Friday, March 31, 2017

A pizza kind of day...

Our Location: Magic River RV Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(all photos taken with my phone)

A cooler night after the heat of the last few days felt nice but this morning it didn't take long for the fog to burn off and the heat to come back quickly and with a vengeance it seemed. The fog was thick enough this morning to cause the Canada geese to crash!! ~laugh~ Just kidding but they certainly had their fog lights on as they screamed at each other thru the thick fog. 
Facing westward along US 90 at Pass Christian
The same faces at the fire this morning, Mac & I about 5:30 am followed by Paige, then Mike and Pete and even Trish showed up today to wish the Mighty Mac a Happy Birthday. Buddy Ron called while we were at the fire to wish the Macster birthday greetings as well. Magic was dancing around and nuzzling up to Mac like she knew it was a special kind of day for him too. 
Sea Oats, blue skies, sand, pier and the Gulf Of Mexico
Home to the Igloo for some breakfast. I made Riley an omelet and just a couple of over easy eggs for myself. It was nice to have something different this morning, and today would a day just like that, different. We decided Riley wasn't going to walk today but then I mentioned if she wanted we could go to the beach, she could sit and read while I walked and then we could hang out for a bit. So that's what we did. Grabbing a couple of chairs, our books, glasses, etc we climbed into the Dogsled letting those big wheels run us down to the sandy beachfront. First we drove to Bay St. Louis, as I'd like to walk across the bridge there but we couldn't find a place close enough to the bridge to park for Riley to sit on the beach. Instead we headed back to Pass Christian to one of the pull off spots that has a barrier between the roadway and the parking. I don't like the ones just to the edge of the roadway, they just don't feel safe to  me. 
This isn't steps, it's the sea wall leading down to the beach, the side walk is at the top of this wall.
Riley headed out on the sand I started walking west back toward Bay St. Louis. The sun was warm with the heated rays beating down on us. The air was warm, the breeze was warm and the skies were blinding blue!! I walked for 30 minutes on the sidewalk and kicked off my shoes and socks to walk back in the sand!! Nice walk and very warm. It took me 40 minutes to walk back. ~laugh~ I found Miss Riley sitting in the sun shine enjoying the rays but we moved to a shade shelter just a bit down the beach. We spent the rest of the morning there reading our books, just enjoying the beach, sand, warmth, and the shade. 
Walking back on the sand, heading East by US 90 at Pass Christian
Shortly after noon we packed up the Dogsled to head back to the Igloo, the temp on the dash was reading at 76F/24.4C. Deciding we'd stop and get a Poppa John Pizza for lunch I cranked the wheel as we were flying past and managed to get it parked between the lines before we hustled inside to get some lunch. We were both pretty hungry. We drooled all the way home with that hot pizza smell filling the cab!!!

The rain yesterday cut grooves in the sand at the base of the sea wall, can you see them in the pic?
I had 3 pieces in total of this large pizza. The other slices were just 'gone', poof never to be seen again. ~laugh~ Needless to say there was none left dinner. Of course we weren't really hungry and so we kind of just picked at something that caught our fancy. For me it was a peach yogurt and a pudding cup, I don't recall what feast Riley had. 
A closer look. The water ran down the incline to the sand, gouging out a trench.
The rest of the afternoon was spent reading my last book. Barbara Parker was the author, and an excellent story teller. I enjoyed her book but I cannot at this moment remember what it was called. ~laugh~ It's a sign right? I just can't remember what it's a sign of!!!!
Those are sea gulls/terns on the ledge of the walking rain of a private pier.
Around 5:30 pm I seen Billy & Charlene up at the picnic table by the fire pit so I headed up there to chat, Mac also showed up, then Mike and finally Pete. We chatted about numerous things, some causing me to laugh heartily such as putting walnuts in a gunny sack and running over it in the driveway,  Billy telling stories of his younger siblings, and a number of things that caused laughter. Of course the topic of Billy's knee also came up as Charlene explained the upcoming surgery along with the latest doctor's visit results. They need to call on Wednesday if they haven't heard anything before then, that will give them a surgery date. No guarantees for anything but it might help which would be a step forward from where they are now. 
Beautiful beach!!
After that it was back to the Igloo as the mosquitoes were starting to pick us up and move us around. ~laugh~ They grow 'em big down here. ~laugh~ 
Read for a bit after coming back home, and after that decided it was time to start writing. So here I am, doing my best to remember what I did today. Remember I said that was a sign of something?   ~laugh~ 

Lunch from Poppa John's!

