Friday, March 31, 2017

A pizza kind of day...

Our Location: Magic River RV Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(all photos taken with my phone)

A cooler night after the heat of the last few days felt nice but this morning it didn't take long for the fog to burn off and the heat to come back quickly and with a vengeance it seemed. The fog was thick enough this morning to cause the Canada geese to crash!! ~laugh~ Just kidding but they certainly had their fog lights on as they screamed at each other thru the thick fog. 
Facing westward along US 90 at Pass Christian
The same faces at the fire this morning, Mac & I about 5:30 am followed by Paige, then Mike and Pete and even Trish showed up today to wish the Mighty Mac a Happy Birthday. Buddy Ron called while we were at the fire to wish the Macster birthday greetings as well. Magic was dancing around and nuzzling up to Mac like she knew it was a special kind of day for him too. 
Sea Oats, blue skies, sand, pier and the Gulf Of Mexico
Home to the Igloo for some breakfast. I made Riley an omelet and just a couple of over easy eggs for myself. It was nice to have something different this morning, and today would a day just like that, different. We decided Riley wasn't going to walk today but then I mentioned if she wanted we could go to the beach, she could sit and read while I walked and then we could hang out for a bit. So that's what we did. Grabbing a couple of chairs, our books, glasses, etc we climbed into the Dogsled letting those big wheels run us down to the sandy beachfront. First we drove to Bay St. Louis, as I'd like to walk across the bridge there but we couldn't find a place close enough to the bridge to park for Riley to sit on the beach. Instead we headed back to Pass Christian to one of the pull off spots that has a barrier between the roadway and the parking. I don't like the ones just to the edge of the roadway, they just don't feel safe to  me. 
This isn't steps, it's the sea wall leading down to the beach, the side walk is at the top of this wall.
Riley headed out on the sand I started walking west back toward Bay St. Louis. The sun was warm with the heated rays beating down on us. The air was warm, the breeze was warm and the skies were blinding blue!! I walked for 30 minutes on the sidewalk and kicked off my shoes and socks to walk back in the sand!! Nice walk and very warm. It took me 40 minutes to walk back. ~laugh~ I found Miss Riley sitting in the sun shine enjoying the rays but we moved to a shade shelter just a bit down the beach. We spent the rest of the morning there reading our books, just enjoying the beach, sand, warmth, and the shade. 
Walking back on the sand, heading East by US 90 at Pass Christian
Shortly after noon we packed up the Dogsled to head back to the Igloo, the temp on the dash was reading at 76F/24.4C. Deciding we'd stop and get a Poppa John Pizza for lunch I cranked the wheel as we were flying past and managed to get it parked between the lines before we hustled inside to get some lunch. We were both pretty hungry. We drooled all the way home with that hot pizza smell filling the cab!!!

The rain yesterday cut grooves in the sand at the base of the sea wall, can you see them in the pic?
I had 3 pieces in total of this large pizza. The other slices were just 'gone', poof never to be seen again. ~laugh~ Needless to say there was none left dinner. Of course we weren't really hungry and so we kind of just picked at something that caught our fancy. For me it was a peach yogurt and a pudding cup, I don't recall what feast Riley had. 
A closer look. The water ran down the incline to the sand, gouging out a trench.
The rest of the afternoon was spent reading my last book. Barbara Parker was the author, and an excellent story teller. I enjoyed her book but I cannot at this moment remember what it was called. ~laugh~ It's a sign right? I just can't remember what it's a sign of!!!!
Those are sea gulls/terns on the ledge of the walking rain of a private pier.
Around 5:30 pm I seen Billy & Charlene up at the picnic table by the fire pit so I headed up there to chat, Mac also showed up, then Mike and finally Pete. We chatted about numerous things, some causing me to laugh heartily such as putting walnuts in a gunny sack and running over it in the driveway,  Billy telling stories of his younger siblings, and a number of things that caused laughter. Of course the topic of Billy's knee also came up as Charlene explained the upcoming surgery along with the latest doctor's visit results. They need to call on Wednesday if they haven't heard anything before then, that will give them a surgery date. No guarantees for anything but it might help which would be a step forward from where they are now. 
Beautiful beach!!
After that it was back to the Igloo as the mosquitoes were starting to pick us up and move us around. ~laugh~ They grow 'em big down here. ~laugh~ 
Read for a bit after coming back home, and after that decided it was time to start writing. So here I am, doing my best to remember what I did today. Remember I said that was a sign of something?   ~laugh~ 

Lunch from Poppa John's!

We had a great day, truly one that we've been saying we should do but just haven't managed until today. I hope you've had as good a day too. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment. Until next safe, take care...

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