Friday, December 23, 2022

Visiting friends, Baker's Tank, and a Jeep ride......


Our Location:

North of MM 4, Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California


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We started with a ride instead of morning coffee in a group. Riley opted to miss today's events as she wasn't feeling up to par, a bit too much sun but she's doing fine today. Doug ( Miss Adventure Travels  ) & Yuma in their Jeep and Deb, Tom (Celebrating the Dance ) and I in their Jeep all headed out around 9 am to Wellton, Arizona to meet up with our friends Elva and Jerry Shannon. 

Tom, Jerry, Deb D, Elva and Doug with Yuma.

The Shannon's place on Sidewinder Trail in Wellton.

Entrance to the Naked Date shop.

Interesting wall, I imagine in helps a bit with the dust.

A quick fuel stop and we reached their place on Sidewinder Trail in about an hour. A very cute spot with some desert flair. It was wonderful to see them again after such a long absence due to the nasty little thing we  know as Covid. Jerry has played tour guide for me a few times when they parked at Pilot knob and this time was no exception. The lovely Elva doesn't ride along but she grants the use of her hubby and her Jeep for outings. Thank you Elva. Jerry is the proud owner of a Can-Am but today we didn't partake of that but there may be a ride in my future. 


Some old tractors at the Naked Date. I thought Shirley might like these.

And an old Farmall. Love the colour.

Most of the ride was easy like this, some soft sand, a high levee and some good roads.

The BBQ spot at Baker's Tank.


Jerry took us, Deb's in Elva's Jeep, Doug, Tom and Yuma in Doug's Jeep, around and about in the hills of Wellton. The first stop being the Naked Date shake shop. A very quaint family owned/operated shop that grows and sells dates, along with a food bar. The food the others had looked inviting but I passed, deciding on only a shake. It was very thick and creamy, just enough for me. The smell of dates, which I'm  not a fan of, just didn't do much for my appetite. 


You can see the rocks have been pounded in in various places.

Water at the bottom of the tank.

The tank is fairly long and I'm sure it has water in the deeper darker parts for some time.


Our second major stop (a few for photos in between I think) was Baker Tank. A very interesting little spot, a massive bbq with four little alcoves for cooking, covered by a round cement roof , and a hip high stone wall. Outside were a couple of cement tables, so bring your own chairs. Little stone buildings once used or maybe still used as Mens and Ladies can be seen a wee bit off to the side. I didn't go over to check 'em out. The reddish hue as you get closer to the wash was amazing, it started very suddenly and as you moved closer it became evident that a great many fast flowing gallons of water have raced and pounded over this area. Big rocks have been embedded into the sides from the force of the water and the tank itself is down quite far but with an open end it's easily reachable. Smooth and reddish are the surroundings. You can see in the photos much better than I can describe it. 


Tom getting a closer look.

The top is very interesting, smooth but bumpy.

Water in the bottom open end of the tank.


Our next stop was what Jerry thinks is the 'test bombing range' although it's lasers now and nothing is destroyed. Four tanks are lined up and easy to see along the desert floor. Also what appear to be fake missile silos with 'guns' pointing skyward can be seen off to the side. No graffiti which I found interesting but it does look like a few people may have been peaking around under the engine hoods. 


Those rocks are embedded. It would take a great deal of pressure to do so.

Yuma was checking things out.

Doug, Tom, Deb and Jerry, to give you a bit of size perspective.


From there we wandered our way, lost and found to the main road and back to Jerry and Elva's place. We visited a little longer and as the sun started heading down, we knew it was time to head for home. It was a great day, a chance to visit with friends and we all enjoyed our time. 


Standing at the open end of the tank.

The BBQ spot, there are three more of these to total 4. Look up, cement roof.

The facilities.


Heading home, Deb,Tom and I stopped at Fry's for some groceries but Doug and Yuma headed on home. We reached home at just a minute or two after 6 pm MST, and Riley was happy to see us. Feeling better and all smiles. I think some alone time was good for her. Thanks for the ride Deb & Tom, it was nice just watching out the window. 


We didn't have long enough legs to climb up. No stairs.

You can see another one in the back ground.

Love the paint job.


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 



Easy traveling along here.

Across the desert floor near the tanks. Easy driving and riding.


Until next time...


Take care, be safe, 





  1. Love the old tractors and the tanks are very cool. It would be interesting to walk around that area and explore.

    1. It is truly an interesting couple of spots. I enjoyed it very much. I like seeing new things and Jerry is an excellent guide.


  2. You always see things I would miss. You really have a "good eye".

    1. Thank you Miss Elva!! It was an enjoyable ride and I do try very hard to see as many things as I can. Jerry is an excellent guide and driver.


  3. To bad you didn't get to see the insides of the tanks, might have been interesting. Vern

    1. I’m not one for small spaces so even if I could have managed to climb up I wouldn’t have gone inside.