Tuesday, February 28, 2023

A jeep ride into the Kofa's again.....



Our Location: 

Road Runner BLM, Quartzsite, Arizona


A beautiful morning, a talk with my sister and around 10 am we headed off in the Little Black Limo for a jeep ride into the Kofa's but this time on King Valley Road. Our goal was the Horse Tank, Grey Tanks, Arch Tank and Bandy Tank. 


The ride was good, the road was good for the most part. A bit of a bumpy ride when we turned off of King Valley Road onto #42. A little up and down, over and around, and oh my .... before we reached our destination. 


To view Horse Tanks you need to walk a short distance and this is where Riley and Deb D turned around. Tom and I continued on reaching all of the tanks. The hike was a bit on the rugged side but very doable for sure footed folks. Plenty of cement work to make a few of the tanks, a few pipes and a lot of mother natures help. 


Back in the jeep we headed off again on King Valley Road but decided we should turn around as we didn't think we could make it all the way through. The only draw back to camping in some of the areas is little to no cell service however closer to the road the service is excellent and there are still lots of nice places to park. 


We reached AZ/US 95 and headed into Q. We decided we'd try the other pizza place in town, The Outback. We found it tucked in across from the Pilot truck center. A bit different and we were a little skeptical at first but the pizza proved to be quite good, the atmosphere was wonderful, we could hear ourselves talk. We stopped before reaching the pizza place to gather up Doug and take him along. It was decided we would all go back to this place in the future, we enjoyed it. Back home shortly after 4 pm and we called it a day. 


The sun is shining and the wind is slowly picking up, a wind advisory is in effect for tomorrow from 11 - 8 MST. I think we've all agreed we are tired of the wind!  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the visit. These are only a few photos of our ride, I will post more in the next few days. 


Until next time......


Take care, stay safe, 




A quiet day….


Our Location:

Road Runner BLM, Quartzsite, Arizona 

A chilly start to the morning but it warmed up nicely with the sun shining brightly. The wind picked up later in the day and a wind advisory has been issued for tomorrow. 

The White Lion roared away today but only made it to Pitstop before it died. Texting back and forth with Doug, Deb and I decide to head into town to check things out and do an errand. We found Doug barely off the road, blocking part of the entrance. Finally we were able to ensure a tow was on the way and we Debs left, heading home but not directly. We spent some time checking out a few other spots in this BLM area.

Happy Hour was a bit windy and the air started cooling off quickly sending us all inside. I chatted with Dad for a while, did a few little putzy things, did a little reading, texted with Doug and Deb a bit before heading off to bed. Not a good sleeping night for me.

We have plans for a morning Jeep ride to a place Riley and I haven’t been before. I’m looking forward to it. 

Todays photos are just a few photos that aren’t really connected to much but will show of a few little improvements I’ve made over the last few weeks.


Thanks for stopping by. I hope had a great day.

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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Shopping in Parker today....



Our Location: 

 Road Runner BLM, Quartzsite, Arizona


It rained last night and this morning our temperatures were in the high mid 40's but with sunny skies and almost no wind. A beautiful day followed! A walk this morning showed off a few puddles, a brief chat with Doug and Riley and I headed off to Parker for some groceries. The fridge was looking a little sparse and so it was time to get some food. I had trouble with my debit card at Walmart. I need to call the bank tomorrow.


I think this fella has had a rough time.

This flower was all alone and I thought perfectly posed.

Back home shortly after noon, did a bit of work to our new heater, installing handles and a couple of hooks to store the hose. Happy hour around 3:30 pm and before long we all headed home due to the crispness of the air. 


The saguaros are plentiful here on the desert floor.

It looks like that one was cut off at the top.


Chatted with my dad, more blowing and drifting snow today. The path between his house and my brother's house was full from the blowing, he was guessing at least a foot high. Ah the joys of winter! 


I never tire of seeing them.

We had lunch here at Don's Cactus Bar, I think I called it a cafe. It's in Salome.

I don't know who she was but she danced here.

