Saturday, December 10, 2022

A very quiet day.....


Our Location: 

North of MM 4, Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California


A walk this morning, a drive for Riley and I, a couple of visits with Doug and that was our day. A few photos that have been left over from other days, except the first two, this mornings Moon and Sunrise shots. 


The moon out one window....

and sunrise out the door on the other side.

I chatted with my Dad last night, he called to see how things were going. He and my brother Rick are busy cutting wood and keeping very busy. Always good to do that, keep busy, it keeps them out of trouble. My sister in law Janet called this morning as we were finishing up our walk and we chatted for a long time, it's good to get caught up. Dennis has even played a little golf with his new hip. Sounds as if it's going very well. We will be slipping farther into California in late January to visit them in Indian Wells.



I think I see an octopus! Why not I saw a dolphin the other day right? It's an Ocotillo laying on the desert floor.

Trees in the wash as we walk from American Girl Mine Road back home.

The water cuts a certain path as it lessens and leaves a bank.

The water must come at a tremendous speed down there to this curve.

Back at Tumco....These grates cover holes in the ground, the one on top is a mine shaft.

A sage bush is flowering.

I truly like the looks of these mountains.

I have followed that path down on the right but I don't remember where it goes. 

They look easy to climb but they are not.

The colours are so different but the veining is a whitish colour in all of the mountains in the Cargos.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the last of these photos. 


Until next time..


Take care, be safe, 





  1. Interesting how mountains so rugged and bare can look beautiful to some, me included. They have an alure that draws me to them.

  2. Isn't it amazing just how many different colors there are in the desert mountains.

    1. It truly is amazing how something so solid in the same general area can be so different.


  3. I"m sure Yuma really enjoys those visits with you and Riley :) Beautiful pictures!

    1. Thanks Shirley. Yuma loves attention and is helpful to remind us of that fact. Lol