured the upper part of the Cabot Trail. With brilliant sunshine, warm temps and warmish to cool breezes we spent the entire day on the road. Leaving home around 9 am we stopped for lunch around 3 pm at Mountain View Restaurant at Pleasant Bay on the top western side of the Cabot Trail, and continued on home arriving around 6 pm.  We stopped numerous times, enjoying the sights, the weather and snapping pictures!!! Instead of giving you a written description of what we seen today I'll just add a few pictures over the next couple of days. Enjoy the pictures of the upper Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. 
Just starting out near Baddeck, NS

Sorry about the smudge on the window.

When high tide comes in this will be covered. It smelled awful!!!

Water was very shallow near the shore.

Lots of these kinds of areas on the east side of the Cabot Trail.

Driftwood on display Wreck Cove grocery store.

This is Wreck Cove Grocery Store with sister Jan coming out.

Some very pretty views.

We couldn't get down to the water here.

You can see the gate and the steep cliff.

It was loud with the crashing of the waves.

We climbed some mountains too.


It never looks the same.

Some times we couldn't see any water at all.

Love some of the names.

Two lane, pretty rough in some places, pretty skinny in others and fantastic in places too.

The Dogsled looks pretty small here.

We just came down that road.

We checked out some Whale Watching tours but opted to skip it.

Some folks have some pretty fantastic views from their windows.

High tide cuts this path way off.

There are people living on that island out there.
That's enough for today, I'll post more another time. I hope you enjoyed your visit. 
Until next time... take care, be safe, 

Rain, sun, picking up sister, moving to the Cabot Trail,,,,

Our Location: Adventures East Campground, Baddeck, NS
A few uneventful days after our visit to Louisbourg, lots of rain, cold, damp weather since my last post. It rained too hard to do anything in the way of sight seeing so we spent our time with the heater going to stay warm and  stayed inside to remain dry. So we'll just skip all those boring details, which brings us to the last couple of days. On Wednesday, June 20 Jan arrived back to the mainland from Newfoundland around 6:30 pm. In anticipation of this undetermined time, it could have ranged to an hour on either side of this time, we parked at a very convenient Walmart, 5 minutes from the Ferry Terminal so we could be in the comfort of our own home instead of trying to put in time doing things we didn't want to do or sitting in the Dogsled for a couple of hours. Nearby Campgrounds I'd found only one that was within a short distance of the terminal and it was seasonal only. We did see two on our drive out of town after picking up sister but they hadn't shown up on any website or book that I'd looked at.
Interesting name for a restaurant.

On our way to Adventures East CG in Baddeck, NS on the Cabot Trail.

She had a great time, viewed some sights, and enjoyed family time. She said the crossing was fine both ways, longer coming back than going by about an hour and a bit rougher on the way back. She was waiting with bag in hand when we pulled up to the terminal building to collect her. She had a big smile and I think she was a little happy to see us. We were happy to see her too. 
Some pretty sights to see even with the bit of rain falling.

You can see the road is wet and one needed to pay attention on these downward grades in places.
We spent the night there at Walmart before moving on yesterday morning. We had made plans weather dependent of course and since we were pretty sure the rain would end by noon we started out on the next leg of our journey. Sure enough by the time we had hooked up and had the wheels rolling around 9 am the rain was coming down once again. Not hard but enough to make us use the wipers on an intermittent setting. We travelled not overly far but about an hour to the area of Baddeck, NS. We are now on the Cabot Trail. Pulling into Adventures East Campground and Cabins we proceeded along the flag decorated drive to the office. The nice lady in there was very helpful and before long we were setting up in Site 18. It took a few tries before I managed to get the Igloo in the spot, a bit tight for making the turn, the fresh soft gravel made things a bit tougher, and of course you know just when you're backing in to a tight spot other cars need through, a garbage truck needed through and so after those few minor inconveniences I was able to get a good clear shot and within a couple of minutes we were hooking up the utilities and setting up home. The rain was  pretty much stopped by now. 

Leaving the office at Adventures East Campground and heading for our site just up around the corner.
The sun came out about this time bathing us in wonderful sun shine, warm temps and black flies. Close to the hardwood bush and we were stirring up the wet grass we found ourselves not swarmed but annoyed. The breeze of course blows them away for a few minutes but they return, so sitting outside wasn't an option but we had all the doors,windows, and vents open letting in the warmth and the bright sunshine. An afternoon walk for sister and I found the black flies not too bad but we didn't stop moving. The afternoon found Riley taking a dip in the heated outdoor pool. She wasn't gone long but offered up the fact that it was warm and she enjoyed it. 
Looking down down the roadway from our spot at Adventures East.

An empty spot between us and the 5'er. The little motor home has New Jersey plates on it. 