We had a great day, truly one that we've been saying we should do but just haven't managed until today. I hope you've had as good a day too. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment. Until next safe, take care...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thunder, lightning, rain, and sunny skies....

Our Location: Magic River RV Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(all photos taken with my phone)

The weather has been fantastic for warmth and until today for sunshine as well. Today however was a mixed bag with a few rain drops around 4 am, then nothing until about 11 am. While the temps were still very warm and the air was humid the sky turned dark and very threatening. We had thunder, lightning, rain and then it drizzled, stopped, drizzled, stopped, then this evening it cleared up to be a warm, humid nice evening. Temps were in the 80's today, 26 -30 C for my Canucky family and friends reading this. I will say that there is still some dripping going on as the slightest breeze is making the drops fall from the trees over head, however the frogs are once again making their nightly voices sing, and the night sounds are wafting thru the humid southern air. All is right in the neighbourhood!!

Half a blow up Chicken - taken from half a block away with my phone

The last few days have been good days but nothing exciting so I just didn't bother to write about nothing. Believe me I've saved you from lots of boredom. ~laugh~ We've walked, we've shopped, we've enjoyed evening campfires, we've read, we've napped, and just enjoyed our days here. Nothing pressing but enjoyably simple and relaxing. We've been slowly getting things accumulated to take home to Canada with us and I can tell ya that we're almost full. ~laugh~ 

Temps yesterday, top one is outside, bottom one is inside..

Morning fires have been the same crowd with the addition of Bobby, a fella from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Don from Vermont. Bobby is doing some local contracting work and will be here for some time but Don & wife, I think her name is Rose but maybe not, arrived two nights ago and left today after the big rain. Three new units have arrived in the past day or two which once again brings the campground to almost full. 

I walked by myself today as Riley didn't feel like going today. I only managed 2 laps before the thunder started rumbling and so I headed for the Dogsled before the lightning and/or the rain started. The rain drops started about 10 minutes after I left the walking path which means I would have been at the furthest point from the Dogsled at the time. I think I did the wise thing. ~laugh~ 

Looks like the bark from a cedar tree, doesn't it?

At home we loaded up the Dogsled with our dirty laundry and headed off to the Wash & Save coin laundry place on Railroad Street and N. Burke Ave. While we were there the skies grew very dark, very threatening and the rain came down hard for a while but then slowed, finally stopping and the skies brightened significantly. A little drizzle was falling by the time we left 2 hours later. While at the laundry Donna & Malcom from Collingwood, Ontario all came in carrying laundry bags. 

Home around 1 pm we managed to get all the laundry inside and didn't find too much stuff misplaced due to weather, although a number of inch - inch and a half thick branches were down just where the Dogsled usually sits, so I'm happy we were out at the time. A number of smaller pieces of dead wood, small leafy branches, etc were down around the place but nothing major. Water however is laying around in most low areas. 

Can you see the spindly little green needles that are just starting to come out? Same tree as the above pic

Reading this afternoon was an excellent way to pass the time. Too wet outside to do much and I'm too lazy by afternoon to do anything anyway. ~laugh~ I did however mention to Billy & Charlene when I met them on their way out that if they got into trouble Billy wasn't to call me for bail money. ~laugh~ 

Mac dropped by around 6:45 pm to see about a fire but I declined, it's too damp for me tonight. However Mac and I have been doing the morning fires around 5:30 am but those will be stopping shortly as Mac will be heading out soon, and so shall we. Mac will be 79 years old tomorrow, March 31. Happy Birthday Mac!!

Sky while I was out walking this morning..

Magic the camp cat has been hanging around getting lots of attention from most of the fire dwellers. She has figured out that by sitting on a chair one of two things happens, someone either just leaves her alone and she gets the chair or they pick her up and she gets to settle in their lap, either way it's a win/win for her. ~laugh~ She's truly enjoying the attention and often times will just tease us by wandering around our feet but ending up sitting on the picnic table just out of reach. ~laugh~ She's a diva!!!!

