Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Blood work, park pictures, and a lazy day....

Our Location: Magic River Rv Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(all pics taken with my phone yesterday)

Rain last night and a cooler morning today. Others seem to find it warmer than I do and I think it has something to do with the dampness here. I'm either sweating or freezing, I don't seem to have an in between. 

Some palm trees have survived better than others over the years

Up at the fire shortly after 6 a.m. this morning, listening to the BS getting deeper and deeper soon I'm going to need some chest waders, I don't think hipster will cut it. ~laugh~ Although a nice touch today, which actually happened yesterday, Butch took Mr. Budd to the Gulfport airport to see some vintage WWII planes and they ended up going for a ride in a B-24 bomber airplane. Apparently the mechanic that keeps this plane going lives where Mr. Budd was stationed during the war. Mr Budd was at one point leading the group as almost a tour guide since he seemed to know his way around the airplane pretty well.  Mr. Budd was a pilot during that war flying 160 missions. They flew over Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, and campground as well. A good time was had by all!!!!

A shot of the campground from near the roadway.

Riley came to the fire this morning. It was nice to see her interacting with the folks. A big smile graced her pretty face as she seemed to settle in and enjoy the recognition. 

Spring is in the air, water lilies are blooming.

Home around 8:30 a.m. we had breakfast and headed off to 1110 Broad Avenue in Gulfport for my blood work, which I forgot about last week. It took a while and of course my address wouldn't fit in the little boxes on the program and it was a learning experience for everyone. ~laugh~ I did however manage to get it taken and paid for. I doubt I'll get the results but at least Dr. Bobba will get them. 

Looking toward the roadway with the campground on the right of the pond.

We decided against walking today. Truth is I just don't feel like it and I think Riley is happy to just skip it as well. We can always do a few laps around the campground if necessary. 

Some of the trees are setting their pine cones already.

Miss Jeannie and Chuck left today. I am truly sorry to see them go. I enjoyed her company a great deal. Charles and Roberta are also scheduled to leave today. So the campground will be a bit different again with the loss of these people.

Some other Canadians here at the park.

After lunch I found myself wandering up to the fire to chat with my buddy Ron who seemed to be as lost as I was. ~laugh~ We chatted for a bit but were soon joined by others and before long the ring around the fire pit (without a fire) grew to include most of the morning crowd. Riley came along a bit later as well. It was 3 pm before we left the fire pit and came back home.

This chain has been secured to the tree by the tree itself.

Reading took up the rest of the afternoon and since we still had sausage soup left over I didn't have to cook dinner tonight. I wasn't hungry and so only Riley had a bowl of soup. Only ONE bowl left and I'll have to start cooking again.

Pretty white single water lily flower.

We stayed home this evening as I've found that night time fires often leave me cold and I wonder if that might be some of the cause of my pain these days as the night air is cool, damp and invading. I'll have to give that some better attention over the next few days.

So there you have it, nothing exciting or life altering but a nice quiet day all the same. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. Until next safe, take care. 

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