Sunday, December 4, 2022

Another peak into the Cargo Muchacho Mountains....


 Our Location: 

North of MM4, Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California

A nice day today but still overcast to a certain degree, we have some blue sky to the north but no sun, although it looks sunny over by the dunes, just not here at our home dirt. 

Sunset, Dec 3

The billowy clouds look so soft.

The sky was on fire and soon after this shot it was dark.

Another short drive and then a walk for me again this morning, with no threat of rain I wasn't worried about getting caught some place that would be dangerous. So after parking the Dogsled I headed back in a different direction than I went the other day, a bit more to the north. 

You can see the ghost of a trail on the left that I followed the other day. I zoomed in to see it.

That low point in the middle is where I climbed to a few days ago. It's much farther away than it looks.

The paths are not always easy and many are washed out in places.

If you ever want to feel insignificant just climb around near the mountains. They tower over a person and it makes you realize just how fragile humans really are. The force of nature be it wind, water, heat or cold can have an amazing affect on the mountains. The wind and water wear away the stone gradually but it is always working at it. The heat and cold do much the same thing but in a different way, causing cracks and breaking rocks free waiting to fall or slide down with the merest hint of pressure. A very humbling experience to tread on foot into those mountains. 

Sometimes  parts of the roads are pretty good.

Fog on the mountain top over there near the old open pit mine.

The blueish colour is tailings from the open pit mine.

We are enjoying our time here and I'm looking forward to a few more hikes as well. I've found I can't hike like I used to as it bothers my hip and makes me less smiley.  It's one of the reasons I take the Dogsled part way.  My usual step goal is 6000 which is enough to let me continue to be useful for the rest of the day. Today just my hike alone was 10,000, which for me is just under 4 miles/6.4 km, in 1 1/2 hours. That's more than enough so I'll be just putzing the rest of the day.

I  noticed this opening around the corner.

No idea, didn't go inside.

Paint? Turquoise? It was only in this one little spot.

Doug ( Miss Adventure Travels ) & Yuma plan on coming by later today for a visit, some time this afternoon he said. It's always nice to visit with folks and Yuma likes our company, probably more than Doug does.

Like sandwiches stacked up, but it's rock.

The results of nature.

A closer look at what the mountains actually look like. The white lines are veins of rock.

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed the photos. 

I didn't go any farther.

I had to use the zoom out feature on the phone to get the height in, it was on both sides from where I was standing in the photo above.

I turned around and this is what I could see.

Until next time....

Doug and Yuma

Take care, be safe, 



  1. Less smiley is never good. Those old mines look like they would be interesting to explore.

    1. Less smiley isn’t good at all!
      I don’t think going into a hole in the ground in this area would be a good idea. The rock is very chipable and I think a good sneeze might bring it down! Lol. I am not even curious about what might be around that corner.


  2. I would be going in every hole I find! LOL Probably no treasures to be found now however.

    1. You and 5 million others have probably looked in every hole.Lol


  3. I'm like Nancy. There is an attraction to a hole in the ground. The rock formations are interesting. I have a fascination with bare rocky mountains too.

  4. Love the sunset pictures! This girl's not going in any hole that's for sure! LOL. Nice that Doug and Yuma came to visit. One of Doug's pictures sure shows how excited Yuma was to be coming for a visit :)

    1. The sunsets are stunning, even the stinkers.
      No hole for me, thanks.
      It was nice to see D & Y, he’s always excited, Yuma I mean. I think sometimes Doug is just the driver! Lol