A Canada goose is nesting in one of the ponds, not sure when the eggs will hatch but I'm willing to bet that this pair of geese have given up their Canadian citizenship and are full time residents down here. I don't think the travel ban has  bothered them one bit. ~laugh~ 

Pretty dark  up in those tree tops huh?

So as you can see, nothing exciting, but it's been interesting all the same. We are enjoying our last few days here and the weather is fantastic temperature wise. The storm that was worrying everyone didn't really have any effect on us here except for rain and dark skies. Thunder rolled and the odd bit of lightning flashed but it was nothing like the predictions were guessing at. So we're all very happy about that down here in Southern Mississippi. 

One of the things we managed over the past couple of days was a to Ocean Springs to find the Fred's Super Pharmacy to pick up a few things. Glad we found one in Mississippi. Our last chore will be to get my dad a couple of bottles of Bacardi's Rum before we head out. Other than that we have pretty much finished getting everything we hoped to purchase down here. Hope the Dogsled can pull it home. ~laugh~ 

Rain falling while at the Laundromat today....

So on that note, thanks for dropping by, hope you had a great day. Until next safe, take care...

Monday, March 27, 2017

Flea Market, Quiet Sunday, and small night time fire crowd.....

Our Location: Magic River RV Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(today's pics are just a variety of pics I've collected in my travels)
Our weather this morning was damp, humid and warm. With water laying around, the heat turned that water to humidity rapidly and the warm temps made things muggy. The sun shine was intermittent with clouds for a bit but eventually the clouds moved on and the sun claimed the vast blue skies over Long Beach.  Every once in a while a light white wispy cloud would rush across the skies but they seemed to be high and merely decoration until later in the afternoon around 4 and then they started making the sun more dappled than covered, if you know what I mean.

In the Great Smokey Mountains

This mornings fire was Mac and I until Paige showed up and soon followed by Mike and then Pete. It's nice to chat with Paige in a more private type setting, she a very intelligent and spontaneous woman, fully of laughter and is very quick witted with quips that would make a sailor blush. ~laugh~  She is often pensive and silent but at other times her laughter readily at her lips, and her smile lights up the gathering. She does however not like the camp cat due to allergies but we can't hold that against her. ~laugh~ 

Heading north on Hwy 6 toward Espanola, Ontario

Leaving the fire and coming home I found walking wasn't any easier on the way back than on the way up, so we decided to skip our walk this morning. Even with the anti inflammatories I don't think I could have managed 2 miles today. It's been an unusually damp winter here this year. 

Tunnel between Knoxville, Tn and Greensville, SC

  Sitting was not on the agenda this morning as I've found in this kind of situation sitting on a soft surface gives more trouble than it's worth, so I decided to prep dinner while I was trying to keep on my feet and keep moving some to help loosen up the joints. Since I was already going to be cutting up veggies for dinner I made two large garden salads for my lunch today and tomorrow. It takes a long time to cut up all those veggies so I do two salads at once and if I remember I try to do our dinner veggies at the same time. It's usually around lunch though, not before 10 am. ~laugh~ 

Colleton State Park, Walterboro, South Carolina

Just before I started bringing all the veggies out to chop up I reminded Riley we needed a few veggies from the produce vendor at the Flea Market so that's where we headed at 9 am this morning. It's the only vendor we visited and our purchase of a dozen large carrots, a half bag of green beans, a cuke and a fresh pineapple all for $7 was well worth the short trip there. 

Along I-75 North in Tennessee

We didn't really enjoy the lime on the veggies the other day so today I added both lime and orange to see if that meets with our approval. We like to try to spice things up a bit and we're looking for some new flavours. I forgot to add the dill to the potatoes today but I'll try to remember next time. Old age just sucks. ~laugh~ 

Hwy 6 near Birch Island Rez, Ontario, Canada

Back home I got to work making salads and tonight's veggie packet trying to get my fingers to work. It wasn't pretty but I managed to get it done. Nothing is cut to a uniform size but at least the pieces aren't big enough to choke me when I eat them. ~laugh~ I even managed to cut up the potatoes for dinner tonight too. That left me free from prep all the rest of the day. 

