Monday, January 23, 2017

Travel day, overcast, warm and humid....

We are currently in Foley, Alabama but we were without internet connections for a couple of weeks. I'll post the blog posts in order over the next few days. 

Our Location: Blackwater River State Park, Holt, Florida

(Jan 17, 2017 Post)

(Pictures taken with my phone)

Excellent night for sleeping again in Montgomery and the day was warm with overcast skies but not threatening skies. The high today reached just under the 80F/26 C mark. High humidity though, the kind that pretty much makes you sweat just thinking about moving. ~laugh~ You know the kind I mean.

Site # 11 at Blackwater River State Park

Up and at ‘em around 7 am this morning. Packed up the inside of the Igloo, had some breakfast and then moved outside to finish up. Disconnect everything, pull in the slides and hook up. We were pulling out of our spot #55 at 8:30 am exactly. We took our time and cruised the park as we left, it was pretty much empty. I would think less than a dozen campers and some were leaving today, and I know a couple more tomorrow.

Welcome to Blackwater River State Park.

The drive was uneventful unless of course you count the cat getting sick all over the seat. I think she was sick from all the up and down roller coaster type roads we travelled today. Truly it was just like being on a coaster with big drops and big climbs and no flat spots in between. We managed to pull off in the town of Brewton, Alabama at a Wally’s World to clean up that little gift. After that though she settled right down. Can’t blame it on the cook because she didn’t have anything I cooked. ~laugh~  Back on the road our new friend Phoebe (RV GPS) took us down some back roads that I would have preferred to miss. ~laugh~ Going to have a serious chat with her and tell her to smarten up and fly right or she’ll be sorry. ~laugh~  We arrived here in Blackwater River State Park near Holt, Florida around the noon hour. Our original plan and reservation was for 7 nights but the spot they wanted to put us in wasn’t going to work. Two big trees said we weren’t getting into THAT spot. We instead took site number 11 for three days, so we’re out of here on Friday. We will be heading to Foley, Al a couple of days early. Which suits us fine anyway. No wifi here either.

Our walking path today
After an aborted attempt to get into the original spot #8, we went back to the ranger station and explained it was a no go and either we get a different site or we’d have to move on. I asked for this one as we’d seen it on our drive around the loop and as I said, we’re here until Friday instead of our original Tuesday departure. Backing in here wasn’t too difficult but Riley and I had a difference of opinion as to where  the Igloo should sit so it took us a couple of tries to get on the same page. ~laugh~ Next time I think we’ll do better.

After hooking up the utilities Riley headed inside to put the inside in order while I finished the outside. Within a half hour we were both pretty much finished setting up. Time for lunch. It was close to 1:15 pm or so by this time, lucky we had already made our lunches thinking we might be eating on the road. So it was time to change into shorts, t’s and have some lunch in the sunshine. About 2:15 pm or so we headed out for a walk to stretch and get the kinks out. We followed a path that lead us for about 20 minutes in one direction and ended in a loop that then ensured we would come back the same way we went in. We’ll look for better trails on Thursday.

Sun reflecting off the water
Home by 3 pm and once again I sat outside reading my book until just about 5 pm here, which is 6 pm Ontario time. Moved inside but left the big door open as it was still quite warm at that time. Prepped dinner and called my dad. Talked to him for a little bit, says it’s warm there but I’m betting not as warm as here. Not even INSIDE his house, for anyone that knows my dad, it’s always HOT, HOT in his house. ~laugh~

Outside to start cooking dinner around 6 pm, no outside lights at this park either so we’re going with our own little lights trying to cook. ~laugh~ However I managed, I’ll get a better set up tomorrow. Dinner was Onion-Dill Potatoes, Basil-Parsley Veggies, and turkey burgers. Excellent if I do say so myself. ~grin~

Biggest one yet.

Clean up and off to do our own thing tonight. I think we’re both ready for a good nights sleep. We will be sleeping with windows and vents open tonight, it’s that warm.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son in law Mattew (no it's not a spelling mistake, that's how it's written on his birth certificate) who turns 30 today!!! Matt and Courtney are living in Lausanne, Switzerland where Matt is currently employed in research at the University there. Matt is a wonderful young man that will do well in his chosen field. Once again, Happy Birthday Matt. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day!!

Yep, this is dinner.

So there you have it, not an over exciting day but interesting for us, and tomorrow will be an adventure as well. We need to find a laundromat or we’ll be going naked soon. ~laugh~ A sight no one wants to see, I assure you!!!! ~laugh~

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Feel free to leave a comment. Until next time…be safe, take care…….

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