Monday, March 20, 2017

Dining out, errands, and a present for ME......

Our Location: Magic River Rv Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(all pics taken with my phone)

A very warm night last night, again we slept with the windows/vents open without being chilly in the least. Today was another beautiful day with brilliant blue skies and warm temps. We reached a high of 80F/26.6C this afternoon and we have no complaints of any kind. 

Wonder where they put the hook ups? 

This morning's trip to the fire was just about 6 am and Mac was only getting it going, the fog was dense and the fire helped to guide me to the right locale. Thicker than soup was the fog at that wee hour of the morning. The darkness of course added to the inability to see much. Mac and I chatted for about a half hour or forty-five minutes before Paige joined us and then Mike followed by Pete and a bit later by Pat. Robert also popped by for a few minutes to gather himself a cup of coffee/hot chocolate mix. Magic spent some time on my lap before moving over to Mac's and I tried to convince Mac that the cat would make a perfect companion for him, but I'm not sure I convinced him. ~laugh~

Add a team of oxen or horses and we could be heading west...

Headed home to start the house cleaning exercise for the day. Never takes long but boy I just hate to get started some days. I think I'm lazy or something but well what can I say some days it's just harder than others. We managed to make short work of the chore and were finished within the hour and moved on to having some breakfast. Making some decisions about the day ahead. 

Note the fancy rims on this truck!!

We started our walk at 9:30 am this morning at the walking path, a nice day for it. We encountered Miss Paige just finishing her mile lap as we were just getting started. For our last half a lap a fellow walked stride for stride with us, even though he caught up to us on the south end straight away, and we discussed of all things how Newfoundland may have been settled by pirates. His family came from Newfoundland and so I asked him if he was telling us his ancestors were crooks and thieves. ~laugh~ He was undecided about that fact!!!! We finished our 2 mile walk in about 50 minutes and both called it off. 
This fella spent some time in the tree outside the door just chattering away about something and was he ticked!!!!~laugh~
From the walking park we turned left and hit the Dollar General Store, not literally of course. We wanted to get a few more Damp Rid's to take home to Canada with us. I find that they work well for the moisture content that seems to be an issue in certain areas of the Igloo. We need a few more but will get them another day. I also managed to find some hooks I wanted for the closet by the entry door. Riley on the other hand managed to find some Oatmeal cookies she wanted. So you see we all found something we wanted. ~laugh~ 
This stuff works well collecting moisture in various locations in the Igloo.
From there we hung a right, squealed the tires and sped off to the Passport America office to pay our rent for two more weeks, after that we'll play it by ear and figure out about going home. Friendly ladies in the front office are always very helpful and so very kind making us feel like family!!! It's a nice feeling. 
Bought some seat covers for the Dogsled a few days back.
A right out of there onto Bells Ferry Road and a two wheeled turn onto Tucker Road brought us to the Igloo a few minutes before 11 am. Can you believe the morning was mostly already gone by then? Where does the time go and how does it go so fast?   Before we knew it 11:30 am rolled around and a silver truck went scooting past the door, we jumped up sliding our feet into our shoes and slipped down the stairs into the Dogsled to follow this truck. It was nip and tuck for a while as it sped ahead but we managed to catch it's tail lights just as it turned into the Rusty Pelican and we followed close on it's hitch. It's Monday which means Red Beans and Rice is the special. Billy, Charlene, Mac, Riley and I  were the only ones there from the park but it was still a great time. We had a chance to chat with Billy & Charlene getting to know them a bit better and enjoyed some good food as well. 

Bought these rope lights a while back at Harbor Freight! I think they'll light up our regular camp spot on the Island quite well!!

From there Riley and I once again got the tires turning while heading up to the Interstate for a quick jaunt over to Hwy 49, Gulfport's main drag. We were looking for Lowe's Home Improvement Store and wouldn't you know it, we found it just where Bella said it would be. She's a smart US gal that Miss Bella but she could tell us to turn a bit sooner, I've talked to her about that but she doesn't listen to me. ~laugh~  I bought myself a Christmas Present today, yes I know it's not Christmas but I waited to buy it instead of hauling it everywhere we went. I bought myself an 18V DeWalt Reciprocating Saw as I already have the drill with two batteries. I'm sure I'll find some good use for this saw at our regular camp site on the Island. 

Titanium/aluminum table purchased a few days ago for $15 instead of $50 I paid back in Ontario Canada a few years ago.

After leaving Lowe's turning the big Dogsled north we stopped at place I've passed many times and always wondered about it, The Treasure Hunt, which ended up being like a Goodwill/liquidation store. The next stop was Walmart just a bit further up the street where we didn't purchase a thing and after that we headed home. 

This is my original table bought in Ontario, still good but it's so light weight and easily packed away/set up that finding another one at such a good price was pure luck!!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent outside reading, chatting with my buddy Ron and just enjoying the great warm weather. Ron and I chatted about his using the solar system on his motor home on the way back to his home, how well it worked and the amount of time and appliances used, I think we were both a bit surprised at how well the system did!! I'm looking forward to getting to use my own system in a few weeks time when we head home. It should make the summer easier in terms of charging our electronics and watching some movies on those long fall evenings. 

My new tool!!!!

Five o'clock ...somewhere but no we weren't drinking any booze, just water! ~laugh~ Time to start prepping dinner, cutting up veggies, potatoes, etc. Read a bit more until it was time to start cooking about 6:30 pm. So quiet and peaceful here in the park, truly a nice place to spend your time. 

Dinner was excellent...ask me, I cooked it!!!

Friend Roger's BBQ sauce on our chicken breast, Thyme Veggies with orange zest, Garlic potatoes with onions were all on the menu for dinner tonight. Some good stuff I assure you. We were just starting to eat when the daylight finally faded about 7:40 pm. We didn't close the big door until after 8:30 pm and only then because we were finished the clean up and trash trip, heading off in our own directions so that meant no one would be back down in the living room. 

So as you can see it was a nice day spent with some interesting folks, doing some errands, being good to ourselves and just enjoying the day, the weather, and the warmth. Who could ask for more? 

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment. Until next safe, take care...

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