Sign says it all.

Campers are pulling in and pulling out on a regular basis these days. The big Ford parked half in the roadway over by the maintenance shed who was pulling a massive toy hauler along with a buddy of a smaller F150 pulling a big boat left this morning. The folks beside us left this morning, and two more units pulled in so far as of 4 pm. For a small little campground it sure does have a steady stream every day!! 

Heading across a bayou near the Gulf Of Mexico

Riley and I decided to head out for a wee walk around the campground to just kind of stretch and make a trip to the dumpster just before lunch. Water laying on the roadway by the maintenance shed is always just enough to make things muddy and with the rain yesterday it's a bit more soupy than usual but still manageable. The rain has made some spots very soft and I'm glad we're on pretty firm ground now. Adding fresh gravel would be nice but I think it would just wash away during a campground flood.  I am straying from my point. ~laugh~ On our way around the park we stopped at Bing and Cathy's to chat for a bit. They are enjoying the campground very much as is their son and DIL. We chatted for about a half hour which was nice, they are simple country folks with warm hearts and ready laughter. 

In the I-10 tunnel going under Mobile Bay

After lunch Riley sat outside in the shade but I stayed inside today. Laid on the couch to read a bit and I think I may have dozed off and on but I can't be certain. It's a bit fuzzy. ~laugh~

Somewhere on Hwy 6, Ontario, Canada

 We turned on the fan to move the air around but we didn't feel the need to turn on the AC as it wasn't too hot for us, but a number of folks had their AC units running today. We even checked out a small 12V fan we bought to ensure it works and do you know what? It does. ~laugh~ That will be nice to use during the summer time on those hot nights.

10 Mile Point Hill, Hwy 6, Ontario Canada

I think I'm going to make a run to Harbor Freight one of these days I want to get a couple of 12v plugs and one with USB ports to have installed in the Igloo in a couple of spots to aid when dry camping charging of charging of electronics. I've decided to just go with the small inverter  we currently have until we are certain of what we need. Since our needs aren't that great I'm not sure we'll need a bigger one. I also want to see about motion lights that I purchased there a few years ago, the ones I have are worn out and a new set would be nice. If I can't find that kind I may go with something else in that same manner for security purposes. I like having them and I miss them since they aren't working any longer.

The Shoe Tree, Lakeshore Road, Ontario Canada

Buddy Ron sent me a text message telling me I have a hurricane named after me, I wonder what he's trying to tell me. ~laugh~ Oh Congrats on the new to you truck buddy!! I'm sure it's made you feel much better having a truck once again. Ron lost his last truck 'Oaf' in a wreck this past summer and has been without since then. I'll bet it was like feeling naked in some way. ~laugh~

Sheguiandah, Ontario, Canada - Hwy 6

Dinner was of course BBQ'd tonight. We had Garlic Potatoes and onions, Orange Lime Zest Veggies, and Friend Roger's BBQ sauce Chicken breast. It was all very good but I think we'll forget the lime on the veggies however it would have been nice on a piece of chicken. Alas we've used the last drop of Roger's sauce as well. It was good as we used a whole PINT since Jan 1 when he gave it to us just before we left Devencrest Rv Park in Albany.

North Channel approaching Little Current, Ontario Canada

We had a lot of dishes to do and it seemed like we were busy for a half hour just doing all those dishes. I was happy to be finished, oh my dishpan hands, good thing I used Palmolive. ~laugh~ Do you remember those commercials way back in the day?

Great Smokey Mountains, Tennessee

Quick clean up outside and a walk to the dumpster before stopping at the fire pit. It was a quiet fire with only Billy & Charlene along with Riley and I. I don't think anyone realized there was a fire going. It was nice to chat one on one with Billy & Charlene getting to know them a bit better.

New England Road, Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada

Home to have a shower before bed, I actually put some of my clothes outside for the night as the smoke seemed to really like me tonight. ~laugh~

Our summer time view

So there you have it, nothing exciting but a good day all the same. Hope your Sunday was enjoyable as well. Looking forward to Red Beans and Rice tomorrow at the Rusty Pelican. Small group we don't have to rearrange the restaurant. ~laugh~

So until next safe, take care....

