Sunday, July 16, 2023

Not a typical summer here.....


Our Location: Summer Spot, Manitoulin Island, Ontario


It's nice to read all of you are doing well. Some of you working hard, some of you hardly working, and others just having a great time doing old things, new things and other things. 


Webs and fog caught in the dewy morning views.

Wild fruit, chokecherries, billberries, apples and raspberries. (not in that order)

Not a typical summer here weather wise, it's been cool, cold at times, dry from the sky but humid, hot and breezy. Lots of smoke, plenty of clouds, some foggy mornings, and a bit of pure blue sky! We more often than not, have lots of clear blue skies for the summer months with some hot, humid days, and dripping, dewy, mornings.  The cool to cold waters of Lake Huron are fantastic for cooling off on those days. Some days the water is warmer than the air and other days it's the opposite. It depends on the wind direction. 



Some greenery and some blossoms!

 The summer is slipping past so quickly. We've been back in Ontario for over 90 days and in about 100 days we will be leaving our summer spot for this season.  Not crossing into the USA at that time but leaving here for southern Ontario. How does time pass so quickly?


You have to love the views!!


We've had some visitors here around the Igloo in the form of the cattle pasturing here on the farm. They are foraging for green grass and with the lack of rain for so long there is little to be found. They found a few things to chew on that were green, now we will have less tomatoes than we planned and The Cabin is half a flower short. We have cow deposits around but other than that our visitors were here and left quickly. 


A different drive home with just the Dogsled after we park the Igloo.


The promise of rain appears every few days but it never really comes, a drop or two here and there, 5 more the day after tomorrow and mist the day after.  We truly need some water from the sky for a few days and nights. The fields are crunchy, the leaves are starting to show lack of water, and the water levels in the ponds and rivers are getting lower.  It has rained all around us for weeks, fire bans have lifted around us but not here on the Rock. Although we wonder if we can get it turned off when we've had enough. 


The Igloo up there in the trees,(top left, bottom right) a water view (top right, bottom middle), with and without fog, low pond levels.


Spoke with my SIL Janet, she's doing well, things are moving in the right direction. She and Dennis will be moving to Portland for the rest of the summer months, taking a cruise  to Hawaii and then returning to Indian Wells for the winter. They hope to get a round or two of golf in at Pebble Beach before they return to IW.  


A beautiful field of Canola!


Today's photos are of various things that caught my eye. I hope you enjoy them. 


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all stay well. 


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Monday, July 3, 2023

Happy Canada Day, Happy 4th of July....



Our Location: 

Near South Baymouth, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada


Hello, I hope all of our fellow Canadians had a joyous Canada Day and the our US friends all have a grand 4th of July tomorrow. 


We call these Devil's Paint Brush.

The road sides are brilliant with colours!

Tiger Lily.

There is beauty here!


Things have been pretty hot and humid here on our Rock. We have a fire ban for the entire Sudbury, North Shore, Manitoulin Island region. It has been in place for about a month now and it doesn't look like it will end any time soon. No rain in the forecast! 


From a distance this looks just white. Queen Anne's Lace!

Wild Strawberries.

Wild Roses.

A large patch of wild roses.

We've been busy working (our little summer jobs), doing some work around a summer spot, getting caught up with family, and appointments, etc. I have been trying hard to keep up with your blogs but I will admit I don't read them everyday but I do comment from time to time. It's nice to see most of you home and keeping busy! I have enjoyed the views of the travelers that have ventured out during the summer season. Thanks for sharing them with all of us. 


Morning dew is often very heavy.

A small patch of wild strawberries.

I love the vibrant colour.

It's not in bloom yet but it's promising.


Birthday wishes to sister Jan (June 25). A great sister and wonderful friend. We chat often and visit back and forth on a regular basis. The winters are spent catching up on the phone and visits tend to be long! Birthday wishes also to co-worker Amanda (June 22). A nice young lady that loves cats and dogs. She is foster mom to more than a few cats! Happy Birthday to Uncle Percy (June 24). He is actually my great uncle, half brother to my grandfather! Happy Anniversary to brother Rick and his beautiful bride Barb (June 23). We spend many mornings with coffee cups in hand and it's something I miss over the winter months! A special note of kindness from my Uncle Don, he and his lovely wife Joan granted us use of their Suzuki Quad runner for our stay here. Very kind and we appreciate it very much.


Today's photos are of various flowers along the roadside! I hope you enjoy them. 


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