Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Just one of those days....

I have a few more post to catch up on to be back to once a day posting. Today or maybe tomorrow and I'll be caught up again. 

Our Location: Bluegrass Rv Park, Foley, Alabama

(Jan 20, 2017

(All pics today from Blackwater River State Park)

It’s been a day!! This morning started off great, I got out of bed, had breakfast. Great start right? I thought so too. I should have went back to bed after breakfast. ~laugh~

The night was warm, excellent sleeping weather and with the rain drops drumming softly on the roof I fell asleep for a great nights sleep. Didn’t hear a thing until about 6:30 AM. Most night I”m up and down a number of times, sometimes I can fall right back to sleep, but other times I’m not so fortunate. I’m getting off topic here. ~laugh~

The boardwalk at Blackwater River State Park.

After breakfast we packed up the inside of the Igloo, things went well. I stepped outside to start packing up the outside, that’s when things weren’t heading in the right direction. Started off with a small tree laying across the drivers door and a bit of the roof of the Dogsled. No damage but still gave me a bit of a start. I hadn’t heard anything thru the night so imagine my surprise. Pulled the tree off, inspected the Dogsled, we’re good to go, no issues.

Unhooked the water before any of the other utilities, for no reason I can think of except I wasn’t really thinking. How can I rinse things off without water? Had to hook the water back after I disconnected the sewer line which is when I realized my mistake. Sprayed my foot with the water hose (lucky it was clean water) while working with the hose. Had trouble getting one of the connections off the black water pipe to disconnect the line, had to finally use the hammer to tap it loose. Got things finally tucked away and ready to roll by 9 AM.

Cloudy skies this morning but we’re rolling anyway, no wind, no water yet, and our time is up in site #11. Starting out of the campground, touch the brakes and they almost put us thru the windshield, they grabbed so hard. Hmm…..I play around with that for a bit finally get them to where they are no longer putting us in danger of breaking our necks and we’re off. The drive is good, straight forward, no issues. Along US 90 for a bit, then onto I-10, a bit further along we get on US 85, then Baldwin Beach Expressway, finally on to Foley Expressway and lastly onto US 98, arrive at Bluegrass RV about 11 AM. Into the office to sign in, find our spot and hope to get settled in quickly we have a few chores to do. First we chat with Vern & Charlotte, Garry and Nancy as they are already in the Clubhouse/office. Jeff (park manager) comes in, gives us the site number but says there is some soft sand in the place, a motor home pulled out leaving a deep indent as the rain they’ve been having has softened the ground. Not a problem, we have boards for that. B2 is our site, close to the entrance way, near the dumpster, clubhouse and right beside one of my favourite people here in this park, Roy!!!

White Cedar, very twisty tree.

The ground is soft and I take a second turn to get into the spot on a better angle. Trying to avoid the soft sand but not having much luck. From here it went downhill. First, we couldn’t hook up Riley’s bathroom to the sewer, too far away. Next we couldn’t put the slide out due to the electric hook up, then we couldn’t seem to get the hitch to release. We hooked up the water, electric and sewer a few times, put the front and back jacks up and down a few times, hooked up and unhooked the Igloo a few times. And it started to rain. ~laugh~  Of course folks stopped by to chat but finally we managed to get set up. We’re not quite level but close enough for me. I wasn’t going to do any more farting around with it. ~laugh~ It’s going onto 12:30 pm and I’m hungry.

Roy, our neighbour stopped by for a quick chat while we were in the midst of setting up, Vern and Charlotte stopped by on their way home from the clubhouse, while we were setting up and the guy next door was watching us set up. All in all, I think things went well for all that was going on. ~laugh~ We grabbed a quick granola bar for lunch, tossed massive amounts of dirty laundry into the Dogsled and set off to find the laundromat. Now you must realize I know where it is, but not it’s name, nor what street it’s actually on. I haven’t been there in 2 years so I’m going from memory. I know we turn down S Pecan Street but I”m not sure if that’s to go to the laundry or to something else. ~laugh~ You see how this going don’t ya? Well guess what. I got it right first try. ~laugh~ I was shocked.

Inside to do some much needed laundry, it always takes a couple of hours to do it. We used 5 machines to wash, 3 to dry. Took me a half hour just to fold the darn stuff. We had a lot of laundry. Lucky we weren’t going around naked. Riley went outside to put the soap and bleach back in the Dogsled, as she’s unlocking the door, the heavens opened up and the bottom fell out, she got soaked. ~laugh~ I mean she was totally drenched. All the clothes were in the washers and just as wet as she was, so she had to tough it out. I felt sorry for her though. She came back in to the building the rain stopped. It was a 30 second deluge and she was in it.

We're having a good time.

Home to put the laundry away, grabbed another granola bar for a snack as it was now 2:30 pm. We needed some groceries as well but couldn’t do both at the same time as there wasn’t room enough in the backseat of the Dogsled. We hit the local Wally’s World for some food to hold us over for a few days. By the time we are leaving it’s 4:30 pm, and the rotisserie chicken we bought for lunch tomorrow smelled so good that it became dinner tonight. ~laugh~ Managed to make it home and have the groceries put away by 5:15 pm, I headed for the clubhouse to get the internet password while Riley started cutting up the chicken.

At the clubhouse I ran into Norma, so we chatted for a bit, I met Charlie, not sure where he fits in here yet but I’ll figure it out. Before I can get away to come home for an early dinner Bob of Bob & Norma pulls up and chats for a bit. It’s wonderful to see these folks but I need to get home for some dinner, it’s been a long day and I’m starving. I’m almost home and Patricia of Roy & Pat (our neighbours) is standing at the end of their ramp, so I stop and chat with her for a few minutes.

A softer kind of pine than Georgia

I finally stagger thru the door at about 5:30 pm, hand Riley the internet password, call my dad to let him know we’ve arrived and then sit down to wolf down some chicken with Sante Fe rice. Good, but I’m still hungry. We ate the entire chicken. ~laugh~ After we wash up the dishes I cut up some apples, add some orange slices, grapes, and blue berries in a dish, a couple of oatmeal raisin cookies on the side, voila I have dessert. I’m no longer hungry. ~laugh~

A quick shower for me and then it’s time to start doing my blogs. I have to transfer them from one program to another plus upload all the pictures as well. Slow connection makes this a time consuming job. However I’ll manage to get it finished over the next number of days and I’ll be caught up in no time. I opened my email, 50 new emails. How can I have that many emails in a few weeks? ~laugh~ Some body must love me!!!!

Not enough dinner for me tonight.

A Happy Birthday goes out to cousin Craig who celebrates today. I see he is currently in Chiliwack, BC. He is a long distance trucker and it's never surprising to see him in various places. Happy Birthday Craigy!!!! Miss you. Hope you had a fantastic day. Looking forward to seeing you in the summer.

While I”m writing this tonight I won’t be posting it tonight, as I will be posting the blog posts in order.

So until next time…be safe, take care…..

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