Monday, December 19, 2022

Another quick trip to Mexico and friends arrive....


Our Location: 

North of MM 4, Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California


Today we headed back to Mexico to pick up Doug's new glasses. We were on our own and enjoyed the experience. We left home around 7:45 am MST and dropped our garbage at the rest area and then we headed off to the border crossing to Mexico. We reached Precision Optical around 8:30 am when they opened. We wandered around, grabbing a coffee in a place we knew. We had breakfast at a little sidewalk spot and did a little more walking but before long we were headed back toward the purple store and to the border crossing. It all went very well and we were back home before noon. 


I like the pottery and the tiles. The fountain tiles are very pretty.

They made a new friend.

We had a pedicure here with Willie and this is where we bought coffee.

That's Pilot Knob Mountain (Winterhaven, California, USA ) at the end of the street.

To get home we need to cross behind that brown wall over there.


Shortly after 2:30 pm Doug's (Miss Adventure Travels  ) little silver Jeep disappeared for a short time. Not long after it was coming up the road followed by another Jeep and a big Yellow motor home. Yep, Deb & Tom ( Celebrating the Dance ) had arrived.  Hugs, and how are you's were exchanged, we left to let them get set up and settled but joined them later for happy hour. It's nice to see them again after not being here for a couple of years. 



I love the wall art.

My breakfast of Machaca Eggs.

We had breakfast here this morning, but lunch a few days ago.

Just outside the eye glass place, while Doug was checking out his eye wear.

I chatted with my sister last night for about an hour. We caught up on all the happenings and goings on the Island. We did a lot of laughing. It's always nice to hear familiar voices. 


We didn't see this last time, or at least I don't remember it.

Interesting cactus.

I love the colour.

So it was a busy day! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit. 


So very colourful.

She stands at the corner of the fountain.

I didn't have a good photo of Deb & Tom but as you can see the Stinger Bee and Jeep are right here.

The White Lion and the sunset are on the other side of us.


Until next time....


Take care, be safe, 






  1. Great pictures of the sunset and our visit one more relaxing time in Mexico. Glad Tom and Deb made it here safe and sound.

    1. Thanks, I haven’t seen a lot of great sunsets or sunrises this year but I liked the view last night. It’s great to see Deb &Tom again. I look forward to catching up with them.


  2. It's been a few years since we have been to Mexico but if all goes as planned, we will be there in a month or so!

  3. I wish my back patio looked like those in Algodones.

  4. I love the Mexican colors and all the ceramic is just their thing.
    Yay, glad T & D arrived. Enjoy!

    1. I do like the colours as well! Yep, the Stinger Bee and it's people arrived safely and we are busy catching up.