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Rain, thunder, and old vehicles....

(photo's taken with my phone)

I've been lazy the last couple of nights and didn't write anything, but we truly didn't do much of anything either so I didn't feel as if missing a post or two would be that important.

Weather this morning was warm with overcast skies at 5 am, we had some rain drops up around the fire before 6 am but then over the next while the clouds blew in, blew out, blew in, blew out, you get the idea. At 3 pm this afternoon the heavens opened and we had some pretty good rain for a bit, the thunder rumbled, they even mentioned the possibility of some hail but we didn't have any. The skies started to brighten and the birds started singing even though we could still hear the thunder just about 3:30 pm, however that didn't last long, we returned to rain at a steady pace and some times the thunder rumbled around again. A good time to read the news, hear the gossip on face book and just kind of putz around on line.

Swilley's 94 Chevy Step Side

Yesterday we stayed home all day, didn't even start the Dogsled, which was nice but meant we didn't walk, today we only walked 2 miles but that's okay it was a nice stroll and we had some exercise. We've managed to do some grocery shopping at Froogels and Wally World, we managed to stop at a Dollar General and something called Dirt Cheap where I managed to find a cover for my Kobo Glo for less than $5, which was a great price compared to the almost $30 I've been seeing.  This major shopping was accomplished yesterday.

Today we managed to find the Long Beach Public Library and buy us a bag full of books for just over $2. We've got some good reading material for a while now. We've been reading a number of books from the Log Cabin here but I was on my last unread book today. Miss Paige told me about the book sale always on at Long Beach and Pass Christian library's, so a big thanks to her for her wonderful information. 

Sure is pruddy under here too...

On the way home we pulled to stop at Rick's Meats which we drive past often but have never stopped. Today was the day, we even made a purchase. Alligator Sausage!! Going to bring them north to see if the folks like them. Just a little something we can't get up there. 

From there we came home and pretty much just settled down to do our own things as the rain was threatening all day. I had a nap, and I know Riley was doing something in the kitchen as I could hear her down there but I have no idea what she was into. ~laugh~ I like not knowing, it's better that way.

Walmart Special...~laugh~

The past couple of days have seen a few things happening around. Swilley brought in his 1994 Chevy step side pick up that he's been restoring and it's a beaut!!!!! Black Cherry is the colour, it changes colour in different lights. The chrome is so shiny I needed my shades!!! He's like a proud new papa as he should be, it's a beautiful machine and he's put in a lot of time, effort and money. This year he'll be cruising the coast in style!!!

Bing and Cathy our neighbours from Bluegrass Rv Park in Foley, Alabama arrived a couple of days ago. Nice to see them again. Their son is also camping here although I haven't met him yet. It was a surprise to see them when she walked over. 

Seen this on our way into the Walmart Store

The fella across the way has the  rubber membrane on the roof finally and it's tacked down but he still has some work to do to it. I heard him say he's burnt out doing it but he can't stop now. With this rain he's had to tarp it once again, and since it's a flat roof I wonder how it's holding up for leaks in the rain today.

A motor home pulled in a couple of days ago carrying two women, two big dogs, and two cats. The cats and dogs are all walked on leashes. At least one of the cats is a big cat (I've only seen the one dark cat), I would say bigger than the small yappy dogs most RV'ers have. This cat walks just like a well trained dog and it yowls when they walk just like a dog would bark. It's interesting to see. ~laugh~

At Rick's Meat Hook on Beatline Rd

Morning fires have had most of the same faces around them starting with Mac and I between 5:30 and 6 am. The evening fires when we have them bring in some new faces, but mostly they just pop in for a few minutes and leave. I'm not sure if we smell bad, we aren't friendly enough, or they just don't like us, it must be something. ~laugh~ We however manage just fine. Robert will have to cut some more fire wood soon or we'll have to leave soon, one or the other. ~laugh~

Magic the camp cat is doing well. She curls up on my lap, Mac's lap, Riley's lap or anyone else that will let her on their lap. She enjoys the attention but has also started claiming a chair of her own. I'm not sure if I've convinced Mac to take her home or not, but for now she's at least getting the attention she likes.

