Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Another jeep ride...


Our Location: 

North of MM 4, Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California

After Riley and I made it home from our walk this morning, we both headed over to the Stinger B to have coffee with Deb & Tom (Celebrating the Dance   ) and Doug ( Miss Adventure Travels  ). We all headed off home after a couple of cups of coffee. 

This morning out the door....

the sun is lighting up the sky....

and the sun pops over the mountains.

Doug and I ended up taking his jeep back toward the mountains to where I thought I seen some turquoise but I don't believe it is, I think it's copper content in the rock that has oxidized. Anyway, we drove part way and walked part way. Ended up talking to a couple from British Columbia. After our little chat Doug and I took off in the jeep and eventually after going up this wash, down that one, around another corner and back again, we ended up turning around and going back the way we came. We made it home in time for happy hour with Deb & Tom. 


Coffee this morning at the Stringer Bee......

I think it's oxidized copper content.

Doug always has to enter any cave he sees.

Very dangerous to climb up there.


A chat with my dad tonight. He told me they have about 6 inches of snow and more on the way. Not extremely cold but not exactly warm either. 


Burning stuff in Mexico.

I counted a dozen barrel cactus along this piece of the mountain side.

More colour in the mountain side.

Doug was taking a pic of me.


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 


A hole way up high.

We ended up back near the tailing pile again.

A very deep arroyo.

Yep, that's the road we took.


Until next time....


Take care, be safe, 






  1. Nice hiking area. You are right, that's copper ore that they get copper from.

    1. Thanks Bob. It’s very colourful and bright. Lots of it back there.


  2. That copper certainly is colorful, it would attract me from afar as well!

    1. There are little patches here and there, very pretty and fun to see.


  3. Morning coffee with friends looks like a great way to start the day! :) I'd stay out of a cave no matter how small!

    1. It is a great way to start the day indeed. We enjoy it a great deal.
      I didn't go in and won't. Not my idea of entertaining.