Saturday, December 17, 2022

A Jeep ride....


 Our Location: 

North of MM 4, Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California

There is a cold north wind yet again today, our high today was 59F/15C but it felt much less. Out of the wind the day was nice, it was bright and sunny though. 

I didn't get this far on my own feet the other day.

 I like the colours.

It looks like a water way was cut into the rocks on the left.

Riley and I headed out for  a short walk, she wanted to stay close to home today, yesterday's lunch didn't agree with her. We were home by 9 am when Doug (Miss Adventure Travels ), Yuma and I headed out in his jeep. We ended up back in the Cargo Muchacho Mountains but couldn't find a way through them. We turned around and came back home. We did however get down closer to the open pit mine while we were out there. All of today's photos are during that ride.

The stepped sides are starting to be less defined.

This is the first actual pine tree I've seen wild in the desert.

Back home shortly after 12:30 pm, Riley and I had some lunch and then I crawled upstairs and had a nap. The bouncing in the Jeep wore me out and I slipped under two fleece blankets and immediately dozed off for about an hour.

We headed back to the jeep. Doug is all in camo but he's down this wash. We eventually drove down here.

The road looks good here but it deteriorates the longer we drive.

End of the line, no way the jeep can make it up this one, time to turn around.

Other than that, not one exciting thing happened here in the desert. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you had a fantastic day. 

Someone built this little shelter from the wind. There is a spot for a fire on the left in that little hole.

We walked up the side of the bank, and checked out the top but still could find no way through.

Yep, that's the Silver Streak down there.

Until next time....

There were 12 desert travelers in this dust going by this afternoon.

This guy brought up the rear. Some interesting tunes a few of them were playing. I'm sure I heard polka music.

Take care, be safe, 



  1. Very nice pictures, Deb. Long bumpy ride looking for a way through the mountains but not this time. Those l"et's see what is around the next corner" drives can be long.

    1. Thanks Doug. The destination in this case wasn’t important but the journey in every case is fun. We managed to see some interesting things, get some exercise and pics, no one got hurt and we didn’t damage anything, spent a couple of hours just doing something different all for about $10. We didn’t go far or fast but I enjoyed it. Thanks for bringing me along.


  2. Polka music??? That's a nice little campsite someone made. It's so interesting to see those mines up close.

    1. I’m sure it was Polka Music. It is a cute little spot. The mines are always interesting to see.


  3. Thank the heavens for sunshine. It makes a huge difference. Looks like a nice ride.

  4. Actually I don’t know, I didn’t lookon the side bar.I have everyone book marked on my iPad and often just go from the bookmark to read those that post early or not often. I find Lorne (a place called away) also takes a long time to show up on my sidebar, often it will be into the second day before I notice it.