See this thing sitting there almost daily

Billy & Charlene have been up around the evening fires with lively conversations and some good laughs. Billy has to have another heart test, it seems he has some kind of blockage and can't have another knee surgery until they figure that stuff out. I wish him luck with all of this, he's a nice guy but seems to be having a lot of troubles. According to the folks this will be his FIFTH surgery on that same knee. It's a tough road in his future!!

Our time here is drawing to a close and we are trying to ensure we have the things we want to bring north with us in sufficient supply so that requires the making of lists, scratching things off, adding things on, writing a new one because the old one is no longer readable, etc. You get the idea. ~laugh~

Purchased at Rick's Meat Hook when we stopped to see the truck.

We've been BBQ'ing dinners most nights but tonight will be pasta due to the inclement weather. Mike the fella from a bit north of here also has a WeberQ that he complained was getting to hot when he cooked, I suggested he not turn it to high when starting it, but on low instead and cook everything on low and slow, if the temps get too high just open the top for about 5 minutes, it lets the grill stay hot but the top cover cool off which helps to keep the temp lowers. He tried it the other night and was surprised as well as happy how well it worked. Being blonde can surprise some folks. ~laugh~ 
So as you can see it's been quiet here but still interesting at times. We enjoy this park and the people, I personally have been coming for a number of years, even though I've only been staying here for about 3 of those years. It's truly a community that is welcoming, fun, and enthusiastic. It is a drawing feature for certain but I think Arizona may be our destination next winter and this park may be too much out of the way for us, but we shall see how things go when the time is upon us. I would certainly miss the people very much.

He's got the rubber membrane on under the tarp.

The rain has finally stopped now, it's 9 pm CST here in Long Beach, it's cooled off a great deal, it's very damp and I hope the rain is over the next week or so. No fire tonight but then again it would have been cold anyway up there in the wind and damp.

Talked to my dad this morning, it was a miserable day there on Manitoulin just around the freezing mark but with snow, rain, and freezing rain it was a day to stay inside and out of the weather. He says the sap isn't running either, not cold enough at night nor warm enough in the day time. Other than that the rest of the island is pretty much the same, quiet and waiting for spring, it can't get there too fast to suit the folks.

Notice the sausage BUScuits? 

Love this sign, been seeing it since we arrived. ~laugh~ Not sure what a BUSCUIT is but I like the biscuits they make down here.

So ends another day here in Long Beach. Nothing earth shattering but we enjoyed it anyway. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care.....

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Warm day, nice folks and chatting....

Our Location: Magic River Rv Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(More pics today from Stennis space center taken yesterday)

A warm night last night allowed us to sleep with everything wide open again. Morning dawned with a dreary overcast looking sky that gave way to bright brilliant blue skies before noon. Warm temps but cool breeze. I noticed the thermometer sitting at 85F/29.3C this afternoon around 3:30 pm. We had the door, windows and vents open as well as the fan to move the air around, it was quite pleasant but many had their AC units blasting away.

The tram to take folks to and from their vehicles

Up to the fire around 6 a.m. it was once again Mac, Magic the Cat and I for a while, Paige strolled up a while later as did Mike and finally Pete. Robert stopped by a couple of times and Mr. Swilly also put in an appearance. Managed to get some information on a local tire shop to take the Dogsled to be checked out. Always best to ask the locals in this case Swilly as he's a gear head and always willing to offer up good local places. 

Rolls Royce Engine

Home around 8:30 am we managed to make some decisions before we finished breakfast. Chicken for dinner, walk at the park and maybe a movie later in the day. Those were the our decisions. I can tell you that the walk and chicken were keepers.  The movie just didn't make it. ~laugh~

Lego built?

The walking park was very quiet except for the big tractor with a brush hog doing some work in the ditches. Warm weather kept from being too warm by the nice cool breeze that wafted over the open spaces while we walked. Riley made 2 loops, I managed 3 before calling it off. Turning the nose of the Dogsled homeward bound we managed to make it there without stopping ANYWHERE else. ~laugh~

Neil Armstrong's flight suit.