The campground is nice, clean, with some new spots evident. Lots of fresh new gravel makes me think the park has expanded a great deal in the last little while, a year perhaps. Lots of spots available, 2 and 3 way connections, a few tent sites and 3 small cabins as well. A very nice shower/bath house, along with 4 top load washers and dryers, a heated out door pool, a small canteen tent open on weekends, dump stations, numerous dumpsters and this weekend they are having a chili cook off, various kinds of bingo and something else that I can't remember. (Haha, sorry but I didn't read all the flyers pinned to the wall). The grounds are well kept, a fellow came by with the weed wacker yesterday doing all the trimming on the already well cut grass. It appears as if there may be free campfire wood (haven't asked but noticed folks walking away with armfuls) by the bathhouse as well. Nice spot, a Passport America Park as well.  

Our spot, sister Jan heading back to get her phone as we head out for a walk.

A call to Dad, left a message, lunch, and of course some reading finished the afternoon off. The clouds came along around 6:30 pm and the temps dropped fast, reminded me of the desert. Cool morning also remind me of the desert and if yesterday is any indication the days with sunshine will be hot quickly once the sun rises. 
Looking the other way down the road. The big white truck nearest is the Dogsled, the other little truck is from BC according to the plates.
Today will be a touring day. I think we're going to do at least part of the Cabot Trail today, the northern part up to Meat Cove, Chedicamp and perhaps as far down as Iverness. However that is a guess at this point, we'll know more when we actually get in the Dogsled and head out. We're looking at sunny skies for the next few days, so hopefully we get lucky and it stays that way. 
Sites on both sides of the roadway, only two way hook ups here though.


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the visit. 

Until next time... take care, be safe, 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Touring Louisbourg today.....

Our Location: Waterfront Park, Louisbourg, NS

Happy Father's day!!!

Yesterday was a nicer day. The sun shone for part of the day and the temperatures were not quite so cold if you could get out of the wind. It was still a hoodie with a warm sweater or jacket over top kind of day though. 

The other side of the harbour from where we are parked.

 We started the day off with a short drive out to Lighthouse Point which is across the harbour from our location. The road is narrow and twisty but paved for part of the way, after that it gets pretty rough with lots of pot holes and gravel roads. 
As seen from a pull off spot with a little walking path. 

 We pulled off at a small park with a walking path which lead us out to the point. The views were excellent, we could see for a long way out into the Atlantic Ocean. The waves while not apparent when looking out at the waters surface crashed below us with a great deal of force. Enough to toss a bit of water into the air as it met the rocks. We could see numerous fishing boats out around the outer islands. One of the outer islands was used at a Battery Island during the time of the French/British escapades back in the mid 1700's.

Of course the lighthouse at Lighthouse Point.

A few cars were parked out here but the winds were brutal and we didn't stay long. Would be a nice area if there was no wind or at least a warm wind. 

 Our next stop was back in the actual town of Louisbourg where we stopped at the Train Museum. An interesting little stop with a couple of models on display, some interesting books that once belonged to the railroad where also on display. The wages were pretty low back in those days. 

The station house.

One of the cars, pretty long isn't it?

Our next stop was out past the town to the fort of Louisbourg, appropriately called Fort Louisbourg. It was destroyed by the British when they left in the 1700's but the plans were all preserved and in the mid 1900's a portion of the place was rebuilt to exact standards and locations according to the plans, even down to the bread ovens and ash pits that ran under the street. 
Looking down the main street area toward the harbour.

Sorry for the blurry picture I was far away but it's the Pied Piper.

It's pretty impressive stone walls.

A view from one of the cannon openings.

This allowed defenders to check on the moat and draw bridge over the moat without any worry of being seen.

This is the view from the above picture.

The drawbridge over the moat.

They kept turkeys back in the day. 

All workers at the fort were in period dress and spoke as they did back then. Everything was done as it would have been back in the day including cutting the wood to warm the houses and used at the bakery. A buck saw to cut hundreds of cords of wood that would be used each day just to keep the bakery working. They made 300 loaves a day, each and every day. A 6 pound loaf for the soldiers would last 3 to 4 days. 
A look along the water front main street.

Sleeping quarters for the soldiers. One big bed from all to wall.

 Wooden shoes, hand tools, wheel barrows, etc all authentically made and used each day here. The animals as well only those that would have been present back in the day. The fort is an experience that should be savoured and if in the area again I would certainly return for another tour. Too much information for one visit but truly a friendly place. Oh, a young black smith apprentice is single and looking for a wife, if you should know anyone that would be interested. He would be quite the catch, his father is the Master Blacksmith and this son will be taking over at some point. Hahaha

Dining room in the King's Bastion.  

A very good day but cold, we were glad to get home out of the wind. Today we move on to the town of North Sydney where we will await the arrival of sister Jan on Wednesday. We were hoping to move inland away from the water for a couple of days but couldn't find any parks in this area that aren't on the water so I guess we have a few more days of this wind. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the pictures.

A soldier from back in the day.

 Until next time.... take care, be safe,