Sunday, January 22, 2017

A lazy kind of day....

We are currently in Foley, Alabama but we were without internet for a couple of weeks so the blog posts are behind. I will post them in order, a few a day. Sorry for the long dry spell. 

Our Location: Gunter Hill Campground, Montgomery, Al

(Jan 13, 2017 Post)

More pics from the campground, and the zoo.

Another wonderful night for sleeping, warm, stayed in the high 50’s/13-15C over night and this morning was warm enough to open the door before 9 am. The day progressed from there getting warmer and warmer as time slipped past.

Before breakfast Riley was putting up the shades when she encountered a problem with the dining room shade, it went up crooked and we couldn’t seem to straighten it out. I’ve been saying to myself that I should fix that shade since we bought the Igloo, it’s never been quite right, the day shade part of it wasn’t straight in the holder. Always hard to put up and put down. So I went outside to my trusty little tool box and brought in my collection of screwdrivers, taking the top part of the shade off the frame by loosing two screws. We placed it on the dining room table and began by folding it up properly, after that I kind of fumbled around until I figured out how to take the end plate off the bar, pushed the day shade part of it back to center, voila, fixed. Put the plate covering back on the bar, put the screws back into the frame and bingo, we had the shade perfectly back to normal, better than when we got it. Now I wonder why I put off doing that little chore, it was so easy.  

One of the Parakeets from the zoo yesterday.

After breakfast we kind of just didn’t do a whole lot of much until about 10:30 am when we decided we should do some grocery shopping as were running low on a couple of things. Without a list we headed off to Wally’s World in Prattville and of course we forgot a number of things. ~laugh~ Should always take a list, I still forget things with a list but at least it’s not because I didn’t remember, just because I can’t read. ~laugh~

Actually we filled up with diesel at Emtech, $2.35 per gallon. The issue with the leak caused us to loose a fair bit of fuel with they having to cut the line to fix it but no leak now, so I’m happy.  We managed to find most of the things we wanted at the grocery store, those things we remembered of course, and a few things we hadn’t knew we wanted.

An American Bison. He was pretty far away but even at a distance looked huge.

We’ve been having trouble with the pots and pans drawer since we purchased the Igloo back in September. It just doesn’t seem to slide properly, it appears to be about a 1/4 inch too small and the drawer slides don’t actually work properly. I’ve been looking for some shims to place in there to take up that gap and today I found some small pieces I thought would work. Long story short, they work but not as I had hoped. They are too tight so I’ll have to look for some better fitting sizes but I”m not convinced that will solve the issue either. I think new slides may be necessary but we shall see as time goes on.

After we returned home, put away the groceries, I worked on the drawer and I also installed a file holder for our books instead of putting them on any space available. It was an easy install and we will simply slip it off the screws on moving day so it won’t interfere with the slide. I then made myself some lunch while Riley went for a walk. Sitting outside in the sunshine, eating lunch, reading my book, it was exactly what I travel to the south to do, NOT SHOVEL. ~laugh~ Short pants, sleeveless tops for all of the afternoon and I am a happy camper.

A large Anteater, his head is turned toward the fence but it was the best picture we had. He looks more like a dog than anything else. Until you see his nose, long, long and skinny.

I will admit I was lazy this afternoon and did nothing but enjoy the warmth, my book and the sun.  Shortly after 2 pm the trailers started rolling in, first one or two but then they started coming in a somewhat steady stream over the course of the afternoon and into this evening. I’m guessing probably between 12 -15 so far today. Americans are big on camping even just for the weekend. Tomorrow more will come in, we noticed reserved signs on various spots  yesterday when we walked around the campground loop. More noise this evening than usual, kids voices, fires, music, vehicles, set up noises, drills, etc. Nothing overly loud, just different than we are used to here.

Still having issues with lady bugs in the Igloo but I think we’re getting a better handle on them now, as we often spray the vents and around the windows in Riley’s room, which seems to help a great deal. Hopefully we’ll get them soon.

This is a Blue Macaw, later he was hanging on a bell they have suspended in the cage and he was ringing making it ring. 

By 5 pm here it’s starting to cool off and feels much later as it’s getting dark by then. We usually start prepping dinner around that time. We don’t start cooking until about 6:30 or 7 but we like to have it ready. Since I cook everything on the BBQ on LOW and SLOW it usually takes about an hour and 15 minutes to cook dinner. It works out great for us and we don’t mind eating later in the evening. Tonight was no exception. Started around 6:30 and brought everything in by 8 pm. Dinner tonight was Dill potatoes with onions, Basil Veggies, and chicken breasts with our good friend Roger’s super duper home made bbq sauce. We both enjoyed it a great deal but think maybe next time I’ll go a bit easier on the bbq sauce, a bit spicier than before. ~laugh~ Maybe I put it on too thick!!!

Clean up inside and outside, realized the campground is getting quieter again, and the moon is still full. Time to settle in for the night and write my blog.

Scarlet Ibis, they were a bright, bright red but seemed to turn almost orange in the picture for some reason.

A great day for us, warm, sunny, peaceful. The kind of day we enjoy. Our time is almost over here in Gunter Hill Campground in Montgomery, Al. We have enjoyed it a great deal and would return to this park, it’s spacious, quiet, picturesque and well situated to the area. We’ve found the people to be friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

Way too much food but it was good.

Thanks for dropping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Feel free to leave a comment. Until next time…be safe…take care…

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