Monday, October 31, 2022

Walking the streets of Tombstone....


Our Location: Empire Ranch, Sonoita, Arizona


A bit of a chilly start at 45F/7C approximately.  The day warmed up nicely with a reading of 75F/24C approximately around 3 pm. We had plans this morning and yet we weren't really in a hurry and after breakfast took a leisurely drive to Tombstone. 


Out my window this morning while enjoying my coffee.
Inside Wyatt Earp's Oriental Saloon.

The boardwalk in Tombstone.

We've visited once before but thought a repeat would be a good idea. We arrived around 9:30 am and enjoyed walking the streets and visiting a few shops. It was a very relaxed kind of day. We took in the gunfight at the OK Corral, which ended the same as last time and climbed aboard the stage coach for a town tour. Lunch at Big Nose Kate's and we called it a day.  Riley enjoyed this visit much better than the last time, she had less anxiety and was a great deal more chatty.


Virgil, Wyatt, Riley, Morgan and Doc Holiday on the street in Tombstone.

The Dragoon Mountains, stronghold of Cochise.

The OK Corral.

We stopped at Hauchuca City (Wa-chew-ka) for some water and a drink for the Big Dog. While at the fuel pumps a very nice lady asked me if I actually did drive a dogsled. I explained, "No, I'm not a musher, I just call my truck the Dogsled." We chatted for a bit while I pumped fuel ($4.99 gal) and soon Riley and I were on our way back home to the Igloo. 


Virgil, Wyatt Earp and Ike Clanton

Looks a little Sam Elliot, don't ya think?  Virgil Earp.

Wyatt Earp.


Lots of photos today.  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 



Doc Holiday, Virgil, Wyatt and Morgan Earp. The good guys, we cheered when they came in to the corral.



Our first Stage Coach ride.

Room for more folks.

Until next time....


Raleigh Jay, live music at Big Nose Kate's.
Dirty windshield but you get the idea.

Take care, be safe, 




Sunday, October 30, 2022

Today we ran errands......


Our Location: Empire Ranch, Sonoita, Arizona


It was cool this morning, about 50F/10C but it started warming up as soon as the light started showing in the eastern sky. A beautiful sunrise this morning and I think we may just have a spectacular sunset tonight but I'm guessing about that as I write this post. 


Taken out the screen door as he looks for dinner.

The only good photo of the sunset last night.

Today we ran errands for a few hours in Sierra Vista. Groceries, a few odds and sods, fuel and such.  It took us a couple of hours and we didn't hurry at all. We didn't take a single photo while we were out and about. 


The Pronghorn Antelope out the dining room window.

It's getting darker.

I talked to my dad last night for a while. Things are going well there but winter is coming. I also spoke with my friend Linda. We chatted for a while, laughing and remembering, and just enjoying the conversation. Hopefully Linda and hubby Randy will make it to warmer climes this winter. It's always nice to chat with Linda, we can pick up conversations right where we left off no matter how long as passed between contact. 


Sunrise through the bedroom window

You would think the tree is on fire...

Last night while chatting with Linda I was looking out the window hoping for a sunset which really didn't happen and I noticed off in the long grass about a half dozen Pronghorn Antelope. They didn't seem to be in any hurry and just kind of hung out, grazing here and there for about a half hour. Not close but not too far away. 


It just keeps rising.....

Sorry about the screen, but well....

I'm still taking photos with my phone as I can't seem to get the camera to recognize the sd card.  I'm not sure I believe what the fella at Best Buy told me about my Nikon D3100 only taking a 16 GB or smaller card, but there are none to be found here and we looked in lots of places. So I think when I settle into a location for a couple of weeks I'll look for a camera shop to maybe help me out.  The phone takes good photos but not nearly as good as the camera. So we'll just have to make due.

The beginning of sunset tonight.

The phone camera doesn't pick up the yellow very well.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the visit. 


The sky is starting to light up now...

The sun is showing the dust in the air in front of the mountains.

Until next time,


Let the light show begin....


Take care, be safe, 



From fire to coals to fading to black now....



Saturday, October 29, 2022

We are enjoying our views and the quiet...


Our Location: Empire Ranch, Sonoita, Arizona

A very quiet night last night, no wind, no frogs, no howls, no dogs, just quiet. It was deafening. I will admit, I slept in this morning and didn't see the sun rise, exactly. I was awake but still in bed. I know, I'm such a sluggard. 

The views are vast and far reaching here at Empire Ranch.

Cactus growing on the side of the roadway going toward the ranch house.

A single bud on that cactus.

After breakfast we opted to head out for a walk. We walked up to the main ranch road and strolled along for a fair distance keeping in mind that while it was all down hill going this way, it wouldn't be the same coming home. We made it though, and managed to accomplish more than our 6000 steps in the process. 

The colours are so appealing to me...

Those banks are high and cut away by the rushing waters that cross this ranch after a rain.

That is cement to hold the road crossing in place. It stops erosion and undercutting of the roadway.

The sun is shining, the wind is rustling the grass and it is such a haunting sound in the quiet of day. I can understand how day after day after day of this sound could be a problem for some people. It's very lonely and desolate, leaving a yearning for company. An emptiness of any hope or warmth. Of course it's not that way for everyone. Some people find it comforting, like an old friend come to visit. The familiar hum of a favourite tune might possibly be heard if you listen hard enough.  The gentle caress of loving arms and lips might be felt by others. The wind is a mistress totally unique to each person she touches. 

I don't think I would ever tire of this view. It changes constantly.

The road way leading to the ranch house, it winds on for some time yet.

It's very hilly here, lots of valleys and knolls, nothing is level.

The views out the windows are wonderful and remind me why I so enjoy looking at them. They change with shadow and light, they grow and diminish, they almost breathe a sigh at the end of the day. They offer beauty and life, they offer excitement and sanctuary. They call to an inner spirit, freedom and adventure. Of course they also offer brutal realities, death, hunger, darkness, sickness and fear. Centuries they have stood and witnessed our rise and fall, our victories and defeats and they have stood and watched, silent in their observations. They of course are the mountains, they call to me, much like the sea calls to a sailor or the skies to a pilot. I wonder why?

You can see the edge of the ditch/waterway that runs through the grass.

The trees are not tall but offer some shade, but do not touch, they are thorny.

With only my phone, I can't be sure but I think those may be pronghorn antelope mixed in with the cattle.

Not my usual post but one that seemed to flow from fingers today.  I have those days when writing seems to be necessary and other days when it seems a chore. I'm sure all of you fellow bloggers know what I mean when I say that. 

You can see the cattle off to the left.

And now the antelope are wandering away from the direction my feet are taking me.

Yep, that's us down there over that rise.

Today was a chore day for me. I did all the inside of the windows and screens, changed batteries, did some weather stripping, and a few other little chores, including taking, editing photos, writing this blog and just enjoying the day. 

They were so dark this morning they were almost black and now, the sun makes them much less foreboding.

A great place for a stroll, you can see the wind making the grass dance!!

Very sharp and pointy, careful not to touch.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 

It's really not flat out there.


Until next time.....


Take care, be safe,