I hope you all had an enjoyable day doing whatever it is you wanted to do, or had to do. Tonight's photos are the last of our Jeep ride in the Eagle Eye Road area. 


Until next time....


Take care, stay safe, 





Saturday, February 25, 2023

More photos from yesterday's ride...



Our Location: 

Road Runner BLM, Quartzsite, Arizona


Wind gusting to 40 mph today, sun until late in the afternoon when it clouded over, rain is in the forecast.  A few more photos of yesterday's jeep ride.


So many arms on this saguaro.

Each are unique and appealing.

Even the Teddy Bear Cholla is beautiful.

Maybe an old mining operation but that's a guess. 

Before we left home last October my uncle asked what draws me to the desert. It isn't just one thing but a multitude of things.  I find beauty and comfort here in many ways. Yes I complain about the wind but the views are stunning and the haunting quality of the place draws me. Peaceful but vibrant, busy but relaxed. The various hues of brown and green add a magic to the landscape that is indescribable. It's raw beauty lures a person, seeps into their blood and stirs that blood every so often. Like the sailor beckoned to the sea with it's salt air, rolling waves and the cries of gulls in the air, the desert also calls but in a much more subtle way. The promise of warmth, dry crisp air, a hint of dust, and a stillness that is hard to understand. The quiet of the desert is unlike other places I've been, for there is literally no noise at times, not a bird chirping, a frog croaking, a dog barking, a leaf rustling, there is no sounds, not even the wind. Just silence. It is almost eerie then, almost as if you could listen hard enough you will hear the soft fall of feet slipping quietly along a mountain trail, the hint of buckskin on a bush. Of course the desert isn't always quiet but it has its long moments of such. It is something one needs to experience to understand and appreciate.  I haven't  been able to get out as much as I would have liked this year but I'm hoping next year will be better. I miss the climbs, the views, the lonely spots in which I stand looking back at a world that whispers it's secrets if we only listen hard enough.

Deb at the bottom of the hill, I zoomed my phone in as far as it would go.

The sun plays with the mountains off in the distance and the saguaros stand like thin lines on the valley floor.

Stately, regal, standing tall and proud, they watch over the land, seeing all, telling nothing.

I love these views! They appeal to me in ways very difficult to explain.


Windy and very cool at the top of the hill. I need a haircut!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed a few more photos. 


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Take care, stay safe, 





Friday, February 24, 2023

A jeep ride to the east....



Our Location: 

Road Runner BLM, Quartzsite, Arizona


This morning we had plans to head east toward the Saddle Mountain area looking for a better place to park without flies. The Little Black Limo motored along carrying the Deb's, Tom and Riley, while the Little Silver Streak carried Doug and Yuma. I won't bore you with the details but we found some interesting places with the draw back being no or spotty cell service. They are a little off the main path but still would be a nice place to park for a few days if you can do without cell service.  


I love the cloud play on the Harquahala Mountains.

A beautiful view to park here but little to no cell service.

The view is stunning.

Literally a forest of saguaros.

A few of the photos I took today are in tonight's post and I will be using the others as the days go on and I need some photos. The views were wonderful and the saguaros couldn't be photographed if I had a few years to do it. Lots of cholla and even some Ocotillos, some green but most not. A few cattle, a few rigs, lots of cloud shadows on the mountains. 


A very roller coaster like road....

Saguaros every where we looked.

Amazing how different they all are.


We stopped in Salome for lunch at Don's Cactus Cafe. A very nice little spot, the food was very good, the place was clean and I would go back again. From there we headed on home, stopping in Q for a few minutes and we arrived home just in time for happy hour. 


The clouds always make the mountains more interesting.


A call to my dad, cold weather and of course wind there too. He and brother Rick are off to Jesse's to pick a tractor that won't run or won't run well. It will give them something to do on those days that they can't be outside but don't wish to be stuck in the house. 


Chauffeur Tom drove us up to the top of this big hill, below us was the next photo.

We were parked on the top of that ridge way up there.



I hope you enjoyed the views! Thanks for stopping by. 


Until next time....


Take care, stay safe,