Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Fall photos

 Our Location: Summer Spot, near South Baymouth, Ontario

Some fall photos taken today on my walk. (All photos taken with my phone)

This photo is taken on Lakeshore Road, the leaves are falling rapidly these days.

A small piece of maple forest on the farm shows off a carpet of fallen leaves.

Once this was a mighty birch tree that could not be circled by any less three or four people linking arms. Now sadly it is a very small piece of history on the farm. 



 My grandfather (on the right) and a neighbour standing in front of the birch tree many, many years ago.  When I refer to the 'farm' it is property that once belonged to my grandfather's father and this tree stood very close to the sight of one of the houses on the farm. It was sold (out of the family) but my father bought it back a number of years ago. Except for the first photo of Lakeshore Road ( the farm is on the left of Lakeshore Road), the remainder of the photos were all taken on the farm property.



The Sugar Shack where Rick and Dad make maple syrup every spring.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope all is well with you fine folks out there. 


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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Fall has arrived....

Our Location: Summer Spot near South Baymouth, Ontario 



There is a crispness in the early morning air on my way to coffee these days. The night's darkness fades quickly as I carefully watch the path ahead of me for critters of all kinds. A few black and white long tailed critters (or perhaps it's the same one each time) have crossed my path a few times over the summer, a porcupine or two as well. A few deer and rabbits have also been noticed moving away as I wind way along.  (written a couple of weeks ago) Now it's totally dark when I'm strolling along the path for morning coffee. 

With winter closing in and no definite opening of the US land crossing Riley and I have had to make a decision regarding our winter digs and so we have once again agreed to rent the little stone house for the winter. Yes I know the border can open at any time but since we are in Northern Ontario our decisions must come a bit quicker than others.  So as of this writing we will once again be staying in the north for winter. Happy to be able to get the same house again, but not happy to be in the cold all winter. Enough said. 


I thought I'd just post a few photos to update the blog. Please enjoy. 


Take care, be safe, stay healthy,