Saturday, March 11, 2017

Not feeling so good....

Our Location: Magic River Rv Resort, Long Beach, Mississippi

(pics today from our visit to Beauvoir House a couple of days ago)

Last night was warm again and today while warm had a cool factor to it.

No post yesterday and a short one today as the last couple of days have seen a flare in my arthritis and typing is not much fun. I think a combination of the damp weather and the humid temps have brought about this flare. Normally it's not too humid here at this time of the year but we seem to be ahead a couple of weeks in the timing of things here. 

Rose Garden at Beauvoir House.

We've kind of coasted thru the last couple of days and probably tomorrow as well. We have been out and about yesterday but not doing much of anything, a 10 minute walk due to rain and pain yesterday and today's walk was about the same length as the cool wind and pain once again was a deciding factor.

Pocket doors/room dividers from the front parlour into the back parlour.

No fire pit yesterday at all and only for a short time this morning. Ron came by to check on me yesterday wondering if I was mad at them. ~laugh~ He must have informed the folks at the fire pit of my issues as they all seemed aware of my issues this morning. Considering how long I've been dealing with arthritis I've been fortunate to have as few problems as I've had. 

Grave of Samuel Davis, Jefferson's father in the Confederate Cemetery behind Beauvoir House.

Today we spent the day inside venturing out for our aborted walk, and my short time at the fire pit but otherwise we stayed in keeping warm and watching movies. Two good ones today, the original Magnificent Seven with Yul Breener, Steve MacQueen, Eli Wallach, and James Coburn along with a few others. I preferred the TV series myself but it was still good to watch. After that we watched Jason Statham in Safe, which was a lot of blood, guts and gore but a good story all the same. From there we just kind of did our own thing, I had a nap and I have no idea what Riley did. ~laugh~

This coming week will be a week of goodbyes here at the park with Buzz & Lisa leaving on Monday, Ron & Sharon leaving on Wednesday, Jerry & Carol leaving on Wednesday, Linda leaving on Thursday. Buzz and Lisa stayed a week later than usual which I think they've enjoyed a great deal. Maybe it will be a trend for them. ~laugh~ 

Old time microwaves - food warmers.

The park is pretty full. The guy across the way has two units here, side by side and I heard him saying he's going to put a new roof on one of them so I think it will be noisy. We've paid up to the 20th and I'm not sure what we're going to do from that point on. Time will tell I guess. 

My good buddy Ron came to check on me this afternoon while I napped, and came again while Riley was having her dinner. I'm so fortunate to have such a good friend!! We both ventured up to the fire about an hour tonight, the heat from the fire was nice. I'm going to be sad to see Ron & Sharon leave, such wonderful people they are!! Wish we could have spent more time with them but that's the way it goes.

Hand made quilt by Mrs. Davis

Daylight savings time tonight, hope Poppa remembers to turn his clocks or I'll be calling him late into the night. Would hate to call him too late. ~laugh~

On that note I've typed enough. Thanks for stopping by, have a great evening. 

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