I dropped Riley at the door, made sure she got inside and then headed out to the tire place suggested earlier by Swilly. It's located just off the I-10 and is only a couple of miles away. I pulled in to find all the bays empty and everyone sitting around. I thought that might be a bad sign as yesterday they were totally full and even had some sitting outside the bays. Pulled in, explained the shimmy in the wheel and the suggestion of tire issues but was assured they could make the truck do the same thing as I could due to the road grooves. They explained to my satisfaction why it wasn't anything except the road. I left feeling confident in their knowledge as they seemed very knowledgeable. I'm glad that I asked as now I feel better about the whole thing.

I think Riley may be about to crash the simulator!!

Back home I chatted with Mac and Mike, giving Mike the blog address of someone else having issues with the front end of their motor home, the clear coat cracking and being dirty, etc. It seems Mike has been trying to find someone to address the issue or a way to fix it and I remembered reading in this blog that the fella had the same kind of problem but he had found a solution. I offered it up to Mike with the words, 'It  may not be the same but it sounds the same.' Hopefully it helps.

Can you see the face in the space suit?

Mac was showing me the tailgate in his big 1 ton Chevy truck, it isn't heavy to handle and doesn't bang down due to weight. It's on some kind of arm that allows it close and open with minimal effort much like the rear hatch on some SUV's. Really like that feature. Need to have a screen made when I get home for the front grill as there is a spot that is open low down that would allow a bird or piece of debris to hit one of the rads inside the engine compartment. Mac's truck also has the same opening in it. Not sure if that was an overlooked piece or just a bad design. I also noticed a bubble in the bumper on the Dogsled that will have to be addressed before long. Looks like a air pocket or something was between the silver and metal when they made the bumper, now it's bubbling and will soon be peeling. Will have to address that when I get back to Ontario too.

A closer look...

After that Miss Charlene came along to invite us to Pork Chops and some veggies at D & D's restaurant not far from here. The pork chops are breaded and deep fried and apparently very good but we passed on the invite. The folks down here can batter, deep fry and smother in gravy pretty much every kind of food there might be known to man or woman. ~laugh~ We instead had some left over pasta for lunch today.

Model of the space shuttle

After that I posted yesterdays blog as I was too tired to finish it last night. Settled down to read my book but fell asleep for an hour. I don't sleep long hours at night time so every once in a while I need to catch up during the day. ~laugh~ Today was that day I guess.

Of course a moon rock...

Worked on today's blog for a bit this afternoon, managed to read some more, and even prepped dinner about 5 pm. The days speed by and before we know it the dinner hour is upon us. I know they aren't exciting days but they are enjoyable and we manage to get thru them without any trouble, even though it doesn't make for exciting reading. ~laugh~

Mars Science Laboratory

Was heading outside to read when I noticed Billy sitting by himself up near the fire pit looking kind of lost so I dropped my book and headed up there to chat with him. Wasn't long until Charlene came along and Mac wandered up only to be followed by Mike. We chatted and watched the folks putting on the new roof, gasping, questioning, and offering advice from a far all while they couldn't hear us. ~laugh~  Asking the crew about their lunch at D & D's they weren't too impressed with their food. Glad we didn't go!!

Yesterdays back up seen in my rear view mirror

I didn't make it home until almost 7 pm to start BBQ'ing dinner which put us way behind our usual time, it was 8:30 pm before we finished eating and cleaning up. Dinner was Friend Roger's BBQ sauce Chicken Breast, Orange juice veggies, Garlic potatoes with onions and thyme. I can tell you right now it was excellent and I forgot to take a picture. ~laugh~

Looking ahead during the same back up on I-10

I headed up to the dumpster noticing that they remembered to shut off the shop lights tonight, the other night they were all blazing lighting up the area like a small city. ~laugh~ Magic the cat came tearing by while I was walking back from the dumpster, didn't seem to be chasing anything, nor was anything chasing her but she was in a hurry.

Seen this fisherman on our walk this morning...he's very intense!!

Read for a bit and decided to call it a night. So there you have it, our day wasn't too exciting but it was warm, filled with nice folks and blue skies, what else could one ask for?

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