Monday, January 30, 2017

Animals, birds, sun, warmth....a full day...

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

A cool night again last night but today was fantastic, sunny, warm and the skies were so blue, with nary a cloud to be seen anywhere. Once the sun came up and started to heat up the air, it just kept getting nicer and nicer. A truly wonderful day. 

Casey the Goffin Cockatoo spoke a few words. 

Monday of course is cleaning day, today being Monday, can you guess what we did first thing? ~laugh~ I'm betting you can! After a pretty thorough cleaning we managed to have ourselves some breakfast, much later than usual today, it's was 9 am by the time we were eating. Riley slept late today, until 8 am, but I had my bedroom and the main bath already cleaned by then, and was working on the kitchen, living room, as well as feeding the cat by the time she woke up.

Ugly duckling has a whole new meaning now, huh? ~laugh~ Muscovy Duck.

We headed out to find the zoo this morning and a place to walk. We managed to find the zoo after a bit of zig zagging around in Gulf Shores. It's down a little back street with NO signage to tell you it's a zoo. It doesn't look like a zoo either. However we managed to find it, and for $11 each we wandered around for a while. Lots of big cats, with several sets of Bengal Tigers, Serval Cats, Lions, parrots, cockatoo's, toucans, and Monkeys of many kinds. Tortoises, swans, ducks, geese, even a Canada Goose with one good leg, one peg leg of sorts with the end of the leg ending in NO FOOT of any kind. It still managed to get around although it stumbled a bit. Capuchin monkeys' seemed to be numerous in the zoo, with a few different cages of them. A few alligators including Chuckie the rescue 'gator. He was bothering people in the state park and instead of putting him down, they shipped him to the zoo. At least 3 sets of Bengal Tigers, including two white ones. A couple of camels, an ostrich, and a few domestic things like goats, sheep, and donkeys. The donkeys didn't like it if they weren't fed and would bray loudly. ~laugh~ Some Fallow Deer as well were running to the fences looking for food. A small aviary with a LOT of parrots, parakeets, cockatoo's and Macaws was interesting but very loud. A couple of different cages with Cockatoo's in them, the birds spoke, it was very cute. Hello, Hey Guys, Hello, Hello, Hey Guys. ~laugh~ They didn't whistle though. ~laugh~ A few kinds of Lemurs rounded out what I can remember seeing today.

Peg Leg Pete the Canada Goose with only ONE foot.

From the Zoo we headed back to the walking path we used the other day. Finding a better parking place we were able to walk further along the trail today. It's a great place to walk, a bit far away but still a great place to stretch our legs and get some exercise.We walked for 30 minutes before turning around to head back to the Dogsled. Felt good to get a couple of walks in the past few days.

This Bengal Tiger paced a lot in a small area. The size of his feet would shock you!!Easily fill a bread plate.

From our walk we headed back toward the Igloo. We were pushing the clock toward 1 pm and were hungry. A quick stop netted us a box of Granola Bars we will leave in the Dogsled, and a rotisserie chicken. Riley enjoyed the chicken while I was happy with a garden salad when we made it home for lunch.

This White-throat Capuchin Monkey was full of energy, up and down the wire on the cage.

From there is was outside for some sunshine while reading, and in my case eating too. Riley didn't stay out long, she thought it was cold with the wind but I thought it was nice. Miss Charlotte (V & C) stopped by for a quick visit and chat. After that we just kind of relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.

Grey Crowned Crane.

Prepped dinner, made note that it was 5:30 pm and still daylight outside. The days are getting longer!!!Soon they'll be long enough to sit outside until it's time to BBQ dinner. Can't wait!!!

African Spurred Tortoise, was pretty big, wouldn't fit in the top of a 5 gallon bucket.

Shortly after 6 pm I headed out to BBQ dinner. Not as cold as it has been but the wind was a bit chilly tonight. Dinner was Mild Italian Sausages with Italian Garlic Veggies, and Dill Potatoes with onions. It was very good. The sausages a bit spicy but still good. 

It was pretty good, but the sausages were a bit spicy.

A quick clean up inside and out, a walk to the dumpster, home to work on the pics we took and then write this blog. We took 224 pics, which I've whittled down to 171, some of them are in tonight's post and I'll keep the others for a slow picture day in the future. So all in all an excellent day. No complaints. 

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the visit. Feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care....

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