Sunday, January 22, 2017

Almost hot today....busy park....

We are currently in Foley, Alabama but we were without internet connection for a couple of weeks so I'm posting the blog posts in order. It will take me a couple of days to catch up. Sorry for the long dry spell. 

Our Location: Gunter Hill Park, Montgomery, Al

(Jan 14, 2017 Post)

Low’s overnight were in the low 50F/10-12 C beautiful night for sleeping. Full moon was nice too. Although with the trees and the angle it’s not always easy to see, plus with more people in the park there is more light which also cuts down on the glow of the moon thru the trees. Today was bordering on being HOT, not quite but close. ~laugh~ Shorts, sleeveless tops and bare feet were the order of the afternoon. Riley had to move to the shade, the sun was too hot for her but I stayed out there just soaking it all up. I will admit I almost moved to the shade though.

This morning was a bit noisier here in the park with so many more people, kids, dogs, bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, scooters and bells. Still nice though, sounds of laughter and joy, giggles and squeals, along with some attention getting screams and moans. ~laugh~ Drama is always a high point with small kids, isn’t it? 

They wouldn't look up at all. ~laugh~

After breakfast we decided we’d walk to the Dollar General (corner store/dollar store) for some hamburger buns as we had no buns and wanted to have burgers tonight. The walk wasn’t long, maybe a mile and a half with about half of that being in the park, the rest on Booth Road. The park wasn’t busy with vehicles but the narrow road was, although we managed just fine. Not a fast pace but a pretty good pace all the same. We’ve enjoyed getting out walking here, blacktop, few cars, lots to see and some wild life as well. Along the way we noticed a few interesting mailboxes, seen three horses that didn’t care a whit that we were watching them and managed to see a few interesting sites along the way. Amazing how some houses are neat, tidy, well maintained and other are just junk collectors, old relics in the front yard, side yard and probably the back yard too. ~laugh~

On our walk back to the Igloo we veered off the road way taking the walking path I followed the other day, Riley hadn’t been on it so she enjoyed the sights. We were gone a total of an hour, which included us stopping at the guard shack to speak to the lady there thanking her again for her help the other day. 

Interesting use of car parts, don't ya think?

Back home we enjoyed a very lazy day of just sitting in the sun, reading and watching the people in the park. Kids on various kinds of scooters, bicycles, driving golf carts, and just being kids. Dogs barking at all the passers by and not listening to their owners. Kind of like kids huh? ~laugh~ Lots of grandparents with grandkids here. You can tell it’s a regular occurrence with some and for others it’s still either totally new or just a couple of attempts so far.

As this is an Army Corps of Engineers park, like the state parks, there are no outside lights except at the bathhouses so the park is pretty dark after the sun goes down. However there are numerous ‘night lights’ around the place from rope lighting laying around the perimeter of the campsite to running along under the ‘house’, also in various colours and multiple strands. Also some redneck yard lights, which consist of a putting a trouble light or bulb into a plastic pail and plugging in the cord, which causes the pail to glow much like the globe on a light fixture. They too come in multiple colours from the pails to the bulbs, which cast odd lights to be seen. Also many leave yard lights on all night as well. Some like us, have solar lights around the campsite, while others have strings of patio lights hooked to the awnings. Always amazes me the need for people to have lights on even when they aren’t outside. 

Do you think he gets his water from here too or just holds up the mailbox?

Called my sister in law Janet, she’s currently in California for the winter months. Happy Birthday to her today. We chatted for a bit just kind of catching up. Hoping to spend a couple of weeks with her and her hubby Dennis this spring or fall. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them. 

Pond located just to the side of the entry way into the park.

Dinner tonight was turkey burgers, rosemary basil veggies, onion potatoes. All cooked of course on the bbq. Excellent dinner if I do say so myself. I cooked. ~laugh~ 

Maybe less onions in the potato next time..but still good.

So as you can see nothing exciting, just regular stuff. A relaxing, enjoyable, restful day. Tomorrow will be the same thing, but Monday will be filled with errands, and packing up getting ready to hit the road on Tuesday.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. Until next time…be safe…take care,,,,,

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