Saturday, December 3, 2022

A rainy day in southern California....


Our Location: 

North of MM 4, Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California


An overcast morning and truly no sunshine all day. Rain drops, but nothing that would be considered a good rain, just enough to make everything wet and keep a person inside. I did manage a walk earlier and so today's photos were taken then.


I saw this dolphin this morning, he was swimming in the sand!!

The extent of the sun this morning on my walk.

Even the Cargo Muchacho Mtns are bleak.

The force of water moves everything, even someone's small mat.


The nice Canadian couple with the trouble yesterday have since gotten it resolved and are happy once again. A few minutes chat with them this morning on my way home from walking had us comparing notes on things such as dumping, water, garbage etc. They use a Speedway or a Speedy on 4th Avenue. Everything is free, dump, water and garbage.  He fixed the electrical problem and she found out that the Verizon store didn't charge her enough and so the account was listed as NO FUNDS. The girl at the store had under charged her $1.49, but no one would tell her that on the phone.


The arroyo is very wide.

Something made a den by digging a hole above in the ground but the water has washed it away.

A better idea of what the water can do in the sandy areas away from the foot of the mountains.

You can see the arroyo is different heights on the bottom.


I chatted with my sister last night for a while, just to touch base and see how things are going. Seems all is going well. 


The Canadian gent made this for his wife a few years ago on Valentine's Day.

Water is a life necessity but also a death drink at the same time.

This ocotillo looks so scruffy and I've never seen such a thing.

It looks like it's sending new shoots everywhere at the roots and at the branch endings higher up.


Thanks for stopping in, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 



You can see where the water dripped off the Dogsled.

Yep, rain on the window!


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Take care, be safe, 






  1. Rained here all day, then poured all night. I guess we need the rain, but it sure cuts back on things to do. Don't you just love the smell of rain in the desert?

    1. I do love the smell but we didn’t get enough to make scents come out. Rain is good, look at all things you got accomplished on a rainy day. You didn’t have to work outside, you don’t need to water the gardens or lawn, dust gets washed off for free and with no effort on your part. I think it was a profitable day for you.


  2. I bet it smelled good after that rain. Some people don't like the smell but I find it refreshing!

    1. I like the smell but we didn’t get enough rain to scent the desert, about a hundred drops but we could see the dark clouds a bit off over pilot knob area and Mexico.