Sunday, March 5, 2017

Overcast, warmish Sunday....

Our Location: Magic River Rv Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(all pics taken with my phone)

A much warmer overnight last night with a warmer day following in it's wake today. The wind wasn't as chilly and while we had little or no sun, along with a few rain drops there was a warmer hint to the air today. 

Up around the fire this morning shortly after 6 a.m. with the usual faces there to greet me and more of the usual crowd following at various intervals, the morning meet and greet was nice and I stayed late, until almost 9 am. I don't usually stay that long but we were all chattering and laughing, enjoying ourselves. 

One of the many things you can purchase at the flea market..

Home to make pancakes, have showers and do the dishes before starting the day. I will admit we didn't walk much today, just a short stroll but oh well, it was just one of those days. Just about 10:30 a.m. we headed out to the Dogsled, picking up our friends Ron & Sharon before heading off to the Long Beach Flea Market. While we weren't looking for, nor did we buy any fleas, we did manage to find a few other things to carry home with us. Just entering the market area we were in the produce/fruit section which of course held our attention. We chatted with the Mexican gentleman that runs the stand, he explained various kinds of fruits and veggies to us, gave us some samples to taste and was extremely helpful as well as knowledgeable about his goods. We bought something that is like a zucchini but is called something else, some tomatoes, a fresh pineapple and potatoes from his stand on our way out. Earlier on while wandering around we found a half dozen books we wanted to read and so for a few dollars we have many hours of entertainment in one small bag. ~laugh~  We all enjoyed the musician that entertained the crowd, he had a nice voice and a large variety of songs in his repertoire. A one man band with the help of a 'band' in a box while he played lead guitar. We dropped Ron & Sharon off before heading back home around noon. 
Need a cap? Many to choose from.
After that we kind of just relaxed the rest of the day, even managing a short nap this afternoon. The skies threatened but didn't really carry thru with it. The wind was still blowing but didn't manage to blow away the clouds nor blow in the rain, so I'm not certain if it was a productive wind or not. ~laugh~ 
More goodies to buy...
One of the long rows of vendors
Called Dad shortly after 6 p.m. our time, chatted for a bit, got caught up on the gossip and the news from the Great White North and the rock in the middle of Lake Huron. It was dark at his house but still light here at Long Beach when I made the call. The difference a few hundred miles makes is amazing, isn't it? 
More stuff....
Up around the evening fire we enjoyed the usual laughter, the stories and of course the fantastic people. Ron told us about Howard the Pot Bellied Pig, while Jeannie was comparing her running ability to that of Forrest Gump. ~laugh~  Jeannie also brought out her Rodent Repellent which she referred as to Sniff and Go but ended up being something else. ~laugh~  Lisa was quiet which is unusual for her, Buzz even put in an appearance. Charles and Roberta dropped by for a bit, Billy and Charlene were also there, as was Linda and of course Miss Sharon too. Riley and I completed the crowd.  As the evening started to wind down Ron & Sharon invited Riley and I over to bring home some pizza for tomorrow. Very generous of them to do so. Riley came away with a number of slices for her breakfast!! 
Wonder about those eggs...
The local black cat, whom Sharon has nicknamed Black Magic has been making their motorhome almost like her home. She enters when they open the door, climbs up on the furniture and just enjoys herself greatly. She goes to the door  yowls to be let out and follows them around like a puppy. She's a beautiful cat but will miss them when they leave, I think they'll miss her too!! 
I was looking at this bag of goodies but left it there...
After Riley collected her pizza we headed back home to have some dinner. I just snacked on some crackers while Riley had more chicken, veggies, and potatoes left over from last night's dinner. We're lazy tonight, we didn't even do the dishes. ~laugh~ I wonder how that happened? 
So there you have it, that was our day! We had a great day, enjoyed the time we spent with Ron & Sharon, as well as those around the fire pit. Thanks for stopping by, until next safe, take care....

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